Mo’ Bitter Blues

One of the things that stuck in my mind about Barack Obama’s “bitter” statement was the fact that he used the statement to make some claims about the Clinton administration that were quite simply false. I meant to look for some references to the economy in Pennsylvania under the Clinton … Continue reading

Bush OK’d Torture Meetings

It’s official… “President Bush says he was aware that his top aides met in the White House basement to micromanage the application of waterboarding and other widely-condemned interrogation techniques.” And he says it was no big deal. “I’m aware our national security team met on this issue. And I approved,” … Continue reading

The Most Severe Famine Ever?

THE MOST SEVERE FAMINE EVER? F*ck American conservatives! Just f*ck the rotten murdering bastards. My wife is Filipino. A main food staple for the Philippines is rice. What we pay to buy food for her family back home has tripled in the last six months. People are now starving to … Continue reading

Snob-Obama is Not Just Out of Touch. He’s From Another Planet

This is how the Republicans are trying to define Barack Obama: Too Liberal, Too Out of Touch. “I know what makes people there ‘bitter.’ It’s slick-talking politicians who look down on their beliefs and values.”  Michael Goodwin wrote in Sunday’s Daily News about his small town in Pennsylvania. The well-circulated … Continue reading

Blake Fleetwood

Blake Fleetwood was formerly on the staff of The New York Times. He has written for The New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, The New York Daily News, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Village Voice, Atlantic and the Washington Monthly on a wealth of issues. Blake is also a … Continue reading

Nobel Laureate Refuses Olympic Torch

There’s been a lot of news about the upcoming Olympics in China and the various protests and calls for boycotts. NPR reports today that “Kenyan political activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai turned down an invitation to participate in the Olympic torch relay in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania.” … Continue reading

Professor Obama’s Failure As A Teacher

I almost never watch broadcast or cable news because I can’t go more than a few minutes without hearing something absurd. I watched perhaps 7 minutes of This Week on Sunday (4/14) as I was eating breakfast, just enough time to see part of a round table with Donna Brazile, … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

(Programming note:  I’m going to keep the round-up, short and sweet.  But, I will continue to post a video for the day and make my usual commentary on my own crazy blog.) Have cuppa?  Prepare to traverse today’s Ten Post Round-Up: 1: Many Americans are avoiding movies and documentaries based … Continue reading

California Delegate Caucus: Someone’s Gotta Do It

Sunday was the day California Democrats chose district delegates to the national convention in August. Yes, I went to my delegate caucus. About a month ago I volunteered to help, naively thinking I’d be sitting at a table signing people in. Well, last Monday night I received an email saying … Continue reading