A Food Policy

Other than a very robust war policy, about the only discernible policy that BUSHCO has is their proprietary version of an energy policy, namely The Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Mind you, we can’t use any of our oil stockpile, because then it would not be available in case we face times even tougher than these. I mean, what would our military use to be able to wage war if OPEC were to ever stop it’s policy of price aggression and switch to some form of even more serious supply reduction aggression?

On the other hand, there would certainly be no problem in asking our troops to do without food should a true food shortage develop. Anyway I guess that there wouldn’t be a problem, because we certainly maintain no stockpile of food that can be said to be the functional equivalent of our oil reserve. And then I think about the disaster that would be occurring today if we were taking food off of the world market at the same rate that we are still pouring crude oil into some bottomless Louisiana salt dome. Wow, the whole thing makes my head spin trying to think about which is spiraling in price the fastest, oil or food.

It’s being said that the current “perfect storm” of food supply constrictions is partially influenced by a modicum of prosperity in Asia resulting in increased meat consumption (more grains being feed to raise poultry and livestock), and things like sugar cane and corn farm lands being devoted to creating ethanol for use in motor vehicles. But one would be remiss in not considering the affect of oil price increases on food cost/supply given the role that petroleum plays in supplying both fuel and fertilizer for agriculture.

My fantasy is a food/energy policy that would dump a few hundred million barrels of oil onto the world market cheaply and in a couple of weeks, along with an immediate moratorium on the use of ethanol made from food items. Could you imagine waking up some morning to food and gasoline prices dropping so rapidly that you could literally watch them go down?

But, anyway, enough of fantasies. Let’s concede that a Strategic Petroleum Reserve, at least in the hands of a Democratic administration, can actually serve a legitimate function. Would we not then also be forced to agree with the logic of managing food resources in some similar fashion?

But maybe our “energy policy” that aids OPEC/big oil exists only coincidentally. And maybe an impending situation of some vast number of people facing impending starvation really is of only minor consequence.

Call me naive, but I think that answers to these problems can be found if a major effort at the highest levels of world cooperation and organization is made. And I could be just plain old fashioned stupid, but I can still imagine some success in such an endeavor being possible if lead from our side by a Democratic President, and nothing even vaguely similar to any sort of a positive outcome being possible so long as we entrust the power of our national government to any person carrying the banner of the Republic Party.

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