About That Debate Last Night

The progressive blogosphere and a few journalists who lean largely towards Barack Obama in the primary, are up in arms today over last night’s debate. In a word, Obama got trounced in last night’s debate and now the Obama central progressive blogosphere is spinning out of control.

BTD notes on Talk Left, “ABC’s performance last night was truly horrendous. The bias and unfairness against Obama incredible.”

“But” he says, Greg Mitchell (E&P), who railed against ABC on the HuffPo after the debate, “has had nothing to say about NBC becoming the Obama News Network.”

During debates and beyond. Has he watched Keith Olbermann’s embarrassing performances? Truth be told, people like Greg Mitchell need to hang their head in shame because they said NOTHING when the hatchet job was done on Hillary Clinton. This is Boehlert’s Revenge:

What’s happening online now is potentially dangerous: HRC has gotten dreadful press, not fair, “gotcha,” and so on — there’s a portion of the blogosphere that has ignored that and there’s a portion that has encouraged that.

It’s dangerous because the media criticism has to be consistent and relentless, and we can’t very well say, “You can’t go after our candidates … except this one.” I get nervous about pushback regarding disingenuous coverage – our response needs to be, “You can’t treat Democrats this way.” When people in the left blogosphere are quoting an anonymous Matt Drudge source, it makes me nervous.

BTD is right as Egalia notes, “For some unknown reason, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopolous broke with the MSNBC/CNN tradition and went after Barack Obama with the assault-style politics that is normally reserved for Hillary Rodham Clinton.” 

It’s just a taste of what he’s in for in the general election frankly. And he withered last night: “There was no fight.” After “45 minutes of relentless political scrutiny from the ABC anchors and from Hillary Clinton,” the debate turned to “an issues-and-answers session in which his anger carried over and sort of neutered him.”

Obama needs to get that “this ain’t Pop Warner; the artificial distinction between politics, personality and policy doesn’t exist in this league, and if you’re uncomfortable with it, then change the rules or don’t run for office.”

And that’s it in a nutshell… The crux of why some of us have reservations about how Barack Obama will handle himself in the general election if he is the nominee.

Watch Hillary’s closing statement from last night’s debate and help her win.

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One Response to About That Debate Last Night

  1. atdleft says:


    Thanks SO MUCH for putting things into perspective here. It’s almost comical to see how all the Obama Big Blog Boyz are yelling and screaming and throwing a fit because ABC did a “terrible” debate… But where was all their “righteous indignation” when CNN and MSNBO always hammered Hillary Clinton with the “tough questions” while gently tossing softballs loaded with fawning praise at Barack Obama? If anything, I thought ABC was playing fair by asking BOTH candidates tough questions. It’s not their fault and it’s not Hillary’s fault that she was able to handle the heat and show real grace under pressure while Obama wilted and faltered under it.