How Not To Unify The Party

Big Tent Democrat speaks for me:

Our friend Markos approvingly quotes this offensive comment:

It’s bizarre, but I don’t really consider [Hillary Clinton] a Dem any more.

Wow.. and double wow. Astounding.

BTD goes on:

It is bizarre that any Dem who wants to win in November with a unified Party would quote that approvingly. For the record, would “not a Dem” say this?

Obviously, we are still contesting to determine who will be the nominee. But once that is resolved, I think it is absolutely imperative that our entire party close ranks. That we become unified. I will do everything to make sure that the people who supported me support our nominee. I will go anywhere in the country to make the case. And I know that Barack feels the same way because both of us have spent 15 months traveling our country. I have seen the damage of the Bush years. I’ve seen the extraordinary pain that people have suffered from because of the failed policies. You know, those who have held my hands who’ve lost sons or daughters in Iraq. And those who have lost sons or daughters because they didn’t have health insurance. And so, regardless of the differences there may be between us, and there are differences, they pale in comparison to the differences between us and Senator McCain. So, we will certainly do whatever is necessary to make sure that a Democrat is in the White House next January.

(Emphasis supplied.) I wonder who the real Dems are. The ones who say they will unify the Party or the ones intent on destroying Hillary Clinton. Some people need to take a real hard look in the mirror. I do not think that the Some people are Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Get a grip, “Creative Class.”

Oh and then there’s this update from BTD:

I don’t think the Democrats have a monopoly on good ideas. I think that there are a lot of thoughtful Republicans out there. The problem is, we’ve been locked in a divided politics for so long that we’ve stopped listening to each other. And I think that this president, in particular, has fed those divisions. That’s something that we’ve tried to end in this campaign. And I think we’re being successful.

Three guesses on who made that statement in the debate last night. It wasn’t Hillary.

Who died and left Markos and the pro-Obama croud in the blogosphere to determine who is or isn’t a Democrat? I support Hillary Clinton in this election. Unlike Markos, who was once a registered Republican, I’m a life long (registered) Democrat — a died in the wool Massachusetts liberal. I’ve never, I repeat never, crossed party lines to vote for any Republican and I’ve never been associated with any other political party — but Markos and the pro-Obama croud want to start judging who is a Democrat? My response — Get over yourself!

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9 Responses to How Not To Unify The Party

  1. cali says:

    I’m supporting Hillary Clinton in this election too after first backing John Edwards.

    Thanks for this thoughtful post. I’m also a life-long Democrat who has never crossed to vote for a Republican. After my expereince with a congressional campaign and the bitter in-fighting in this election cycle, I’m not sure what “being a Democrat” means anymore. I may become one more California decline to state voter.

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Kos, Chris Bowers and co. have been trying to create a narrative where “Democrat” is defined by who they support. Only ideas that they support are considered worth pursuing. What bothers me is that its fine and dandy for them to throw universal health care under the bus even though it has been a liberal/progressive goal for decades.

  3. J. Diamond says:

    I’ve been a long time reader of political blogs (including DKos) and believed that the internet would eventually become the engine that powered democrats into the political majority. This primary season, however, has changed my mind. I can now see the destructive forces within the blogosphere which has as much power to divide the party as to unite it. Isn’t it ironic that the “unity candidate” has the kind of rabid followers who feel so comfortable telling fellow democrats to support their candidate or take a hike? I stopped reading DKos on the day that he made that comment about Hillary supporters being free to go elsewhere and he belittled the feelings of Alegre and the other pro-Hillary bloggers who used to write for DKos. As of today, I am still planning to vote for Obama if he should win the nomination, but on days like today when i hear Markos say that he doesn’t consider Hillary a dem, it really angers me to the point that i consider sitting out the general election or writing in Hillary in lieu of supporting the candidate of these dems-gone-wild blogs. I do not say this lightly, but if these people can alienate a democrat such as myself, then they are in very dangerous territory. They have become the left’s answer to the people who they so derisively call “wingnuts” on the right.

  4. This is a stunning statement and a good analysis by BTD. And even better analysis is by our own commentor J. Diamond, just above this comment.

    I too have wondered if the ‘Democratic’ blogsphere isn’t spiraling out of control. Via email and an very occasional phone call, I know Markos and Chris Bowers, Jerome Armstrong, Peter Daou and Tim Tagaris..

    Of those people Jerome Armstrong is the BlogFather of all political bloggers. Anyone who frontpages has to thank Jerome for showing the way.

    Markos accidentally stumbled into the enormous traffic possible by allowing two way communication in a more convenient format.

    Chris stepped into Jerome’s shoes and became a power onto himself with very effective organization.

    Tim wrote for MyDD, became the blogger for the very blog oriented congressional race of Paul Hackett and had a very high profile which continued after the race lost. Tim was the online coordinator Chris Dodd. Going from everyday blogger to a presidential online coordinator is amazing. Tim continues to write today.

    Peter Daou is perhaps the most published in mainstream media, Salon etc, and is the most politically active. He is currently the online coordinator for Hillary Clinton.

    For Markos to try to become, along with Chris, the arbitor of who is a real Democrat or not is stupid, immature and ill-considered.

    Hillary Clinton has paid a very high price for her actions in the Demcratic Party and as first lady to Bill Clinton. Read the book ‘A Woman in Charge’ by Carl Bernstein if you want the specifics of how much of a price this woman has paid and how she has bounced back everytime to a positive result.

    I hope Hillary Clinton is our nominee as she is a warrior that has already experienced the worst of the Republican attacks and withstood all of them.

    Senator Obama thinks he’s been ‘attacked’ in this race and those ‘attacks’ show his own resilience. Good grief!! He hasn’t experienced 1/10th the crap that will come in the General Election.

    She’s a real Democratic. So am I. I’ve even left some blood on the streets and recently sacrificed my personal assets and time to support the transformation of the political reality in the US.

    Perhaps Markos thinks any Hillary supporter isn’t a Democrat. I Should post a diary at DK and say ‘I’m a real Dem and I support Hillary Clinton”.

    It’d be interesting to see the knife fight that it might stir up. If I have time to stay at the computer and fight the fight as it happens online I’ll make that post. I’ll let everyone here know by a short post.

    Amazing that Markos would endorse such a sentiment.

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  6. Cali!!!

    Hey stranger. It’s good to see you here and to hear you are supporting HRC!

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  9. Mary says:

    Hmmmmm….Markos now sounds like “You’re either with us, or you’re against us.”

    Markos has BECOME what he used to DESPISE.

    As such, he should now be completely ignored.