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More food for thought on the “progressive derangement syndrome” paralyzing the liberal blogosphere… Wizbang Blue predicts: Obama’s Political Machine Will Try to Steam Roll Clinton Again:

Watch for the Obamatrons and the Obamedia to renew their attempt to steam roll Clinton out of the race with calls for her to withdraw.

Their candidate took a beating last night, and had to face questions he hasn’t had to face before. The Machine is up in arms, and will attack Clinton relentlessly as a result.

Prediction – Obama refuses to debate Clinton in North Carolina as previously agreed. He’ll use his faux outrage over being asked tough questions in last night’s debate as an excuse to back out of the North Carolina debate but….he won’t back out until after the Pennsylvania primary next Tuesday.

Update: Obama is already hedging

And so it begins… But the fact is as Joan Vennochi reminds us today, “that neither Obama nor Clinton can accumulate the 2,025 delegates needed to nail the nomination; both need support from superdelegates.” The Obamabots can fuss and fume all they like… But to that end they are the ones hurting the party and damaging the general election, by making declarations about who gets to be a Democrat

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4 Responses to More Food For Thought

  1. Janis says:

    He’s getting more and more Bushlike with each passing day. It really hammers home the fact that a contry’s most delicate moment isn’t when a tyrant takes over, it’s when that tyrant has been deposed. What is he replaced with?

    It makes me want to dig up the corpse of George Washington so I can thank him personally for how he handled it.

  2. bjerryberg says:

    In light of the following further grist to the Swift-Boaters mill– added to the Chicago corruption saga of Messrs Obama, Rezko, Wright, Ayers, et al–maybe honest progressives ought to ask a question,

    Is the wrong candidate being pressured to withdraw by Dean, Pelosi & their financial community pals?

    As I have said before Obama is unelectable.


    April 16, 2008 –In the wake of Monday’s courtroom
    testimony that Barack Obama and his wife Michele attended a party in honor of the highly-controversial British-Iraqi billionaire
    Nadhmi Auchi — which Obama denies — a number of media
    commentators are raising questions about Obama’s veracity, and suggesting that this could be a significant blow to his
    presidential campaign.
    “Which is it? A Pinocchio problem? … or is it a faulty
    memory?” asks Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed. Sneed says one of her top sources tells her that “Obama not only gave Rezko’s guest of honor, Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi, a big welcome … but he made a few toasts!”
    Other Sun-Times reporters wrote that although the
    Obama’s don’t even recall attending the party, they have two
    other sources who say the Obama couple did indeed attend the
    April 2004 party at Tony Rezko’s posh North Shore mansion.

  3. coldH2Owi says:

    Oh, for Christ’s sake.

  4. Unfortunately, bjerryberg, both Hillary and Obama may be unelectable until Democrats can begin defining themselves as a party. I recently finished reading a book entitled, “”The Political Brain”. by Dr. Drew Westen. He is a clinical psychologist and professof of the Department of Behavorial Science and Psychology at Emory University. Among other things, he clearly points out that GOP conservatives since Regan’s presidential win in 1980, have excelled in their ability in defining themselves, while democrats present a totally unclear image.
    In his book he concocts a coherent and believabe story of the GOP ideology. It goes like this: “Liberals have erected an enormous federal bureaucracy that has handcuffed the free market system Instead of choosing themselves and their states to govern, they have rely on liberal elite experts in Mass. and Washington to tell them how to think. Instead of requireing Americans to work for a living, they give money away to drug addicts and welfare queens. Instead of adhering to traditional family values, they preach promoscuity. Instead of supporting our military, they have done all in their power to destroy it, patriotism, and destroy our flag.” etc. ctc.
    Although this is a bunch of garbage, the message (story) is clearly delivered every four years. It is always consistent and is well sold.
    Democrats, on the other hand, have failed miserably in our ability to counter-punch, by clearly defining the party. We seem to lack the nerve to refute their claims. Mr Westen states that some of the things we should be tellling in our story are: “While they favor tax cuts for the rich we favor funding research for cancer cures and body armor for our troops. We have always favored increases in the minimum wage. THEY have blocked fetal tissue research to help find a cure for Alzyheimers but they say that God is against it. THEY want to dismantle the safety net that FDR created for the poor, while WE want to protect it.
    It is IMPERATIVE that, once the nomination is secured, that Senator Clinton or Obama begin telling our uplifting, honest story as to why we are proud to be Progressives. ( can’t use Liberals as GOP has made it a dirty word) Until we fight back by clearly defining our message of hope and faith, we may again be snatching “defeat out of the jaws of victory. Buzz