There’s Nothing Wrong With Kansas

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been to Kansas so I don’t know if there is or isn’t anything wrong there. But I’ve read the book and was unimpressed. I also read all over about how all the poor working class folk are always voting against their economic interest. Anecdotally, I always felt this to be the exact opposite. Statistically, it’s also wrong. Larry Bartels tells us why Obama’s “cling to” narrative is wrong, and:

…it is wrong on virtually every count.

Small-town people of modest means and limited education are not fixated on cultural issues. Rather, it is affluent, college-educated people living in cities and suburbs who are most exercised by guns and religion. In contemporary American politics, social issues are the opiate of the elites.

Read the entire article. And take a look at who votes for which party based on income. If you follow the Obama narrative you’d be surprised. If you spent some time talking to the “yokels”, you probably wouldn’t be. You might also do yourself some good to take a look at which education/income groups most supported the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

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