Will The Blogsphere’s Fanatics Damage The Election?

Based on the idiotic things happening in the progressive blogsphere, which Pamela Leavey, Jerome Armstrong and Big Tent Democrat have delineated in their posts, I wonder if we aren’t seeing the result of the rapid growth of the liberal blogsphere audience and diarists. I think we see the leaders of a few very popular sites believing that their sites and followers have the magic bullet to win elections.

If they lose the election, ie: if Obama wins the nomination and loses the election (Remember Gore and Kerry), it won’t be the nominee’s fault. It will be the fault of the system, a TV network or some third element. Personal responsibility isn’t part of the landscape as far as I can see.

This crowd is as fanatical as many of the right-wing people they are trying to beat. Only problem is that the fanatical left is less pragmatic and have substantially less election experience than the political and religious Right. This may show up in terms of campaign effectiveness and lead to the disaster of a McCain Presidency with Condi Rice as VP.

I can’t imagine how it came to this idiotic point at a very crucial time for Americans and the World.

Read again the final two paragraphs of Pamela’s post:

Finally, I’ll note in my opinion many of these same “progressive” blogosphere infected with “progressive derangement syndrome” did diddly, yes, diddly to support John Kerry in ‘04. They nit-picked at every little thing he did (I’m talking to you Markos) or didn’t do, often helping to reinforce the negative from the wingnuts. Same story, different candidate.

Anyone who thinks that these holier than thou, so called “gate-crashers” will support Hillary Clinton whole heartedly if she becomes the nominee, can think again. They won’t. They’ll spend the months between the convention and the general election pissing and moaning about why Obama shoulda been the nominee (like they did in ‘04 over Dean) and they will tear down HRC at every opportunity. Mark my words.

If she’s right, and there’s plenty of evidence, there’s an American disaster in the making.

PS: Jerome Armstrong is the Political BlogFather of us all. For him to be directly attacked, as I’ve seen several times, is ridiculous.

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4 Responses to Will The Blogsphere’s Fanatics Damage The Election?

  1. Janis says:

    I think they hated on W not because he was evil, but because he was doing all the stuff they dreamed of doing, and he wasn’t them.

    Godwin’s Law notwithstanding, I wonder if Hitler hated Stalin because he was jealous that he killed more people.

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  3. SN says:

    The bloggers who do this – will cease to relevant – mark my words.

    Hate on the net is just as vile as it is out on the street.
    In fact it may be worse, because your words and venom live forever.
    It’s a pity that these immature kids do not realize it. Yet.

    But they, like everyone else will grow up.

    The country will move on. Mark my words.

  4. coldH2Owi says:


    Janis Said: on April 17th, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    I think they hated on W not because he was evil, but because he was doing all the stuff they dreamed of doing, and he wasn’t them.


    Oh, for Christ’s sake 3.