Yes, I’m Still Sticking With Hillary

I’m willing to let Howard Dean have his little tantrum. I’m willing to let Obama and his supporters call for Hillary’s head yet again. I’m willing to let the So-Called Liberal Blogosphere bully us Hillary supporters around. But I’m not going to give up on Hillary! I’ve got a few bucks with her name on it. I’m ready to make calls this weekend.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. FL and MI will be counted. Obama had a chance to have revotes but chose to thwart that process in the hopes he could “Alice Palmer” Hillary Clinton out of this race. Sorry, Senator Obama. Sorry, Donna Brazile. Sorry Howard Dean, Chris Dodd, John Kerry, Robert Reich. Your bullying isn’t gonna work this time and you aren’t going kill the Democratic Party by disenfranchising millions of voters. You know it and we know it. And you know we know it. We’re going to Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina, Montana, Oregon, Puerto Rico and Denver (insert scream here)!

This Democrat is ready to go for Hillary!

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10 Responses to Yes, I’m Still Sticking With Hillary

  1. Gilbert

    I was thinking the same thing earlier. You took the words right out of mouth!

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Great minds, Pamela. Great minds :o).

  3. lisadawn82 says:

    Holy Cow, were you a football coach in your former life? That’s an awesome, motivating speech. Good on ya.

  4. tiburones says:

    I’m so ready to donate, blog and call for Sen. Clinton. Sheis ‘the one’ and I will do what I can to support her.

  5. Janis says:

    You know why I’m sticking with her. (Aside from the obvious: DUH. She’s smarter and better.)

    Because the blood has started running from his campaign, and he knows it. That’s why he’s nervous and slipping up.

    Next Tuesday, she’s gonna cream him. Dean can rant all he wants, but that’s what the superDs are waiting for. They’re waiting for PA, some for IN, and some for the rest. But when those two states go, and the superDs see which way the wind is blowing, they’ll jump over to Hillary like 4 year olds to an ice cream truck — all the time saying, “It’s just because of the voters that we’re doing this! Nope, we had no choice!” They’re not willing to back Obama, and they aren’t willing to put their own nards on the line and make it look like their personal decisions. They’re waiting.

    Then, when the SS Obamitania starts shipping water, they’ll jump like fleas off a dipped dog.

  6. hummingbird v says:

    Right On Gilbert! Just sent my e-mail to Howard Dean and DNC telling them to stay out of it. Regarding Dean’s comment that we have to “know right now” so we can get ready for Nov. and do our “healing”… let him know there’d be a lot more “healing” to do if they keep pressuring the Supers to decide before all of us have the chance to have our votes counted.

    They must be getting extremely worried what with primaries rather than caucuses…. I believe Hill is going to overtake BO in the popular vote for sure…. then what will they argue? Doesn’t matter…. I’m in it too until Hill says she’s done…. and I hope that won’t be for another 8 years at least.

    I am just getting my figurative feet wet as a blogger. I check on line each day and the first sites I go to are Gilberts, Pamelas, and Taylors…. then I check out Hill’s. I post occasionally although I usually get in long after everyone else. I comment anyway. Still lot’s to learn about how to go about this in a good way. Don’t know how to do links yet., etc.

    In any event, thanks so very much for the good words and uplifting posts to help all of us keep positive and find other sane folks who love Hill.

    Many Blessings….

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    “From the roof top, ready to go !” Shout it, go Clinton! End the mandates NCLB and let’s find a new direction with an exciting new innovational agenda and make a difference ! In a world changing,yes we can and yes we will ! What treasures do yee seek at sea if not it be a Clinton in the White House ya see ! Changes you can trust and believe in ! You can do whatever you put your mind to ! We need to get on these gas prices too and it’s not a trip,cause ya can’t afford the gas to get there ! We need someone with solutions and experience with wisdom and sound judgement ! She puts her heart into it and you can see it in her fight and debate ! Obama has kept up with her in maybe two debates and the rest,you need to vote yes for the best! That last debate ? Intense and Obama got the daylights kicked out of him on that one ! RUN FOR GATE OBAMA ! Jump,get on the fence and out her way! She normally uses a little humor but not on that debate ! You think Obama won that one and we’ll have ET knocking on your door tonight ! I love the way she takes on the tough questions and fires back honestly and directly ! Obama’s good but he does not have the experience to keep up with Clinton and he can not out debate her !

  8. J. Diamond says:

    If the democrats are to win the WH in November, then we must stick with Hillary.

    Here is the big question that none of the Obama supporters have answered and that the media never discusses:

    How does Obama beat John McCain in the General Election???

    There are no signs that Obama can win in FL, OH, PA, or MO (a new poll has McCain blowing him out of the water in MO while only beating Hillary by 2 or 3 pts)… MI also becomes a problem for Obama due to his stance against a re-vote, etc. The same dynamic hurts him in FL along with the added (and growing) animosity toward him from the jewish community. OH certainly seems unreachable for Obama and we’ll soon have a better read on PA, but unless there is some kind of miracle for him, then I don’t see how anyone can feel confident that he’ll do well in PA in the general election.

    Finally, I hear Obama supporters say that he can turn VA and CO from red to blue, and he looks able to take IA. I don’t know about CO (that’s possible I suppose), but I don’t think he has a shot at VA. Webb only barely beat Senator Macaca and he’s this big military guy and couldn’t be more unlike Obama (again, a new SUSA poll shows McCain trouncing Obama in VA)… as for NM and NV where McCain will use his western roots to hang onto those states, the democrat will have to energize hispanics to take those states (especially NV)… clearly, Hillary has done much, much better than Obama among hispanics…

    Finally, significant portions of Hillary’s constituency can swing to McCain in a GE if Obama is the nominee. Think about it, seniors, women, hispanics, jews, and working class white voters are much more likely to vote for McCain in the GE than Obama’s core constituency of african americans, youth voters, and the more highly educated and wealthy white liberals… Honestly, does anyone see african americans, college students, and white liberals voting for mccain? Yes, maybe they will stay home or vote for Nader, but they will not defect to McCain in the same type of numbers as Hillary’s core voters.

    What am i missing here? Certainly Hillary has her own baggage and troubles with parts of the electorate (like WI, OR, MN), but it’s easier to hang onto blue states like these than to turn red ones into blue as Obama will surely have to do… Also, Hillary does have a shot at winning a few red states like NM, NV, AR, and possibly KY and/or TN (though not as likely as the the first 3)…

    Maybe i’m just partisan, and I’m not reading things right… I really want someone to explain to me how Obama beats McCain in the GE.

  9. mamameow says:

    tell you what i have done—i am so sick of the msm shit and my cable/home phone/internet is bundled or was. i canceled the bundling, no more cable, no more high speed internet(back to dial up) and the cheapest phone plan quest had. the difference??? i am donating every month to hill!!!!! they can all go to hell!!! used to take the zogby poll, have stopped that and he can go to hell. my list of favorites on internet no longer contains any obama blogs. feels good to be blind, deaf and dumb!!!!!! hill is my candidate, she will get the nom. and beat the old fart!!!!

  10. hummingbirdv says:

    hey mamameow…. doesn’t sound like deaf and dumb to me. Sounds like good self-care. What we put our attention on increases so Go Hill Go! Just donated again myself and got my Dad to donate for the first time. Doing phone banking at my home with a group of folks to PA on Monday. She’s gonna blow them away.

    Nomination here we come!