Take The Quiz: Who’s Using the Republican Attack Playbook?

Peter Daou has a post up at HillaryClinton.com that I highly recommend readers check out today: “Who’s Using the Republican Attack Playbook?


Go read the post and then Take The Quiz!

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11 Responses to Take The Quiz: Who’s Using the Republican Attack Playbook?

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    Ms. Leavey: you have been involved in national campaigns, re: the Kerry campaign, why do you think Sen. Clinton finds it necessary to attack the millions of folks involved with MoveOn? Do you think it is a good tactic? I mean, she basically condemned the “activist” wing to the Party, as an activist yourself, how does that make you feel?
    Gilbert: Is her dismissive approach to the activists part of her being “scary smart”?

  2. coldH2Owi

    Personally I left MoveOn quite some time ago because I felt they were not always condusive to helping the party.

  3. coldH2Owi says:

    You didn’t answer my question, as usual. What’s really bad about Sen. Clinton’s attack is that we, MoveOn, among others, stood by Sen. Clinton & President Clinton & Chelsea Clinton during the despicable attacks from the right before, during, & after his impeachment. This is how she thanks us? Since you are so in the tank for Sen. Clinton, I don’t understand why you would leave an organization that has is roots, its beginnings, in defending the Clintons. Since the Sen. Clinton is so much into loyalty, I guess it’s a relative loyalty, support me, Sen. Clinton, or I won’t even acknowledge your loyalty when I really needed back when things were looking grim. This is really bad. & again, answer my question in the previous post, you always defer, or just flat out refuse. I don’t understand that as well.

  4. coldH2Owi

    I did answer your question. Maybe it was not what you wanted to hear. I did not join MoveOn until ’04 and left MoveOn 2 years later. I wasn’t impressed most of the time I was a member.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I’m on my way out.

    Aside from running this blog, I also own a business that keeps me very busy and that is the primary reason why I don’t enter into discussion here often — I barely have the time to post lately, let alone discuss.

    You’ll find to be honest that many bloggers don’t engage in the comments on their blogs. I’m one of them for the reasons stated above — my business which is my sole source of income as an only parent, comes first.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    It appears that coldwater forgets that it was Hillary who voted against censoring MoveOn while Obama skipped out on the vote. MoveOn lost credibility with their endorsement of Obama, who ignored their cause. There is no way to reconcile that silly act. Also, I should note that it was the Clinton campaign that also came to the defense of DailyKos when O’Rielly went after them. If there is any stabbing in the back, it’s from MoveOn and Kos.

    Also, I know many of those “millions” of folks from MoveOn who did not participate in the poll (and don’t even open the emails anymore–I was one of them for a long time). In fact less than 10% of “the members” participated in the poll to endorse and I wonder how many of those are truly MoveOn partisans. Just because you belong on a list does not make you a member.

  6. coldH2Owi

    I will add as I am on my way out the door – if I am not mistaken, Clinton supported MoveOn after the General “Betrayus” ad but Obama did not. Perhaps she feels as though MoveOn betrayed her — I can’t answer for her, but to be frank, MoveON is but ONE activist group with in the party and they don’t speak for the entire party.

  7. atdleft says:


    Wow, thanks for showing us what “hope” and “change” are all about. Pamela DID answer the question, but it just looks like she didn’t give you the answer you wanted. But if you don’t mind, I’ll answer your question as well.

    Honestly, I agree with Hillary on “MoveOn” and how they’ve lost focus since their 1998 founding. Hillary has ALWAYS defended them and has most often voted & introduced legislation in line with what their supposed “mission” is. She particpated in all their online forums last year, and she even made sure to vote against the silly Cornyn Amendment that condemned MoveOn for its “Petraeus = Betray Us” ad.

    But how has MoveOn thanked her? They haven’t defended her ONCE in the last 15 months that the right-wing attack machine and corporate media have trashed Hillary. And even though most of its members did not agree on one candidate, they took ONE online poll that only a fraction of its supposed “3 million members” voted in and used it as rationale to pull a shotgun endorsement of Obama… Someone who has NOT been as consistent in Hillary Clinton in standing up for what we Democrats believe in.

    So am I disappointed with MoveOn? Actually, I am. That’s why I unsubscribed from their email list and stopped volunteering and contributing.

  8. Janis says:

    cold, don’t forget that Hillary expressed frustration on behalf of the voters, whereas BO expressed frustration with the voters.

    Personally, I’m comforted by the fact that someone is angry with people intimidating American citizens at caucuses. Is that really the kind of “activist” you want to be? One with a brown shirt?

  9. coldH2Owi says:

    I’m sorry, I forgot how everyone is picking on Sen. Clinton, you know, the $109 million Sen. Clinton. That’s just from the last 8 years. How well do you all do during this time of Bush? The poor defenseless women just can’t help but be a target. Get real. $109,000,000, I made $7,319,08 last year. Who’s the effing elitist now? Yes, I know, I have a computer & it is Saturday. Frankly, neither President Clinton, nor his wife, Sen. Clinton had much to with the computer, or it being Saturday. I’m glad Pamela has a job, there are a lot of the changed welfare folks who don’t. Oh, Pamela, if you don’t want to engage your commenters, then don’t, for crying out loud, or quit crying out loud about it.

  10. coldH2Owi

    The $109 million was mostly earned by Bill Clinton from speaking engagement.

    Why do you suppose he earned so much from speaking engagements in the past 8 years???

    Because he is the MOST popular former Democratic president. That’s why.

    I have seen you complain here about welfare in the past – evidently you have an issue with the welfare to work program.

    Let me tell you a thing or two about welfare, because I have been on it — twice. Once when I was pregnant and the 2nd time when I started my business. The first time I was on welfare was under Bush Sr, the 2nd time, under the Clinton administration’s welfare to work program. Thank you very much, Bill Clinton. That is my opinion. I fared much better on welfare under welfare to work and I know plenty of other single mothers who will say the same thing.

    Welfare to work provided job training and the chance to get an education to many single mothers — which is far better than sitting on your a*s collecting welfare and not getting anywhere in life.

    I don’t piss and moan about what other people have or earn in their lifetime — good for Bill Clinton that he was such a good president that he can earn so much from speaking engagements.

    Barack Obama hasn’t done so shabby from his books — has he? But I bet you harbor some resentment about his reanings in the past few years too.

    Last but not least, I’m not crying about anything here — I am filling you in on why I don’t engage in comments here often — and longtime readers here who know me, understand that I also run a business and they respect that when I mention, instead of coming back at me with a condescending and rude remark.

  11. Jessica says:

    Help me out … since any challenge to Hillary Clinton’s record is almost always summarily dismissed as a right wing attack, what is a fair line of questioning? Personally, I’m not a fan of this reasoning for either candidate, but if the argument for going after Obama on non-policy related issues and personal associations is that it’s about electability and what the republicans will do in the fall, why isn’t the GOP dossier on Hillary fair game now?