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I’ve been laying low today, once again playing catch up with business and rest. Ah, yes rest… Something I never get enough of. Suffice to say running a small business and a blog keeps me very busy and rarely take much time for myself. That said, here’s the Weekend Reading List:

The Gallup Daily shows a Clinton upswing in recent days: Clinton 46%, Obama 45%:


At a piece by Paul Lukasiak dissecting the story by “journalist” Celeste Fremon that was front-paged at the HuffPo last night: “Anatomy of a Left Wing Smear.”

On TalkLeft from Jeralyn: “Bill Clinton Explains Falsities in Obama’ s Newest Ad” and Political Radar reports, “Bill Clinton Says Criticisms of Hillary’s Healthcare Plan are ‘Bull’.” CNN has more on the healthcare attacks ads battle in PA. No matter how Obama tries to slice it, Hillary Clinton still has the winning healthcare plan — even Elizabeth Edwards knows that

If you think the conservative base won’t continue to work “Bittergate” think again… Mark Steyn has at it: “Guns and God? Hell, yes.” And Arthur C. Brooks chimes in on the WSJ with this one: “Trigger Happy.”

In the NY Times on Friday, David Brooks recants “How Obama Fell to Earth.”

AP News reports Michigan is moving forward regardless of the fact that no decision has been made to seat the delegates: “Mich. Democrats fill 1st round of national convention spots.”

Obama does the doublespeak thing again… hitting Clinton with his own brand of projectionism. For someone who decries “petty, trivial slash and burn, back and forth, tit for tat politics,” Barack Obama sure does engage in them frequently as CNN’s Political Ticker notes: Clinton camp: Obama was a ‘hypocrite from day one’.

Let’s not forget we have other important races to win in November: “Democrats Widen Fundraising Lead for Senate Campaigns.”

Got gas??? If you do, you probably don’t have much spare change: “Pump prices rise to new record.”

Got trash??? NPR reports: “Beach Cleanup Tally: 6 Million Pounds of Trash.”

Hillary Clinton received some key endorsements in the past couple of days from: Congressman Tim Ryan; Congresswoman Betty Sutton; and Former NJ Governors Jim Florio & Brendan Byrne.

In North Carolina Friday: “Clinton and longtime friend Angelou sit, have a chat about issues the nation and voters face.”

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On Buck Naked Politics, Damozel notes in a Must Read post: The Media’s Role in the Obama Phenomenon as a Sign of a Deeper Trend.

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5 Responses to The Weekend Reading List

  1. FP says:

    Hillary rides wave after Finger-Gate? Nah, just political silly season, when even decent folks see things that aren’t there. So odd to see people I like so much, like Pam and Taylor just literally walking off the reality plank on some of this stuff.

    Just please don’t drink any Kool Aid that either Clinton gives ya–we need you too much.


  2. Hey FP

    Long time… Silly season is right. I dunno know that I’ve walked off the “reality plank” per se, so much as just keeping an open mind. Have no fears — I’ve said here many times I am on board for the nominee — whoever the nominee is.

  3. cali says:

    After supporting John Edwards’ run for president, I decided to put my support behind Senator Clinton because of her proposed health care policy. It is just like the health care policy former Senator Edwards proposed. After reading that the Obama campaign is doing the corporate right-wing’s job of smearing universal health care by attacking Senator Clinton’s health care policy using right-wing talking points, I will not vote for Barack Obama if he is the Democratic nominee. I will write in John Edwards and it will be my vote for universal health care. If Senator Hillary Clinton is the nominee, I will cast a vote for her to show my support for universal health care in this country. In my view, this is the first domestic problem that urgently needs to be fixed.

  4. FP says:


    I’m very ticked at Hillary and Bill but would vote for her if aliens came down and she somehow won it now…I have no idea why people like call are against Obama if they want Dems to win now and in the future: Young Dems love him (and with the war) that’s almost enough for me.

    Looks like yesterday was one-day blip.

    Best regards,


    April 20, 2008
    Gallup Daily: Obama Holds Slight 47% to 45% Advantage
    First time in days that Obama’s Democratic bid has gained supporters

    PRINCETON, NJ — The peeling away of national Democratic support for Barack Obama seen this past week may have run its course. After trailing Hillary Clinton by one percentage point in Saturday’s Gallup Poll Daily tracking

  5. FP

    For me it’s not that I am against Obama — it’s that I am for Hillary and believe she is the best person for the job.