We’re In This Together So Let’s Do It!


No, I don’t think the situation is that dire. But we are up against formidable odds. The Mainstream Media has painted a big target on Hillary’s back since day one. The Obama campaign always seems to be swimming in money, just like Scrooge McDuck and is now trying to buy PA. The Blogger Boys have kicked us out, abusing us all the time. Chris Dodd, Pat Leahy, Tom Daschle and company want us to just shut up and go away.

There’s something that all these bullies didn’t count on: Hillary’s and our tenacity. We’re in this for the right reasons: Universal Health Care (that decades long liberal goal), better education, more opportunities for all Americans and people of the world, etc. Despite the media pile-on and Obama’s money, they still have not been able to shut us up. We need each other’s optimism to hang in there and Hillary needs our support now more than ever. Pitch in a few bucks and/or make some calls. Let’s keep this party going!

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15 Responses to We’re In This Together So Let’s Do It!

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    Bullys? Oh, for Christ’s sake 5 or is it 5? I just can’t keep up with it.
    $109,000,000 in 8 years.

  2. J. Diamond says:

    it really ticks me off that the media keeps reading the talking points from the Obama campaign about how Hillary is hopelessly behind in delegates and popular vote without mention of the fact that the popular vote (by definition includes FL and MI. the DNC can choose not to seat their delegates, but they cannot make legally conducted elections, and their corresponding votes, disappear, or can they?) if Obama should go onto the nomination without resolving FL and MI, then his nomination will be tainted. i already believe that he cannot win in a general election (please see my post in the comment section of “Yes, I’m Still Sticking With Hillary”)

    i’m doing all that i can to make sure that Hillary keeps fighting. i made my 5th (and largest) donation to her campaign this week, i have travelled down to PA from NY for the last three consecutive weekends, and I’m heading back on monday and tuesday to help GOTV. i’ve even got my daughter, a PA college student, volunteering for Hillary, and i’m bringing my wife with me to volunteer on mon/tues…

    everyone reading this should get involved. it’s really a rewarding experience, and the people of PA have been exceedingly nice!

    i have contributed to political campaigns in the past, but this is the first time that i showed up at a campaign office and said, “what can i do?” all i can say is that i wish i had done it sooner!

  3. hummingbirdv says:

    Hey Gilbert…. Hill just pulled ahead in the daily Gallup poll nationally against BO. That feels so GREAT! Yeah, let’s do it!
    Calling for Hill on Monday, wish I could be in PA. It’s just going to be electric! Hope to help later on in Oregon. And Maya Angelou ‘s support is so powerful. Now that’s one lady that can SPEAK!

    Rise, Hillary, Rise

  4. hummingbirdv says:

    Hey Gilbert, Hill just pulled ahead of BO on the Gallup daily national tracking poll. That feels SO GREAT! Yes, let’s do it, definately. Wish I could be in PA. It’s going to be electric! Having a calling party here instead on Monday.

    And Maya Angelou…. such powerful and beautiful words in support…. Rise, Hillary, Rise. And so she shall.

  5. hummingbirdv says:

    Opps, sorry, I didn’t see my post so I sent it again…

  6. Janis says:

    $109,000,000 in 8 years.

    Was that snark coming from a person whose candidate has burnt through a quarter of a billion dollars in one campaign? The Clinton’s came from nothing and earned (and deserve) every cent they made — plus giving a staggeringly high ten percent of it to charity.

    She just got another SuperD, too — from Ohio. That makes two OH in two days, plus the endorsement of the Gov of Oregon (which doesn’t count for much really, but it’s nice).

  7. Janis says:

    Eek, bad apostrophe!

  8. Jessica says:

    Since Hillary was, at one time, considered inevitable by most people including the media and her own campaign, when did the target get painted on her back? And Hillary did not exactly start this campaign from nothing. She started with a healthy fundraising operation, huge name recognition, support from local and state party leaders, goodwill from the 1990s and her record as a senator, and the respect of many, if not all, democrats. Wherever she is now, she was not the underdog when this thing started. It was hers to lose.

  9. Janis says:

    Wherever she is now, she was not the underdog when this thing started.

    To quote Gloria Steinem (like it or not, she was right) women are never the frontrunners. People wanted to believe she was the shoe-in nominee. It was a fantasy — women ALWAYS have to work 9,000 times harder than the most shamefully underqualified man to pull even.

  10. Gilbert Martinez says:

    How quickly some forget that virtually the entire media establishment was cheering for Obama to attack Hillary and applauded him as he attacked her character. When Hillary calls him inexperienced (a much more quantifiable metric), the media and Obama call it “the kitchen sink”. Given that 80-90% of Obama’s media coverage is positive while Hill is lucky to get half positive (as determined by academic studies), I don’t think I have to qualify my statements. Feel free to disagree with the facts all you want.

  11. Jessica says:

    Janis: Clearly Hillary did not accept Steinem’s premise because if she did, she would have taken nothing for granted and worked those caucus states and post Super Tuesday states and likely wrapped up the nomination in February. She got outworked in those places because she didn’t think she needed those votes. Hillary could have been the woman to prove Gloria Steinem wrong by shutting down her opponents early. She didn’t. I can see where that is disappointing for her supporters but applying blame to the media or gender bias so broadly ignores that Hillary’s campaign decisions bear equal or greater responsibility for her current position.

    Gilbert: I’m just asking when the MSM decided to target Hillary and wondering if the advantages I listed previously in any way mitigate the MSM’s alleged influence.

  12. Jessica

    “She got outworked in those places because she didn’t think she needed those votes.”

    Caucus are traditionally are a lower turnout vote with less delegates. The Clinton campaign worked the states with tradtional primaries and more delegates harder because those states netted a higher popular vote and more delegates. All in all she has been quite successful in those states which is oneof the reasons why at this point neither Obama or Clinton have a clear path to the nomination.

    To say “she didn’t think she needed those votes” is patently absurb. All candidates know they need as many votes as possible to win an election.

  13. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Than-you Mr.Martinez for the Beetles ! Read the book Manufactured Crisis and go think about public education, our future and the generations to come and where real change begins ! Vote Clinton ! It’s serious and we are in this together ! 10% ? Go figure, under NCLB ! End the mandates please ! Go fast Senator Clinton ! That’s your future in America and a very intelligent investment of where real change begins ! It’s a team effort ! Hoist the lines and let’s dock ! The 60’s taught us well and now it’s our turn and the good news is,Clinton gets that and listens ! Go see re-authorization NCLB and view the bills that Clinton has in ! Amazing ! How did she do all that on the campaign trail ? Go Penn and NC !

  14. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Thank-you ! Call edit !

  15. Peace Out For Unity says:

    We don’t even know what Obama’s stand is on NCLB to get real ! He dances around it and have not heard one time his exact position ! What is it ? Review Voices Across America question # 1 !