Going With Hillary

Tuesday is primary day in Pennsylvania. A new Pennsylvania poll from MSNBC/McClatchy/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shows Hillary Clinton leading Obama 48-43% and Scott Helman notes in the Boston Globe that “In Pa., late deciders could lift Clinton.”

If the pattern of previous primaries and caucuses holds, the biggest procrastinators – those who make up their minds on Tuesday – will probably break for Senator Hillary Clinton. If they side with her again in Pennsylvania, it may help Clinton hold off Senator Barack Obama with a big-enough victory to save her candidacy, again.[…]

Through 27 contests where exit polling on late deciders is available, Clinton has won those voters in 20.

Michael Silverstein explains on The Moderate Voice today why he’ll “go with Hillary” in the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday. Silverstein says in a well thought out post:

The reason is simple, and to my way of thinking obvious. She has a better personal grip on foreign policy than Obama, who I believe has her trumped in most other respects. The foreign policy hole that has been dug for this country is now so deep, so filled with horrible consequences if steps to rectify the damages Bush & Company hath wrought are not taken immediately, that a new American president can’t be left to learn on the job—the way our present decider had to do because of his own lack of experience in this realm, and indeed, the way John F. Kennedy had to do after he was elected President.

The Obama people say that their man will be surrounded by foreign affairs experts from the get-go. That these experts will certainly not be of the sort found in the offices of Cheney and Rumsfeld who Bush was obliged to fall back on because of inexperience. Granted. But ultimately, in our system, for better or worse, it is the President who makes the decisions and the advisors who then all fall into line and publicly agree.

Would I prefer that people of the calibre of Richardson and Biden, rather than either Clinton or Obama, were in this ultimate decider position? Oh yes. But of the latter two I have to give the edge to Clinton. She knows the world players longer and better. She also knows the preferences of our own foreign policy experts and is thus better able to accept the good nuances of their advice while ignoring the quirks that fill any expert’s professional resume.

The heat is on in Pennsylvania and on TalkLeft today, Big Tent Democrat notes Obama is engaging in “politics as usual” despite the rhetoric from his campaign and he asks: Is Obama Trying To Depress White Turnout In PA?

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8 Responses to Going With Hillary

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    Food for you committed Sen. Clinton suporters.



  2. John McCain proved on This Week this morning (and this is not again, but time after time) why anyone talking about voting for him rather Dem A or Dem B (depending on which of the two that person favors) has true shit for brains.

    The subject was Obama/Ayers vs. McCain/Hagee and McCain openly derided the “patriotism” of Obama for not “condeming” Ayers. Mind you he feels this way even though Ayers is no part of the Obama campaign and spoke the alleded utterance some number of years ago and in a context that Obama was not part of. Hagee, on the other hand, can play a perfectly legitimate role in the McCain campaign because McCain issued some very vague, and clearly insincere condemnation. In fact McCain went on to hint at the fact that he’s ready, able, and willing to issue an equally toothless condemnation of anything and everything that will get a vote, but also willing to accept the open support and help of anyone after so condeming.

    Oh, and he doesn’t care that his budget math was legitimately labeled as “vodoo economics” when Reagn first tried to pull of the scam. We were clearly a very stupid country in the eighties, and McCain is willing to bet everything that we haven’t learned anything since.

  3. coldH2Owi says:

    I tried posting the link, but apparently I goofed up. Here it is, plus a bit more for the committed Sen. Clinton supporters to think about.

    LINK – http://www.iamtrex.com/?p=695

    Here’s what TRex had to say. If you click on the link, there’s also a video to watch.

    Oh, yes, Hillary, it’s all about you. Not about America. Not about the War in Iraq. Not about warrantless wiretaps or FISA or Guantanamo or Sam Alito or NAFTA or anything other than a bunch of uppity activist-types who won’t shut up and go back to sleep so you can stroll unimpeded back into the White House. I hope that the bloggers and peace activists who are still clinging to the tattered Clinton brand name and banner take this weekend to have a good hard think about their support for a woman who sees increased voter registration and record-breaking numbers of Democrats turning out to support the party a bad thing. And this is not something one of her surrogates said, or her pastor, or something taken out of context and distorted for the amusement of the Limbaughs of the world. This is what she said, the real Hillary, live and in glorious surround-sound, that passionate, go-the-distance Democrats are a pain in her ass. Why can’t we all be more like Holy Joe?

  4. coldH2Owi

    Thanks for sharing. Not. In the future – get the hint and take it elsewhere — Clinton supporters here are not buying into your constant negative comments about her.

  5. David Stewart says:

    It comes to the hard core-gut check time. The coming 4 years stating in Jan 2009, are going to be just as stated. Gut check time. 8 years of of flight-by night policy and Mr Cheeny running the show behind a dark curtain. Sen Obama is a great speaker and has inspired many. (including many in the media) College students stand in awe of his oratory, but a 20 year member of congress won’t be so enamored. Endorsing him is fine but don’t expect a congressperson to fetch and bail water for Pres Obama.

    This is time for a street fighter and some who knows all the leaders that Dubya has PO’d in the past 8 years. Add to that she is so scary smart on practically every issue, and she has the aura of Commander in Chief. Look into her eyes and you can see it. And that is what scares so many male media types (Chris, Keith, Bill M, and others) And, Sen Obama can’t win states that Sen Clinton will/should. He has yet to win a big state other than Illinois. Combine all of that and Hillary is the one!!!

  6. Kendall Johnson says:

    This poll seems a little tighter than it really is. I’ve been tabulationg canvassing results for the campaign for the past few weekends and from what I am seeing in Allen Town, Sranton, Wilkes Berre, Bethlaham, and Easten, Sentor Clinton is doing significantly better than this poll indicates.

    I think that any poll in this parimary affiliated with MSNBC in any way is not reliable. MSNBC is clearly biased against Senator Cinton and will take any and every opportunity scew the spin against her. I’m sure they over polled Philly.

  7. Folkwolf101 says:

    At age 18, Barack Obama Sr. married a girl of 16, had children, but then abandoned this family for an opportunity in the US. There, while still married to his first wife, he married a young college freshman after knocking her up. Later, he abandoned this 2nd wife and child for the opportunity of a fellowship at Harvard. Somehow, the son still romantices this absentee father in a book, Dreams from my Father. Is this the deluded young man you want for president?

    Hillary’s upbringing has maintained a much more no-nonsense reality. She has remained consistent with all her views on childcare, heathcare, immigration, the economy, education, and foreign policy. Hillary Clinton had my support on day 1 of her campaign to be ready on Day 1 in the white house.

  8. chriscuster says:

    Hey comrads, don’t pay too much attention to the polls; Hillary has long been up against both a vast right wing conspiracy and liberal media conspiracy, headed most notably by MSNBC, NPR, CNN, and Politico.com. The only polls you will hear anything about are the one’s that most favor Obama over Clinton. Do as Bill Clinton suggested to Hillary: block out the media.

    The bottom line is Hillary will win PA by a comfortable margin, and this time she will get an improved share of the African American votes, due to the sober support of varius AA mayors in the State.