Sunday Sold On Hillary Blogging

Sometimes I just need a little excitement to get motivated and for me nothing helps as much as a fun song. In that vein, I give you John Michael Montgomery. I’m not a dancer, but this song always makes me want to get on the dance floor no matter how “bitter” I may be.

How does this relate to Hillary? Well, we all have reasons we were “sold” on Hillary. For me it’s her lifetime advocacy and her accomplishments for children and families as well as her long fight for health care. After you take a minute to remind yourself what it is that sold ya on Hill, pitch in a few bucks and/or make some calls. I promise you you’ll feel better instantly. Polls are showing a five point gap with over 10% undecided. Let’s all dig in and push Hill to victory. Yes she can, and yes we will!

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2 Responses to Sunday Sold On Hillary Blogging

  1. Truth Seeker says:

    People, Senator Obama flipped off Senator Clinton last Thursday.


    The media has fallen down big-time on this disgusting behavior on Senator Obama’s part. Since when is “flipping off” your opponent acceptable political discourse? I have been writing all Democratic members of Congress asking them to disavow Senator Finger and support Senator Clinton.

    Throughout this primary season, I have seen widespread misogyny on the part of the public and especially the media. Recall Senator Finger’s pointed use of “she” at the debates when referring to Senator Clinton even though she is sitting right next to him.

    Women, are we going to take this? We can do something about this. Contact and email Democratic members. Contact Howard Dean at

    Ladies, the time is now and the last big state is Pennsylvania. We can do it.

    Also, log onto, contribute, even 10 dollars would be tremendous. And, volunteer to call for Hillary, especially in PA. There is an application that lets you help with phone calls to voters in the upcoming primaries and it is free!!

  2. Gilbert

    I’m sold on Hillary too… but I dunno about the country music. 😉