Beyond The Pale

Jill at Feministe explains: Oh for the love of God. 

This is really beyond the pale. And really, if the “What election sexism?” Democrats can’t see how over-the-top this is, I don’t really know what to say.

Progressives should be better than this.

I’m so sick of this sexism crap… Be sure to check the links from Jill: “For thoughts on sexism in the election in general, I refer you to Rebecca Traister and Amanda Fortini.”

And: Contact the TNR editors ( and tell them to stick to the issues — not sexist caricatures.

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One Response to Beyond The Pale

  1. Bo Gardiner says:


    Thanks for letting people know about this. I have so had it.
    Just sent my letter to TNR, text below.

    Subject: Fire everyone responsible for sexism at TNR

    The New Republic

    Everyone sharing responsibility for the rampant sexism and misogyny at The New Republic should be fired, as evidenced by the outrageous cover and story on Hillary Clinton for this issue.

    Deliberating portraying the first serious woman Presidential candidate as unattractive, hysterical and deranged in words and graphics is misogyny. You’ve deliberately played on every major hurtful stereotype. By God, can you not know this in 2008?

    I don’t care what your politics are or who you’ve endorsed. This has nothing to do with politics. Anyone there who doesn’t realize this has no business working in journalism. It’s just plain wrong, and by God, no one should have to explain this in this day and age.

    I have been a reader off and on for a long time. But I will never, repeat, never, read your magazine, paper or electronic, again.