Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Clinton has ‘grit’ to lead

Tomorrow voters will cast their votes in the Pennsylvania primary¬†and then it’s on to Indiana and North Carolina.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was stumping in South Bend for Hillary on Sunday. She answered some questions for the South Bend Tribune after and event at St. Mary’s College.

Here’s a couple of quips from the interview:

Q: With the primary coming so closely and still a lot of people unsure who they like more, Hillary Clinton or Obama, can you give them a little more of an idea as to why they should vote for Hillary?

A: I think we have two different candidates but I think what we’ve got in Hillary Clinton is someone who knows how to get things done, and is willing to fight — for health care for all Americans, to bring our troops home, to make sure we’ll have 5 million new green jobs and 3 million jobs in infrastructure. We want somebody who’s got the grit to get down in the details and solve problems. I want somebody who knows that we are in the worst economic times since the Great Depression, who understands what that requires, and who has a grasp on how to solve these problems.

Q: So do you feel that Obama is sort of too gentle or isn’t tough enough to deal with Republicans in Washington?

A: I just think that that he doesn’t have the same experience. Give him a few years so that he knows how to get things done. Look, he’s a very good candidate. I think he has inspired wonderful numbers of young people to come into the campaign. He has been very exciting. But at the end of the day, when we have had the crises that we have now, I want somebody who has really got the grit and the fight to solve problems. […]

Q: As far as the economy, what can Hillary do that Obama can’t?

A: Hillary can get things done. The issue of experience is, who can actually get things done? She’s got a plan for 5 million green jobs, she’s got a plan for 3 million infrastructure jobs. I haven’t heard that he has those plans. But she’s been in the Senate for a while. She’s been the first lady of the United States, the first lady of Arkansas. She is accustomed to actually seeing a problem and trying to solve it.

The bottom-line, Barack Obama “doesn’t have the same experience” that Hillary Clinton has. That fact is something that has been echoed here time and time again. Townsend is right: “Give him a few years so that he knows how to get things done.” This is a critical election. We need an experienced leader to clean up the mess that Bush has made. That leader is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary has the “grit”:

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6 Responses to Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Clinton has ‘grit’ to lead

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  2. Folkwolf101 says:

    Way to go, Hillary! I only wish I could vote for you in every state primary.

    Support Hillary at: http://www.hillaryclinton.com

  3. Martin says:

    I love Hillary – America, please vote for the best candidate!

    Hillary – Europe loves you too!

  4. Gabe P. says:

    This is really important. People need to understand that he is not ready. One has to wonder why Obama has not spoken to the Media in 10 days. What type candidate runs for President and refuses to answer questions from the media. Answer that for me all you Obama-files. Tell me why I should vote for a candidate who refuses to talk about the issues.

    Hillary may not turn out to be the greatest president in our history. But when I cast my vote in NC for Clinton it will be because I know where, agree or not, she stands on the issues.

    I am a patriot and I vote my conscience.

  5. If Obama is recharging his batteries, I think that it’s for the same reason he flipped the bird. This thing has dragged out so long that it’s just plain boring at this point and he’d go crazy if he took it all at the same intensity from start to finish.

    At least I know that it’s making me crazy. I want one of those civilized ten week campaigns they have in Europe. But for the fact that it’s still hanging around our necks like a weight, I’d be happy to let other issues take the front of my consciousness.

  6. juliet says:

    oh boy shes perfect for me- oh please american people pls dont make mistake this time we have to pick hillary- change-experience.. bush then no experience look at what hapen // obama is good but he need to have expereince and give him few years then he run for pres, next time..