Bill Buffett and Warren Gates – A Parable

On this evening of wondrous celebration (we’ll all wake tomorrow and find that there was no loser in Penn.), it only makes sense to pay particular attention to the relationship of the two most wealthy persons in the history of this great land. Notice that I said “most wealthy” and not “most powerful”. The spawn of the Reagan/Bush mating, BUSHCO, owns that title, and may it ever live in infamy.

But Gates/Buffett, or Buffett/Gates for those who prefer, seems to offer a lesson that we all should be able to learn from. Since the Buffett side just gave the Gates side a humongous fortune, though only for the Gates side to pass on to the benefit of all of us fellow riders of this magnificent planet, it’s impossible to miss the fact that these two wonderful personages are completely able to work together. Neither has to be first, and neither has to make the other second. In fact, given their very diverse skill sets, even the attempt would destroy the phenomenal and historical synergy that their coming together has been able to create.

Possibly, just possibly, this little story offers lessons that others could put to good use if their true objective was to offer the greatest single benefit to Earth that mankind has ever witnessed.

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