Drop Out? Why Even Ask? And The Nasty Word: Electability

Hillary Drop Out?

Why Even Ask?

Why are Olberman and others even asking the question? This is as tight a race as we’ve seen in years.

From Jerome Armstrong at MYDD, the Political Blogfather of us all, this morning: The Popular Vote & MI:

Obama is ahead 1795-1786, with the 55 uncommitted, 31 for Edwards, 408 remaining delegates, and 340 remaining super delegates. A 9 delegate difference with over 800 to go shows the closeness of this contest. Bowers projects it out further and comes up with a 1,890 Obama vs 1,845 non-Obama total, and 680 other delegates.

Soon the media must begin to discuss the politically incorrect issue of ‘electability’. It’s been the dirty, unspoken word of this cycle.

Yet all Democrats must begin to remember the Prime Directive of all politics:

First, Get Elected! (h/t to Taylor Marsh)

 See Chris Cillizza’s post on The Fix: How Clinton Can Win It.

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3 Responses to Drop Out? Why Even Ask? And The Nasty Word: Electability

  1. The Clintonista Post on Real Clear Politics

    Clintonistas Unite! We need your support! VOTE FOR IT!

    An article from The Clintonista Post is currently on the front page of Real Clear Politics, http://www.realclearpolitics.com, at the bottom of the page in the Readers Articles section titled, “It’s time for a superdelegate breakdown.”

    If it’s not there by the time you read it, then it might be located at: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/readerarticles/

  2. mamameow says:

    hillary quit, no chance!!! she is a fighter and something else, she can’t be bought off by a cushy job offer if she drops out!!!! how many of the rupubics were promised something if they dropped their campaign??????

  3. John P says:

    Obama is electable.  Clinton is electable.  this type of argument will get nowhere.  as has been full explained to all of us the past couple weeks, performance in a primary does not correlate with performance in the general.

    and where does 1795-1786 delegate total come from?  i assume that includes FL and MI?  People please, FL and MI are not going to count so get over it.