Is This The End Of The Democratic Party?

A couple days ago, I said that Barack Obama is not “the” Democratic Party. Well, via Riverdaughter, I find this tidbit at The Page, suggesting the DNC thinks otherwise:

After a series of discussions, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee have decided to file papers with the Federal Election Commission establishing a “joint fundraising agreement.” Under the law, such a committee can accept up to $28,500 from individuals, most of which would go to the DNC.

I wonder what it means that the DNC has “held talks” with the Hillary campaign means.

Obama throws universal healthcare under the bus without any effort, and the Democratic congressional “leadership” does the same. Obama uses bogus numbers games and the Democratic congressional “leadership” follows suit. Apparently, the DNC and the Democratic Congressional “leadership” are trying to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. One has to ask why? Is it Hillary’s populism? The fact that she will force them to get things done? Or is it because she is the devil incarnate?

My End of the Democratic Party scale reads 8.5 out of 10 today. I have news for Obama, the DNC and the Democratic Congressional “leadership”: those “bitter”, “clingy” people are not stupid. You are about to destroy the Democratic Party.

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16 Responses to Is This The End Of The Democratic Party?

  1. Janis says:

    But Gilbert, Obama is a PROGRESSIVE! He’s liberal! He’s waaaaaay to the left of Hillary!

    He’s so bought and sold and such a total panderer to Mammon it’s not even funny.

    Screw voting for McCain; I’m registering Republican to do so if this shit keeps up.

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    I guess it has nothing to do with bush/clinton/bush/clinton. Right, Janis? What is your problem with, oh, never mind.

  3. atdleft says:


    Well, I don’t think I could ever vote for Bush McSame. I just don’t think I could handle a third term. But so long as the DNC continues to ignore over half of the Democrats in this nation and set up “joint fundraising” with Obama, I won’t be giving them one cent of my money.

  4. Hold on – relax. The DNC is gearing up for the general election. The RNC, FYI has buckets more money than the DNC, on hand. Once the nominee is official a deal like this would have been struck. They are not waiting because time and money are crucial at this point.

    What does it mean "that the DNC has “held talks” with the Hillary campaign" — It means that they have asked her campaign to enter into a similar agreement. That’s all. The Page says that very clearly:

    Sources say the DNC has also held talks with Hillary Clinton’s campaign about forming a separate vehicle with her, but that no deal has been struck.

    In my opinion, if we allow ourselves to be “bitter” over whether or not the nominee of our choice is chosen, that will contribute to splitting the party.

    The DNC is doing what they need to do to prepare for the general election and putting a Dem in the White House. I would not be at all surprised to see Hillary enter into a similar agreement as she was asked to do.

  5. atdleft says:


    Well, I hope you’re right. I certainly agree that the DNC should be ready for the fall. It’s just that DNC leaders like Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, & Donna Brazile have burned so many bridges with us Hillary Clinton supporters by misusing their positions to hurt Hillary that even possibly benign actions like this one can cause suspicion. All I’ll say is that I hope you’re right & I hope the DNC strikes a similar deal with Hillary ASAP.

  6. Gilbert Martinez says:


    I hope you’re right. I find it odd that there would be this information coming out when only one campaign has "agreed" to this. Given Dean, Pelosi and Brazile’s deliberate attempts to give the nomination to Obama, I have a hard time believing this is an effort aimed at both camps. We know Obama has been giving extensively to his Superdelegate supporters and this is just another layer to that.

    I’m not advocating the end of the Democratic Party, but there needs to be a sense of legitimacy. This move, if not followed soon by a similar agreement with the Hillary campaign, adds to Obama’s illegitimacy (incuding FL and MI). Everything the DNC has done has been one sided. All the "uneducated Hillary supporters" know this and they won’t take what’s forced on them kindly. This sort of effort has disaster written all over it.

  7. coldH2Owi says:

    I believe Janis is a concern troll. What say y’all?

  8. coldH2Owi

    I do believe you should look in the mirror.

  9. betmo says:

    i could say that hillary clinton is destroying the democratic party too. but i won’t- because in the end- it’s us- the rank and file that are destroying the party. we are allowing ourselves to be hijacked and ‘crossed over’ by the republican party and we are letting ourselves take our eyes off of the real issues by all of the distractionary rumors and whatnot. the bottom line- this country is divided and the democratic party is divided. and it is what it is. we put ourselves into this position by not supporting the second tier candidates like kucinich and dodd. and that is our own fault as americans and as members of the democratic party.

  10. coldH2Owi says:

    I look in the mirror every day, Pamela, do you? Nice, try. Bring on Harold Ford, Jr., now that’s a Democrat. Now I get it, Janis is apparently a female & they cannot be criticized. Sorry about that. I’ll tell you one thing, Pamela, you won’t see me threatening to register as a ReThug just because I hate a black, male Democratic Senator who attends a United Church of Christ church anytime soon. & I’ll do my goddamnedest to make sure in the years I have left that not only my granddaughters, but all females will be able to aspire to become politicians, even president without $109,000,000 in income over the eight years of the Bu$hCo regime.

  11. coldH2Owi

    Considering the blog is supporting Hillary Clinton and Janis is here as a Clinton supporter, it looks as though the concern troll amongst us is you. You piss and moan and complain here constantly.

  12. “throws universal health care under the bus”…
    Let’s be honest with ourselves. Between the final two, it’s sixes on health care. Two half measures based on two center right political assessments.

    I would love a candidate, and I think that the nation would also, who staked the election on an overriding campaign theme of “The Republics offer the same thing on health care that they offer on everything. A feel good message and a failed policy. They have already trashed our economy, and now they ask us to take an approach on health care that will do the same thing to the health of our country. Let’s save money on health care, and save millions of

  13. Only single payer provides better health outcomes, and saves lives!

  14. coldH2Owi says:

    Quit pissing & moaning Darrell. This is a Sen. Clinton blog, no policy discussions allowed. Actually, I agree with you. Sen. Clinton’s DLC style health care will not save lives, much like her vote for the war did not save any lives. Sen. Obama’s view of health care is virtually the same as Sen. Clinton’s, neither, as you say, addresses the failure of the richest nation in the world to provide health care for its citizens. It’s more important to elect a woman than anything else. Or a black man.

    & Pamela, don’t you think Sen. Obama is the perfect Clinton candidate? I’d be interested to hear your views. One of these candidates is going to be our nominee & it would be good to, as Sen. Clinton says, vet them.

  15. Interesting thread as I’ve been off line. As to Obama, I don’t think he’s the best choice for President. If he is the nominee however he will have my vote.

    4-8 more years of Republican rule can do nothing but continue to drive this country into a worse international posture and financial bankruptcy.

    I’m sure Janis is reacting to the emotional campaign. This primary is a perfect example. It’s the first in history to have the instantaneous communication of the Net fully integrated into the campaign structure itself.

    With the advent of the social networking sites and their popularity we are only scratching the surface of their new heavy impact on the next campaigns.

    It all seems to bring out the emotion in all of us. It is a polarized primary. Both candidates have repeatedly called for unity after the convention. I believe they both know McCain must be defeated and if that means making ‘strange bedfellows’ so be it.

    No more Republicans appointing Supreme Court judges for one thing!

  16. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Darrell, there are other systems in the world that are not completely single-payer that provide better outcomes than the US system. Single payer is not the only system that will provide better outcomes. I’d love to see some literature cited on your claim that single-payer health care is the only solution to provide better outcomes.

    Why is there so little mention from “a pox on both their houses” advocates of Hillary’s opening up of a single-payer option to compete with insurance companies. Hillary’s plan provides more access and is more efficient. It also provides a way to get toward a universal single-payer system, if it proves better. Obama, or at least his advisers, have a long history of actively opposing universality. That is a big difference.