Crossed by Obama, Palmer Stumps for Clinton in Indiana

For everyone who thinks still that Barack Obama doesn’t play old school politics here’s a new flash…

Alice Palmer, the former Illinois state senator who hand picked “Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s” won’t be campaigning for Obama in Indiana. Instead she’s campaigning for Hillary Clinton:

Joining Chelsea Clinton and other women leaders to campaign for Hillary Clinton today is Alice Palmer, the former state senator who picked Obama to be her successor back in the mid-90s. When she tried to reclaim her spot, though, Obama got her booted from the ballot.

The day of campaigning culminates tonight with a “Women for Hillary” rally in New Albany. The women plan to talk about Clinton’s plans for the economy, job creation and the middle class.

Palmer’s story is more familiar in our town it is in Indiana, even in the northwest section of Hoosierland that consumes so much of the Chicago news media. Still, the national press has shown an interest in the early account of Obama playing hardball, and Palmer’s presence may remind some of them of the story.

The line “once burned” comes to mind. Indeed, it appears that Barack Obama’s “ability to play political hardball goes back to his first campaign.” Who’da thought?

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One Response to Crossed by Obama, Palmer Stumps for Clinton in Indiana

  1. J. Diamond says:

    Obama supporters keep saying that Hillary “will do anything to win.” What do you suppose they would say when they read the Chicago Tribune article (linked above) that says: he defended his use of ballot maneuvers: “If you can win, you should win and get to work doing the people’s business.”

    So Barack Obama believes that “ballot maneuvers” are legitimate when you are trying to win. I bet he won’t feel that way if the nomination is going to be decided in Denver. Nor does he currently feel that ballot maneuvers should count when you remove yourself from the ballot willingly as a political strategy (hello Michigan!)

    His “new politics” meme is becoming the height of hypocrisy. Where in the world is the national press? This is a total embarrassment for the press. First, they “miss” the jeremiah wright story. then, they “miss” bill ayers. now they are ignoring the ugly, hardball tactics that obama used to get himself elected to the IL state senate. Hillary may not be some kind of angel when it comes to politics, but Obama is more than disengenous when he says that he doesn’t take money from oil companies (which is against the law anyway) and that he doesn’t take money from PAC’s (but he does take money directly from corporate execs directly — these are the same people who fund their company PAC’s), and he says that he doesn’t take money from washington lobbyists while he does take money from their spouses and from lobbyists who aren’t in washington. I ask again, “where is the national press”??? Obama is going to get slammed on all these issues if he should be the dem nominee. You know that the national press will pick up all of these issues as soon as the republicans start asking these questions. It’s disgraceful really…