Sunday Late Night

I’m winding down from a hot weekend here in SoCal, where the mercury reached nearly 100 degrees today and we’ve got another wildfire out of control. Too hot to do much of anything but chill. I’ve rounded up a few links in the news and blogs worth reading and Dizzy Dezzi has her round-up ready to for the morning, so there should be plenty to discuss here in the wee and early hours.

On Talk Left, Jeralyn explains “Why Hillary is Ahead in the Popular Vote” and AP News tells us that the “Electoral map favors Democrats.”

Barack Obama broke his big Fox News freeze out today and granted them an interview. Lambert observes “Obama throws Kos under the bus” in the interview and Taylor questions did Obama really “Take Fox on?

From Newsweek… Rove and Rezko?

The WaPo reports Hillary is turning up the heat in Indiana. Here’s her latest ad running in Indiana:

An OP/ED in the Charleston Gazette says Hillary is “The choice for working people.” Her latest North Carolina ad is here.

Women are on the move, winning drag races and IndyCar races… Let’s put a woman in the White House this year.

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One Response to Sunday Late Night

  1. I watched Ashley Force beat her dad to take the championship in that meet.

    It was a awe-inspiring sight and you could tell hyper-competitive John Force was real conflicted for a bit as his car simply blew half way up the strip.

    Ashely Force has come out of nowhere, with of course the best team in NHRA racing, to be a top driver and stands a top the points standing today.

    The Force story is an amazing one. And you’re right, Danica Patrick became the first woman to ever win a Indy car race last week and Ashley became the first woman to win a Funny Car race yesterday.

    It’s time for a woman president.