Wright Making Headlines Again

Rev. Jeremiah Wright has been back in the news over the past couple of days making headlines and stirring up more controversy:

After addressing the NAACP yesterday in Detroit, Jeremiah Wright travels to the heart of the media beast — the National Press Club in DC — where he has been speaking this morning. 

You can watch Wright’s NAACP speech HERE. In his NAACP speech, Wright “jokingly” mocked the “Boston accents of former Presidents John F. and Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.,” saying, “nobody says to a Kennedy, ‘You speak bad English,’ only to a black child was that said.” I’ll respectfully disagree with that assertion, because I’ve heard and seen the Kennedy’s Bostonian accents mocked my many including here in the comments recently. So too, was John Kerry’s accent mocked during the ’04 election.

Moving on… To some in the media and the blogosphere, he’s not helping Obama… he’s hurting him as First Read notes:

At this point, no matter one’s political inexperience, Wright has to know he’s not helping his friend; his decision to go public and defend his reputation at this point in the campaign is doing nothing to help Obama, if anything, it’s leading some to believe he’s actually trying to sabotage him. He’s hurting him and hurting him very badly. Frankly, it’s as selfish of a move as we’ve seen in some time. Imagine, for example, if Norman Hsu or Vicki Iseman were doing publicity tours right now. Maybe, if there’s a silver lining for Obama, he’s giving Obama a very easy chance to simply walk away. Remember, Obama didn’t toss Wright under the bus, but Wright appears to be doing that to Obama’s candidacy. Still, if Wright Vol. 1, “bitter,” and Pennsylvania didn’t move superdelegates, what will? Nevertheless, Obama seems to be starting off this week in about as bad of shape as we’ve seen in him in some time.

And as Taylor Marsh notes, Obama set himself up for criticism over Rev. Wright:

Obama gave permission to McCain to dig into all things Wright if he’s the nominee should make every Democrat immediately queasy.

… .. In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Obama said that while he believes Wright and his church have been treated unfairly in the controversy, he expects the minister to be a part of the political debate.

“I think that people were legitimately offended by some of the comments that he had made in the past,” Obama said. “The fact that he is my former pastor I think makes it a legitimate political issue. So I understand that.”

McCain, who has said little about the Wright controversy and has asked the North Carolina Republican Party not to air an ad critical of Wright and Obama set to run today, seized on Obama’s comments during a news conference in Florida.

“Senator Obama himself says it’s a legitimate political issue, so I would imagine that many other people will share that view and it will be in the arena,” McCain said, according to Reuters wire service. …

Saddle up.

Wright has grabbed the spotlight and he’s using it…

Wright seems intent on not going away. How this will play out for Obama remains to be seen…

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6 Responses to Wright Making Headlines Again

  1. SilverFox says:

    Everyone should keep up on this blog: http://www.onemanstofu.com/

    It’s insightful about the current political scene and a voice that should be heard. Check it out.

  2. Janis says:

    You’d think this man never even heard of inter-white ethnic tensions. As far as he’s concerened, there are two kinds of people in the US — Black and White. And all black people are identical with an identical culture, and all white people are identical with an identical culture.

    I’ve begun thinking lately that ALL members of an oppressed population can do nothing better than to study the history and politics of another oppressed population. Not only does it knock you off your World’s #1 Victim throne, but it helps you to see that many of the things you thought were unique to your people are actually shared the world over by many disenfranchised people. Rev. Wright should make a point of studying 19th century Irish history, or the history of Jews in Medieval Europe.

  3. I haven’t heard that approach before to education on that topic but it makes perfect sense.

    Wright is killing Obama’s campaign. It’s impossible to think he doesn’t know that reality. The only possible reason for his continued actions is that he has finally gotten the national platform he has always desired.

    His ego perhaps has overpowered his common sense.

  4. Janis says:

    Stuart, I recall having a conversation with a friend of mine about Welsh history and politics (I’m a serious devotee), and between those conversations and my own study, it’s really been an eye-opener for me as to how similar oppressed peoples are considered and how similarly we react.

    Taken individually, people can say stupid things like “it’s the black brain that makes them learn differently,” and “women’s hormones make them submissive” or whatever garbage they feel like peddling. But when you start to find out that ALL oppressed peoples react similarly, those racial, genetic, and hormonal arguments are shown up for the junk they are.

    I remember hearing people trying to rationalize the traditional female Tall Poppy syndrome with female hormones and some Just-So-Story junk about how we’re competing for male attention. Then, I heard about what’s called Crab Theory in Deaf culture, and how (according to many Welsh!) the Welsh also have a tendency to pull down their high-fliers. Bright black students get called oreos.

    Old 19th century junk that says that black people are more sentimental, sensual, and emotionally uncontrollable sounds straight out of modern “academic” tracts about women. Celts of all kinds were patronized in Britain for being gentle, spiritual types who were “closer to the land” and responsible for scattering the equivalent of political lace throw pillows around the British political landscape.

    It’s mind-boggling how much you learn about how similarly peoples of all races and genders react when they are oppressed, how they are viewed by their oppressors, and how they view themselves. There are differences due to their individual historical contexts, but overall, they are identical. I found it almost freeing as a woman to read those ridiculous words about the inherently less mathematical and more emotional Welsh mind. It was so obviously garbage about them that it could only be garbage about women as well.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Stuart, I’m not sure that camp Obama wasn’t involved in Wright’s recent appearances. Listen to Obama. He never blames himself. Sure, he may say that he didn’t explain something well enough, but what he’s basically saying to people who don’t support him is that it’s their fault that they don’t fall for his awesome awesomeness. Like an abusive partner who blames the victim for not understanding why they are the way they are.

    I really believe Obama thought that his magical race speech that gave so many thrills up so many legs would be the end. Wright’s press interviews were, to a large extent, mostly to show his more human/progressive side. That totally reeked of Axelrod and they probably thought that was enough to calm folks down. When I talk to Obama supporters the “spontaneous” reactions are almost always: you need to look at context, see the whole person.

    Or they further want to divide the Democratic party on racial lines. I don’t put that past Axelrod either.

  6. Gilbert

    Wright has thrown Obama under the bus. I can’t imagine the Obama campaign is or was in any way involved. The press is all over this and it’s a consensus it’s not good for Obama.