Late Night: Falling From Grace

Falling from grace… MoveOn: Obama Got Outfoxed and Markos: Obama and Fox News. Ouch

Barack Obama had a very bad day.

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One Response to Late Night: Falling From Grace

  1. Janis says:

    The more I think about all this and the bigger it gets, the sadder and sadder I get about it all. I’ve said a dozen times that I can sympathize with black anger; black liberation theology sometimes seems like the black version of radical feminist spirituality, and it probably is. I think some of the stronger things he’s said are just a noisier way of saying what we’ve all been saying: the US lost ANY moral authority it once had when it attack Iraq without cause, behavior like this on our part creates more members for Al Qaeda, and that what happened on 9/11 was not the first massive attack in which many people died but the first time such a thing happened on US soil.

    But … agh. He couches it in the bitterest possible language with the mantle of divine authority on him at the same time, one of the most significant voices in his community. I mean, there’s a time and a place for “Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist” and there isn’t, and if you live on a steady diet of nothing but that, you’re going to lose the ability to think straight. And you don’t feed that sort of stuff to little kids, damn it.

    And so now, mainstream America has been introduced to black liberation theology in the worst, most destructive possible way. It’s been presented as the one and only voice of black churches everywhere (by Wright!) instead of one of many — a voice that has value when it’s one of many types, but not the sort of thing you want a steady monodiet of. Obama’s been presented — accurately, It hink — as someone who sat in that church for his own damned gain. He wasn’t even consistent in his belief of it; he just sat there to gain street cred instead of gaining cred by standing up to slumlords who let people freeze.

    He’s got old hippies voting for him, and he praises Ronald Reagan. He calls himself post-racial and has a seriously radical pastor as a spiritual mentor — who he’s prepared to toss away like a used kleenex in the bargain. (I don’t know which ticks me off more — the fact that he sat in that church for twenty years or that he sat in that church for twenty years for his own political gain.)

    He calls himself a Demcorat and lumps Bill Clinton in with Papa Bush — whse foreign policy he praises when it was created by Dick Cheney, who he claims he can’t stand. He says he doesn’t want his kids to be stuck with unwanted pregnancies, but he damned near voted to confirm Roberts!

    The man has no idea what he is. He just has no clue what he thinks, what he wants out of life, what his message is aside from hope-n-change-n-unity (which he didn’t even come up with; it was all just a heat-and-eat message from Axelrod). And since he’s got nothing to his name in terms of concrete accomplishments, his personal ideology is all we can judge him on. And he has no consistent one.

    AGH. Barack Obama is driving me nuts. Pick a person and BE HIM, damn it!