Florida mess caused by Republicans

Maybe everybody be me knows this already:  As I was researching superdelegates to write them letters to vote for Hillary, I was surprised to learn that the Democratic leader of the Florida senate proposed a primary date which was within the DNC rules, but the Republican majority in the Florida senate turned it down and instead the measure included the January 29th date which violated the rules. The issue of the primary date was embedded within a measure about voting machines.In case you are also in the dark about this issue, I refer you to Senator Bill Nelson’s speech to the President and the U.S. senate about the train wreck about to occur . . . which, of course,  has now occurred. It was enlightening to me, and it may be to you. To imagine that Florida democrats have been denied their voice due to a measure passed by the Florida Republican controlled senate is beyond amazing. Here’s the link.   

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5 Responses to Florida mess caused by Republicans

  1. Janis says:

    This is me dying of not-surprise.

    I remember saying this would come back to haunt the Dems when all this garbage went down and getting back yawns. Did people think that voters would respond to disenfranchisement, especialyl in a state that was already sensitive to such things, with a shrug?

    This is a HUGE part of why HRC has got to be the Dem candidate. when McCain brings it up in the debates adn in his TV commercials — “The Dems took your vote away from you!” — only one candidate can respond with, “John, I think you couldn’t find a human being in the world who wanted those votes to count fairly more than I did!”

    Obama’s campaign gamed them out of existence after the lege got manipulated into disenfranchising themselves. Their attitude seems to be that of a kid who found an Easter egg in the latest version of Doom; if you can game your score up artificially, it Counts, man! Pwned, losers! They are completely ignoring the inevitable response from the FL Dem voters, who would have expected their national party to go to bat for them instead of joining in on the dogpile.

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:


    The Obama talking points will no doubt include something about all the Dems voting for the measure. What they will conveniently omit is that the bill had some highly desirable election reform measures. Also, as some have discussed, there were measures on the primary ballot important to Democrats which meant that it would have been a bad move to separate the dates from the GOP primary. So, the Dems were screwed in FL.

    Even so, the underlying problem is that it was legislators changing the date, not voters. The voters were innocent and are having their votes ignored. That means that legislators can enact laws that result in the disenfranchisement of innocent voters. There is no way around that.

  3. Gilbert Martinez says:

    It should be noted that all this would have been a moot point if Obama allowed revotes. He chose to actively prevent that from happening.

  4. JM Settlemyer says:

    An Inconvenient Truth

    I see an “Inconvenient Truth” which the DNC is forced to face is that Florida and Michigan will count in the fall general election; Florida and Michigan hold the DNC by the balls! Why? The fact is that Florida and Michigan are two (2) of nineteen (19) battle ground states with 44 of 196 electors for the upcoming General Election. In the fall general election theses two states may well hold the balance of power as to which party walks away from the election and which party [once again?] starts planning for the next election. Should the DNC continue to take a hard line and not seat the delegations from Florida and Michigan as elected by their voters, and then the DNC risk the real possibility of losing in those key states.

    Most importantly these two states have 44 winner take-all-Electoral College Votes which represent 22.5% of the total of 196 contested electoral votes in the “battleground States.” If Florida and Michigan’s delegates are not certified by the DNC then those states votes will have been annulled in a most undemocratic process, by the party which claims to be “Democratic”. If my vote were not counted by the DNC then I would take my delegates and nominate our own candidate and place that person on the November ballot in my state, leaving the national candidate to fend for itself in the other 48 states that the DNC thinks should be counted.

    The Democratic National Party is playing this issue out as one of discipline however, more and more what it is showing the voters is that the two major parties not only want to vet the candidates for the November election, but they want the public to have as few choices as possible as early as possible in that selection process. Why else are we seeing pressure for one candidate or another to drop out as early as possible, before most Americans can express their choice? By Supper Tuesday how many Republicans and Democrats were left on any given states ballot? How many were considered to be serious contender. Far from being one of choices our electoral system, is designed to limit the choices very early.

    This system is far from a “Democracy”. In trying to determine a national order of voting the two major parties are vetting the vast majority of voter’s choices early in the process thus allowing for the maximum collection of CASH as early as possible in the process.

    Both Parties seem to saying ‘to hell with the voters we know what they need.’ This elitist attitude ignores the base of the DNC organization. What is likely to happen here is another case of George McGovern where the party picks a star instead of the choice of the core of the Democratic Party and that star falls in a blaze of flame on November 4th 2008. The core of the party has left before and the Democratic Party has lost. To win in November the DNC not only retain its own core, but attract the Republican Core. Does this core care that Howard Dean wants them to vote after Iowa? No and it none of the DNC business when Florida and Michigan vote.

    This core is not worried about Race, we are worried about JOBS! I’ll Vote for a Black, a woman, Asian or anyone who I fell will stabilize the economy. I’ll even vote for a Republican. What I won’t vote for is someone who lacks a plan or is going to give the nation’s future away in a bunch of feel good programs but not address the real problems I face on Main Street. Votes for Clinton dose not prove I am a Raciest any more than a vote for Obama proves I am a Sexist. More than this I resent the fact that Oboma implies that any white that does not vote for him is a racist. What would the result be if 96% of Whites were voting for Hillary? Then he would have a case that America is a Racist nation. The Silence is deafening out here. So let’s shut up about these side issues just vote. By the way let’s count all the votes not just the ones Howard Dean wants to count. Florida and Michigan will count in the fall.

    DNC, Republican, Green or any other party’s should not be concerned with when or how any state selects it delegates. I have thoroughly reviewed the Constitution and in fact the Constitution states “ Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress” Article 2 section 1. The Constitution was further modified in by the 12th Amendment after the development of political parties; however at no point in this most fundamental law of our country, I can find any requirement as to who votes first. As I see it the DNC has two choices. Seat Florida and Michigan’s delegates, as elected by their citizens, or face the possibility of not having Democratic candidate on the ticket in those two key states and losing to the GOP.