Keep The Momentum Building: GIVE!

I’m busy… busy… busy today, but I wanted to make sure that readers get on over to and donate today before the fundraising deadline. Here’s the email that Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe just sent out:  

Dear Friend,

Time is running out! There are just a few short hours left before our big fundraising deadline, and every last dollar we bring in before midnight is going to help us show just how strong this campaign is. With big races in Indiana and North Carolina coming up in just a few days, you’re making the difference. We’re seeing an incredible response to our matching program, and we need you to keep the momentum going!

And don’t forget, if you contribute before the midnight deadline, your gift will match a new donor’s contribution. That means every dollar you give is worth twice as much. You’ve been there for Hillary before, and now is the best time to be there for her again!

Contribute before the midnight deadline, and your gift is worth double!

Thanks for everything,
Terry McAuliffe

Hillary has got some momentum building… Todd Beeton explains on MYDD.

Keep it going. GIVE!

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