ABC’s ‘This Week’ to Holds Town Hall with Hillary Clinton

Politico reports that ABC’s ‘This Week’ will hold a live “town hall with Clinton” on Sunday on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”The town hall will be aired two days before the next scheduled primaries and “will be broadcast live from Indiana, and also include viewer questions from North Carolina.” ABC’s “This Week” host Stephanopoulos will be the moderator.

There’s some whining about Clinton getting preferential treatment from the Obamabots in the sphere, but Politico confirms that “ABC News has also extended offers to both Sen. Barack Obama and John McCain, according to a network spokesperson.”

It seems to me that rather than complain that Clinton is getting some sort of preferential treatment from ABC, Obama supporters should spend their energy persauding their candidate to join the town hall. But, we all know Barack Obama doesn’t want to do any more debates. Does he? And of course his flunkies in the sphere weren’t at all happy with his performance on Fox News the other — so the Obamabots may not want their candidate out their again in “unfriendly” territory.

Hillary Clinton has takern more hits from the media that Barack Obama during this campaign. Now that the heat is on Obama it’s a different story isn’t it.

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9 Responses to ABC’s ‘This Week’ to Holds Town Hall with Hillary Clinton

  1. Jessica says:

    You can count me as a supporter who wishes Obama would participate in a debate. I think it’s silly for him to decline. And besides, he could ask Hillary about obliterating Iran and maybe have her explain how a gas tax holiday this summer is good policy.

  2. smorganevans says:

    How many other Obama supporters wish Senator Obama would debate? It is a fact that we do have the capability to obliterate Iran is it not? I think that is the point Senator Clinton was making. Regarding the gas tax, I guess .18 off per gallon does not sound great . It may not seem like much savings on gas but I know that my .20 off every gallon of gas for every $50 dollars that I spend at Giant Eagle adds up and it helps out a lot at the Gas Pump. I think Senator Clinton is just trying to offer some temporary relief.

  3. Jessica says:

    No doubt we can obliterate anyone we choose. The questions are, should we, and under what circumstances, and what is the perceived or real benefit of saber-rattling. On the gas tax, it is temporary relief and saving a few bucks is nice. I don’t drive much so when I filled up today it was certainly unpleasant. However, economists have said that eliminating the tax could create greater demand and drive up the cost making the gas tax holiday essentially meaningless. I know Hillary has an energy policy for the long term so this short term gift, with no long term value, looks more like a hard pander to voters shortly before an election.

  4. apishapa says:

    Hillary did not say she would just grab the red button and lay into Iran her first day in iffice. In response to a specific question about what she would do if Iran launched a nulcear attack against Israel, IF IRAN USED A NUCLEAR BOMB AGAINST IRAN WE WOULD OBLITERATE THEM. Those were the only circumstances under which she has said she would do anything against Iran. SHe may have overstated our response, but believe me if any country in the world launched a nuclear attack against Israel, we would rhit them back with nul\clear weapons. That is simply what our policy is and it will not change.

    And I would love to see Obama go on ABC or any other national news show and say if Iran launched a nuclear attack against Israel, he would not retaliate in kind. Fat chance! If you believe he is going to say, we will not protect Israel you are dreaming. Right or wrong, Israel is our most important ally in the middle east and no politician is going to say we won’t defend them. It would be political suicide.

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  6. apishapa says:

    Obama is spending an hour with Russert. He is getting plenty of press. SInce it has been a nonstop Hillary hatefest on all of the channels for months, I do not see why Obama supporters are worried. I guess because Hillary really makes a much better impression in debates and interviews than Obama.

    Honestly since no one is allowed to ask him anything that involves any of his many questionable relationships, what are they going to ask him about. His policies? They can just ask Hillary, because whatever she says will be Barack’s idea by tomorrow. He can only repeat “hope” and “Change” and “trust my judgement” so many times without giving specifics. SInce he has no legislative record, and people are expected to vote for him based on “judgement”, then his judgement of character in his relationships has to be discussed.

    As someone said recently, “he has surrounded himself with ex-terrorists (Ayers), crooks (Rezko) and loco ministers (Wright, Meeks,) for twenty years” and we are expected to trust his “judgement”?

  7. soona says:

    I don’t know why ob campain even care. They hve enough money to be on air 24/7, and they are. Here in Indiana every single break there is an ad for Obama. She doesn’t. Then when the shows are on the pundits follow on for him. But as the old saying goes hallow drums make the bigest noise. On the other hand every time she appears she makes a bigger impact. Because she is more substansive. Keep on whinning

  8. debunker says:

    Speaking of Obama’s poor judgment…have you seen the Newsweek article about why Oprah left Rev. Wright’s church in the 80s? It was because of Reverand Wright and his commentary. That was 20 years ago that Wright made the same sort of comments as we heard recently and she left! I wonder if she advised Obama and he ignored her too.

    Finally, more people are seeing the performer that he that his mask has slipped. Unfortunately, the biased media has been so busy falling under his spell and ignoring good journalistic procedure in asking him hard-ball questions and seeking out substance about him and from him, that he’s had an easier campaign path and it’s too late for democrats to put the best candidate in the November election. This is a break for John McCain and the GOP…and bad news for Dems. Sad…

  9. Kendall Johnson says:

    It is rediculous that Obama is whining about ABC is hosting a town meeting with Clinton. Obama has had the media in his pocket for several months. MSNBC and CNN have waged a “swift boat” campaign against Senator Clinton for months. They have worked overtime to destroy her and to make him a rock star. Now he is fading and whining like the weak kneed candidate that he is. We will lose big in the general election if he is the nominee.

    Clinton has proved herself to be the better candidate, She is much tougher and more resolute. She has stood up to the media, the DNC who clearly has hobbled her by dienfranchising Fl. and MI and not having revotes, the rampet sexism that has gone unchecked, and she has been out spent 3 to 1 by Obama, but she still remains competitive.

    As for the gas tax, Clinton has never claimed that such tax would solve our high gas prices. She has proposed this tax break to give working families som relief, while other measures are employed to solve the problem. Meantime, giving the little people a break and forcing the oil companies to pick up the tax tab is a great idea. Obama doesn’t like it because it is inconsistant with the 2005 Bush/Chaney energy bill that he signed on to. He doesn’t give a rats ass about working class people and it shows!!!!!!