Late Night: Carlos Santana & Sarah McLachlan – Angel

There was plenty happening in the blogosphere and the news today but my brain is in a fog… Political Overload. Way too much information.

I was listening to Santana today and then Sarah McLachlan trying to get my head out of politics and into something more pleasant and ethereal. When Angel starting playing on my Sarah McLachlan CD, I remembered being in the audience at the Pasadena Civic Center, during Santans’s Supernatural tour, when Carlos brought Sarah MacLachlan on stage to perform Angel with him. I have to say… I wept. Standing there in the 11th row, watching Carlos Santana play accoustic guitar to Angel was one of the most memorable concert experiences I can remember. Enjoy:

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12 Responses to Late Night: Carlos Santana & Sarah McLachlan – Angel

  1. hummingbirdv says:

    WOW… Oh My Oh My. Such beauty to lift the spirit. Thank you.

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Yeah, nice choice. I’ll save my country music for another day :o).

  3. cali says:


  4. pj hardly says:

    I LOVE Sarah! her latest cd – Rarities, B-Sides 2 And Other Stuff, Volume 2 – is chock full of things the seasoned Sarah fan would love!

    check it out and fall in love with her all over again!

  5. pj hardly

    Thanks for the heads up – I was actually planning to oick it up this weekend. I wish she would tour more often, I’ve seen her live twice, once with Santana and another time at the 25 Years of Hits for Arista Records. Both times it was not enough.

  6. Gilbert

    On Country Music… I’m a big fan of Waylon, Willie and Cash. I saw Waylon Jennings perform back in the ’70’s – awesome show.

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed Sarah and Carlos — More music tonight.

  7. Karen Kohr-Blinn says:

    Thank you for sharing Sarah and Carlos.

    Carlos and I had a love for a Jazz Guitarist’s work at the same time. He saw him in San Francisco, and I saw him at The LIghthouse in Hermosa Beach. Sadly our favored artist passed away.

    I am so pleased to hear Carlos’ runs, chords, and other expressions that he learned from our Gabor. I am sure Gabor is smiling when he hears them as well.

    The song, Angel, has been in my heart for some time now, and until tonight I didn’t know its name or its artist just that I loved it.

    Thank you for this enlightenment and pleasure. I shall buy Sarah’s cd tomorrow and think back on this moment in time when I play it.

    Karen KB

  8. Karen KB

    I’m glad you enjoyed. I’ve seen Carlos Santana perform over a dozen times in the past 20 years – always memorable, always inspiring. I was completely taken aback by Sarah MacLachan’s unannounced arrival on the stage that night. I love her music as well. With lights out she played the first few notes of Angel while the audience was trying to figure out who was behind the grand piano, rolled out right before her in the dark. I knew when she hit the first notes.

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  10. If you have a version of Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Woman, you’ll find Gabor’s credit for his creation and Carlos’ version of it.

    Carlos’ seeing Gabor in SF and my seeing Gabor in the LA area happened at about the time of the formulation of the Haight experience in 1967.

    Music is my drug of choice. All kinds. I started with a mixture of Robert Johnson- Blues, Bill Monro-, Blue Grass, Country and Western, and Big Band in the 40’s, Popular, to R & B then the birth of Rock and Roll , Elvis in the 50’s, Then The Beatles, to Jazz and Classical and a jump to Pink Floyd, Zepplin, Genesis, BeeGees, with some Michael Jackson and Barry White thrown in and on and on. Now, i collect CD’s to match my vinyl collection. I’ve got a lot to go yet. I just got a Zepplin CD that is a miniature of the Vinyl. So cool.

  11. pj hardly

    I finally found Sarah’s new CD and I’m listening to it now. It’s awesome. I would have loved to have her duet with Joni Mitchell on River. Oh that would have been something!

  12. Karen

    I’ll have to look through my old Santana – I think I have that version. We seem to have similar tastes in music.