Kantor Never Impugned Hoosiers

The official transcript from “The War Room” is now available. Mickey Kantor “never impugned Hoosiers.

Filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker write: “We would like to respond to some erroneous statements made today about our film, THE WAR ROOM. These statements alleged certain remarks to Mickey Kantor that simply are not true. The transcript of the scene in question confirms this.”

The official transcript:

GEORGE AND CARVILLE: Indiana, we’re ahead.


GEORGE: Kentucky.

CARVILLE: Kentucky is five. Michigan is eleven, New York’s done.

GEORGE: Holy s—, we’re pulling away in Ohio.

CARVILLE: Oklahoma we’re up.

GEORGE: Tied in Texas.

CARVILLE: Tied in Texas. It looks good. Now let’s just say that. I like the text here.

GEORGE: Can you beep Wendy please? Looks pretty good. Looks pretty good.

MICKEY KANTOR: Look at Indiana. Wait, wait. Look at Indiana. Forty-two, forty. It doesn’t matter if we win. Those people are s—-ing (oh, excuse me) in the White House. How would you like to be… Look at Texas, go down to Texas.


MICKEY: Yeah. Thirty-nine, thirty-nine.

CARVILLE: Perot’s kind of holding, isn’t he?

GEORGE: He held.

MICKEY: Yeah, he held. His numbers held. I’m sort of surprised, frankly.

The press release from the filmmakers is here. Now the question remains who doctored the video that was posted on YouTube and has now mysteriously disappeared. There you have it, just another dirty trick against the Clinton campaign. Go figure. Of course many in the blogosphere who jumped on this (see earlier post), haven’t put the truth out there. Again… Go figure.

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One Response to Kantor Never Impugned Hoosiers

  1. cali says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if this smear was traced back to the BO campaign?