Late Night: Johnny A

If you like great guitarists, then I have a treat for you all tonight: Johnny A. Johnny A is truly one of the finest guitarists I have ever seen perform over the years — in fact he’s so fine, that Gibson Guitar even created the Johnny A. Signature model. I first saw Johnny A perform when he opened for Jimmy Vaughn here at the House of Blues in Hollywood back on November 9, 2001. He rocked the House. When I met him after the set, it turned out Johnny A was from my neck of the woods in Massachusetts and ever since, I’ve made it a point not to miss a show when he’s here in L.A..  

Here’s a clip of  Johnny A from the Guitar Player Party at NAMM 2004:

Enjoy… and if you must, and I mean must know what’s happening in the political world tonight… check Memeorandum for the latest buzz. I guarantee however it won’t compare with the sounds from Johnny A‘s guitar.

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2 Responses to Late Night: Johnny A

  1. Pamela,

    I am very grateful for the introduction to Johnny A. I also appreciate the Santana/Clapton share.

    Priceless collection! Congrats!

    Karen KB

  2. Karen

    Johnny A is a treasure. If you are in the LA area, he usually plays Cozy’s in the Valley every fall. His website has his tour schedule.