Sunday Hillary Blogging

I’ve been really, really sick the last several days so haven’t been able to do much. My throat is still rather sore and I’m coughing too much to make calls. But I’m sure you all will cover for me and make calls or give money, right?

I never get excited about political candidates the way I have about Hillary. She’s smart, tough and principled. I don’t have to guess what she stands for. Nor do I have to hope or project what I want in a president onto her. She also happens to be the most electable Democrat by far, IMO. She’s my:

Hope you have time to make some calls.

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One Response to Sunday Hillary Blogging

  1. green bean says:

    Cash or plastic, penny or token, potato or yam, picture or image, politic or stage, are torn between love and lust of the zazz and jazz.

    Corn is food. Ethanol is extracted from corn. Corn is a main source of diet to a lot of people in a lot of countries. It takes more energy to produce ehtanol than what it can potentially contribute. A new innovation, but in reality it is not cheap to produce and not profitable to invest. It does more harm to basic human food chain than any good. What if there is a drought, a flood, severe weather in a given year. Pesticides were introduced to protect crops for human consumption not to power engines. Thrill and buzz of ethanol is still no replacement of the fossil fuel from a versatile region. Even sea water may have more possibilities than ethanol in the quest of alternatives. If chicken oil, rabbit oil, coconut oil, and olive oil have fuel potentials, should we be raising and planting them too in our backyards? Aim high and far, control my destiny I go. But in the meantime, practical trumps slogan “Energy Independence”. It is the government job to stabalize Middle East. It is the government job to vigorously seek for alternatives. It is the government job to control gas price due to the consequences it will create. Can you hope for destiny? You accomplish destiny. Experience comes from experimenting. There is nothing typical about it. It is not how Washington works, it is how Washington should be doing.