Does Mr. New Politics Ever Look in the Mirror?

Egalia nails it on Tennessee Guerilla Women: “Does Mr. New Politics ever look in the mirror?

“And what does Hillary Clinton offer us,” asks Mr. New Politics?More of the same old negative politics.” Oh, yeah? That’s funny, because everyday I hear Hillary Clinton talking policy. Everyday, I hear Hillary Clinton offering specific solutions to specific problems. But all I hear from Mr. Hope are negative attacks aimed at Hillary’s solutions. And, um, Mr. Hope’s negative attacks sound suspiciously like “more of the same old negative politics.” Does Mr. New Politics ever look in the mirror? (via Jeralyn… via The Causcus)

Hillary Clinton supporters reading The Dem Daily should add their name to this petition. Keep the pressure on.

UPDATE: Obama Ad Misrepresents Krugman Quote To Attack Hillary. Paul Krugman notes:

I don’t have a link to the ad itself, but apparently there’s an Obama ad citing something I said about McCain’s gas tax holiday as a way to attack Hillary Clinton.

I did not say that the Clinton proposal would increase oil industry profits. If the ad implies that I did, it should be retracted.

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