Go Girl: Clinton (47%) Overtakes Obama (40%) Nationally On Eve of Indiana And North Carolina Primaries

Note to Hillary Clinton: Go Girl! Keep doing what your doing… Because the momentum is building:

The latest Ipsos poll conducted over the weekend shows that on the eve of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has taken over the lead in popular support from Democrats nationally. Among Democratic supporters across the country, 47% say that if the 2008 Democratic presidential primary or caucus was being held in their state today, they would choose Clinton, while 40% would vote for Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton also has a one point edge on beating McCain in November:

Americans were also asked for whom they would vote in a Presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate John McCain, and between Barack Obama and McCain. The good news for Democrats is that in either case the Democratic contender would have a slight edge on McCain. In a Presidential contest between Clinton and McCain, Clinton would garner 47% of the popular vote, with McCain picking up 42% of the vote. Should Barack Obama go up against McCain in November, 46% of Americans say they would vote for Obama compared to 42% who would vote for McCain.

If you’re a voter from Indiana or North Carolina and you’re still undecided D. Cupples gives you “Dozens of Reasons to Vote for Hillary Clinton.” Holly In Cinncinatti on The Moderate Voice jad her “shoes on the ground,” she was out “Canvassing for Clinton in Indianapolis.” Have you pitched in to get out the vote in Indiana and North Carolina? Hillary needs your help.

Wondering who has the edge tomorrow? Check out Danta Chinni’s post on Patchwork Nation Blog: “Who has the edge with Indiana’s new voters: Obama or Clinton?”

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  1. gqmartinez says:

    Let’s hope this is just the beginning of the trend.