Oh, The Pain

Oh, the pain at the pumps. It continues to get worse. Is there no end in sight? Apparently not and consumers think it will just keep getting worse.

Americans are already paying through the nose for gasoline, and they think it’s only going to get worse.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll found that 94% of respondents expect they will have to pay $4 a gallon sometime this year – and 78% said they figure it will hit $5.

The national average for gasoline was $3.61 on Monday.

Consumers’ fear they will have to pay more has intensified. A year ago, 79% thought gas would cost $4 gas by the end of 2007 and only 28% feared $5 gas.

We know rising fuel prices have caused financial hardship for many Americans. They are cutting back wherever they can to amke ends meet and that includes driving. The blame for rising gas prices fall squarely on the shoulders of Big Oil, Americans say:

Where do consumers place the blame? With oil companies like ExxonMobil (XOM, Fortune 500) and Chevron (CVX, Fortune 500) taking home record income in the past year, 83% said oil companies are making too much profit.

What’s the going price for gas in your neighborhood?

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7 Responses to Oh, The Pain

  1. old91A10 says:

    Our current phantom energy plan, “soak and choke,” has been brought to you, for the most part, by politicians, industry, and economists (the energy-aristocracy). To be sure, we consumers, at the bottom of the energy chain, have contributed to our situation. The primary difference between us and the energy-aristocracy, is that our buck passing is not a metaphor — we pay at the pump.

    Almost two years ago, shortly after taking impeachment off the table, Nancy Pelosi also promised and has failed to deliver a comprehensive energy plan.

    Oil companies have stolen billions of dollars by taking exorbitant windfall profits, by avoiding taxes, by acquiring reductions in or ignoring penalties for foul ups, …, by holding back fees and royalties.

    Hillary Clinton has proposed all of energy, tax, …, and health plans/policies. Barack Obama presented his weaker versions of the same, only after her plans were made public.

    I am sure everyone agrees that any comprehensive policy should eventually include every element in the chain — explorations, …, well heads, …, refineries, …, distribution, …, industrial and individual consumers, … engines, appliances, and manufactured goods, …, alternative sources. Further, time will be required to fully implement any plan(s). Usage habits must change. Equipment of all sorts, across the full spectrum of the chain, must be phased out and replaced.

    Now, Hillary Clinton has proposed an additional short term plan directed at only a few elements of the chain. She intends to relieve the individual consumers and take the money from the suppliers who are reaping huge unearned profits and are already in arrears on old debts. I am not alone in believing that it has the potential for short term relief of the strangulation that is already affecting the bottom of the energy chain. Further, it is not difficult to see that the relief will extend beyond the individual energy consumers.

    Critics (her opponents and the energy-aristocrats who have failed us) say this temporary plan rewards bad behavior and will wreak long term havoc. That might be true, if it were to become permanent, and we fail to deliver and implement long term, comprehensive policies and plans.

    Who would be relieved? Individuals who must commute to work and school, who deliver goods and services, who must look for work or go for groceries, who planned for vacations, etc. The relief would extend (trickle down) to a great variety of the other ‘small people’ who support these activities, and even to the the price of food on the table.

    As expected, Obama and the Obamaniacs jumped on this to deflect attention from his shortcomings, failings, and fear of debating.

  2. john stone says:

    These gas prices are terrible. In Iowa our cheapest gas is ethanol at $3.39 a gallon ant the rest is higher. Prices are going up everyday in the grocery store and elsewhere. I knew this would happen with Bush-Cheney. I just wonder how much worse it will get!

  3. john stone says:

    Our gas prices in Iowa for ethanol,the cheapest gas just went to $3.49 a gallon. That is a record high for us. Thanks “W” !!

  4. Gilbert Martinez says:

    If I recall correctly, Obama voted for the Bush/Cheney energy bill, right? Hillary’s plan doesn’t save us a whole lot individually, but collectively it ads up–and is paid for by the oil companies. Why does Obama heart the oil companies so much? It’s becoming a pattern.

    My gas gauge is getting perilously close to the dreaded “E” and I’m not looking forward to filling up at all.

  5. MCM says:

    Why don’t we just outlaw most PLASTICS? Plastic is
    non-biodegradable and it is produced using lots of oil.
    Who needs another G.I. Joe? Or ugly patio furniture?

  6. Steve Cohn says:

    I live in CT which has one of the highest gas taxes in the Country; we are around $3.80 for regular.

    The real killer is diesel. $4.40..$4.50…even more at some spots. . As you all know, everytthing we own or build is done with the help of a diesel engine behind it (trucks, major construction equipment, etc).

    MCM- Great point although outlawing is strong word!…Reducing plastic would work but folks are just too darn lazy to be incovenienced with bulk items or cans vs. plastic skrew tops. Consumers need to drive that process; take a stand again plastic containers that weigh more than the contents they hold. Push bulk items and offer convenient solutions instead of convenient packaging!

    We need REAL gas standards. The American consumer need to stop purchasing “hemi-powered humscalades.”

    But keep inmind, the demand for gas will continue to increase as other countries are getting cars. We need long term solutions as it’s going to keep getting worse. We’ll need to look at all areas and make small improvements everywhere to get a handle on it.

  7. Pre Reagan doesn’t count because BUSHCO was still a concept before the marriage between Ronnie and Daddy Bush. After that any serious study of the matter shows that our Republic administrations have actively worked to enrich the owners of hydrocarbon reserves. Our sole Democratic administration actively worked (except for the sellout final year that netted the Clinton family $106 million subsequently) to promote the interests of the rest of us.

    Each succeeded admirabley.