Obama Wins North Carolina, Hillary Wins Indiana

Barack Obama won the North Carolina primary tonight and Hillary Clinton won Indiana by a slim margin. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess… and the pundits are all chiming in. ABC News reports that “Clinton is scheduled to meet with superdelegates Wednesday where she may face increased calls … Continue reading

Smart Advice: Beware of the Exit Polls

As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fight it out at the polls today in Indiana and North Carolina, Taegan Goddard offers some smart primary day advice on Political Insider: In the next couple hours, we’ll probably see leaked exit polls from Indiana and North Carolina. It would be wise not … Continue reading

Obama… Wrong About the Gas Tax

Barack Obama is wrong about the Gas Tax, his criticism of Hillary Clinton’s Gas Tax proposal and he’s a hypocrite. George Frost explains on Salon: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has repeatedly accused rival Hillary Clinton of “pandering” for advocating a summer gas-tax moratorium, calling it a “classic Washington gimmick” that would … Continue reading