Bring It Home IN and NC

Obama predicted he’d win IN and NC a long time ago and Zogby suggests he’s up in both states. An IN win for Hill will be huge and coming at all close in NC will be a big win for her as well since Obama should win NC handily.

No doom and gloom for me. This race will continue after today. People have been working their hearts out for Hillary and it’s going to pay off. I’m writing the thesis today, but wanted to post on a song that probably rings true to most of us hard-core Hillary supporters:

We’re with you ’til Denver Hillary!

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3 Responses to Bring It Home IN and NC

  1. Chalk Indiana up for Sen. Clinton and N.C. for Sen. Obama.

    So some of the polls were off as well may the National one be. The reality to contend with, though, is that Sen. Obama will end the Primary process up in total votes (Michigan and Fla. included), and up in pledged delegates. Also there are strong indications that this combination will give him the lead in discretionary delegates.

    It is now more likely than ever to be decided on the first ballot in Denver. I, for one, would like to see Hillary doing something more beneficial in the near future than merely serving in the Senate.

  2. carley says:

    So, here’s the question I have:
    I’m a superdelegate with nothing to lose, that is, I’m not an elected official who is pressured to vote as my constituents vote. I believe that Hillary has the better experience for the job, that she has the better stamina to beat the Republicans, and that the voters have voted emotionally (especially African Americans) without regard as to the best candidate for the job.
    Will I vote for Hillary even though Barack has the edge on both pledged delegates and popular vote?
    What would you do under the same circumstances?

  3. Carley: This is, presumably, a reasonable belief. Please go into the thought process that makes thing beliefe reasonable