NBC Expands Misogyny To Include Airport Shops

Not content to make money just by calling Hillary Clinton every type of sexist name and making every type of sexist or misogynistic reference to her and to other women, NBC has now begun selling the infamous Hillary nutcracker in its airport shops.

Here is a report from Mike Caulfield at Blue Hampshire, after he saw one of these “funny” products at a CNBC store in Washington, DC: “Did you get it? Did you get the joke? Because strong women hate penises. Strong women want to ‘bust men’s balls’ because let’s face it, they’re envious of our balls. They are all, you know, menopausal and uptight. And we dudes, we’re just hanging out, being cool, when they come around cracking our nuts…Because, you know, male power is natural, but female power is a pathology. Always.”

Tennessee Guerilla Women ask: “Can racists find their toys at NBC stores too? Is NBC an equal opportunity hater?”

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2 Responses to NBC Expands Misogyny To Include Airport Shops

  1. Leslie says:

    I really have no words. I don’t know how I missed this obscenity till now, and actually I am very glad I have.

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