Get A Grip!!!

Okay… Here goes… Get A Grip!!!

Part 1: Everyone reading this blog and commenting here that they will vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee needs to: Get A Grip!!!

Has everyone simply lost all sense of hell we have been through with George W. Bush that they are willing to sacrifice putting a Democrat in the White House because they point blank may not get the nominee of their choice??? Do you people understand what the F is at stake here? Are you all willing to throw the rest of us under the goddamn bus because you can’t get your way???

The comments here about voting for McCain all sound like a bunch of whiny babies who are stomping their feet and throwing temper tantrums. Adding insult to injury each and every one of you making this claim is going against the wishes of the candidate you claim here to support. Hillary Clinton has made it clear repeatedly that her supporters should support the nominee. So, not only are you all willing to throw the rest of us under the bus, but you are all willing to toss Hillary under the bus as well.

Part 2: Everyone reading this blog, commenting here (Obama supporters, some of whom are under moderation) and linking to this blog making wild ass claims that members of The Dem Daily are racist, that I am a hysterical “woman for Hillary” and countless other slurs, needs to: Get A Grip!!!  

In a nutshell, The Democratic Daily supports Democratic candidates, principles and ideals. This is The Democratic Daily not The Independent Daily.

I made a personal choice to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy but I have been on record here for months as supporting the nominee — Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I’m a lifelong liberal Democrat. Longtime readers here know I worked for Kerry ’04. I’m a loyal Democrat who understands how important it is to put a Democrat in the White House and I believe both Clinton and Obama will do an awesome job as our next president.

So, again… I repeat… everyone needs to: Get A Grip!!!

There is too damn much at stake in this election to throw this country and everyone in it under the bus by voting for John McCain. And there is too much at stake to continue alienating each other by bickering over who is the better the candidate and spreading falsities about, about both candidates. I am sick and tired of it. Absolutely fed up beyond distraction. I love politics. I love running this blog and working to keep readers informed, but I do not love the petty B.S. that has permeated the very fibers of this election cycle. It’s toxic.

People need to work towards coming together. People need to keep their eyes on the prize and stop the pissing and moaning because they may not be getting the candidate of their dreams. There is no perfect candidate. There is no perfect politican. But there is one absolute in 2008 — We need to take back the White House.

So either Get A Grip and get with the program or go give aid to the GOP by joining their team. But don’t come around here complaining with a case of voter’s remorse if you contribute to our loss in November. Got it?

There’s is nothing I would like more than to see Hillary Clinton sowrn is as our next president in January and I’m sticking with Hillary Clinton until I hear otherwise from her. However to make it clear one more time… I will support the nominee and The Democratic Daily will work towards the goal of putting a Democrat in the White House. That’s the prize and I will be damned if I will let anything get in the way of bringing the prize to fruition.

From here on out all offensive comments about either candidate will be moderated.

End Rant.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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48 Responses to Get A Grip!!!

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  2. mamameow says:

    this is not a race to get your candidate in the white house, it is race to win the white house and put a dem in there. some of these people are so short sighted. they have not thought beyond obama as a candidate, they just want theirs. they may win the battle and lose a war. maybe that is what is wrong with dems that we keep losing.

  3. You raise the question: What would the nominee have to do in order to be unworthy of a vote from a member of the Democratic faithful?

    I’ve been a lifelong Democrat as well, as was my father before me. I’m not overwhelmingly fond of Hillary Clinton, even though she now strikes me as the best (or least bad) choice.

    On th other hand, I do not loathe McCain in the visceral way I loathe Bush.

    What would Obama (or any other nominee) have to do to be unworthy of your vote? I mean, you would not vote for the nominee if you knew him to be a murderer, right? Everyone has a limit.

    In 1980, I was so sickened by Zbiniew Brzenzinski (who got a standing boo when Kennedy mentioned his name at the 1980 convention) that I could not vote for Jimmy Carter.

    We all know which candidate today is backed by Zbig.

    I know a great many other things about that candidate, and I say those things on my own site.

    So where do you draw the line?

  4. Jenny says:

    I’m a Hillary supporter but not a Democrat; I’m an “Independent” and have always voted Green because I despise both parties and dirty politics, which I see in EVERY election. I voted for Clinton the 2nd time because the economy was doing so well – it was a THANK YOU for doing a great job. That’s the only time I voted for a Dem or Rep.

    I will write in Hillary’s name here in OH if this rigged primary is allowed to continue. Now, if obama and the DNC continue their dirty politics, election rigging, voter fraud, etc. and the general is close between McCain and Obama, I will HELP McCain win by volunteering for his campaign, donating and voting for him. OH is a swing state, so I will glady help defeat obama again. OHioans know a liar (i.e. NAFTAgate) and a fraud – that’s why they overwhelmingly voted for Clinton in their primary.

  5. nina says:

    BLAME THE DNC and Obama, for alienating, disrespecting, and disenfranchising, Senator Clinton’s supporters! Don’t blame the voters! GET A GRIP!!!

  6. Brooke says:

    How can you call yourself a loyal Democrat and not see the fraud, disinfranshisment and favoritism our party has been engaged in since this campaign started? This party isn’t about electing a Democrat, it’s about electing ONE Democrat: BARACK OBAMA. A Democrat that has absolutely NO CHANCE of winning in the General Election.

    I am a Hillary supporter who voted and worked for her in in Pennsylvania last month. I have been a Democrat for 20 years, but 10 since I’ve turned 18. I have never been more disgusted by my party than I am now and it’s gotten to the point that I have considered leaving,

    Please be aware, for many of us Hillary supporters, we don’t need to “get a grip” thank you. It’s become more than just wanting OUR candidate nominated. It’s about watching this party get torn apart by somebody who is not a unifer and will never get elected. Ever. I would have no problem getting behind our party’s candidate. I did in 2000 when my pick, Bill Bradley, fell short on his bid and as much as I disliked Gore, I voted for him and stood behind him. I cannot and will not do that this year. I can no longer support a party whose objective is to bring down the candidate who actually has a shot in winning the White House back for the Democrats. And that candidate is Hillary Clinton.

    I can’t wait to see what you write a year from now if Obama is President and his approval rating is 20% and this country is going down the crap hole even more than it is now. Then you’ll be wishing you “got a grip”

  7. swannyj says:

    I’ll problably not vote in the GE unless the race is tight, if that’s the case I will vote McCain. Obama has done absolutely nothing (other than words) to indicate he would will work for the middle class. He has repeatedly demonstrated poor judgement (giving him the benefit of the doubt here) and has lied time and time again. He , many of the DNC and the MSM have continued to insult the voters by shouting “racist” anytime anyone questions his actions.
    From what I can tell by talking with others I will not be alone in this. Yes, it makes me sick to think of voting Republican but I consider it to be better than voting Obama.

  8. candymarl says:

    I’m a life long Democrat that is sorely disappointed in the DNC. After 2000 to ignore voters for “not following the party rules” is ludicrous. They keep changing what they’re going to do about MI and FL.
    To get a Dem in the WH is the ultimate goal. So I guess I’ll vote for the Democratic nominee (snark). But I don’t have to like it.

  9. JoeCHI says:

    As a Democrat, I have no interest in rewarding Obama for playing a material role in disenfranchising FL & MI, and for playing the race card.

    McCain ’08!

    Hillary ’12!

  10. max says:

    I have a grip, I am not voting for OBAMA just because the democrats nominate him!!!!!!!!!!!! There are too many “red flags” like FARC, auchi, meeks, ayers, black liberation theology, and hamas.

    I support hillary clinton and possibly McCain in November.


  11. A Voter from PA says:

    Okay, First I do not trust Obama–his associations are very shady including racists, anti-American and terrorist people. Secondly, he is sooooo unvetted at this point and he’ll never survive the general election when the Republicans get a hold of him, so casting your vote for him now in the Primary will ensure a Republican in office. Hillary is the one who’s been vetted AND STILL STANDING on the Dem side!

    Just ponder the familiar phrase “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” and look at who Obama has associated himself with for 10+ – 20+ years: Our own US terrorist Mr. Ayers, Syrian born alledged money laundering/kickback fundraiser for Obama, Mr. Rezko, Iraqi born Mr. Auchi, and our racist and anti-American Rev. Wright, just to name a few. So ponder this question before casting your vote if you haven’t voted yet…. Senator Clinton or McCain are our only choices at this point!

  12. JMS825 says:

    I am a hard working get your hands dirty democrat and I am writing to tell you I am one of the many who will never ever vote for Sen Obama. I am from IL and had to live through Sen Obama. I been through my union trying to bully us into voting for Sen Obama. I been through Sen Obama working for Rezko to screw the elderly, the poor, and the African Americans out of their homes. I been through all of Sen Obama’s “present” and “mistake” votes in the IL senate. I been though Sen. Obama using Rev. Wright to get his street credit to make a run at the IL senate. I been through Sen Obama challenging signatures on the nominating petitions of state Sen. Alice Palmer to screw her out of an election. I with good conscious can never put America through that. With new information arising of Sen Obama’s dirty deals with Blackwell it makes me even more worried for this party to know they would parade the weaker candidate out there. I am not big on Sen McCain but if I must vote for the lesser of two evils then my vote will go for Sen McCain. You can say I am out to destroy Roe v Wade, voting rights, civil liberties and civil rights but you would be greatly wrong, I am out to save America. Believe me I am fearful for this party and this country and that is why I can never ever vote for Obama and will switch to Independent before Nov. It is not to late to save this party but does require electing the stronger candidate for the Democratic Party and that is Hillary Clinton.

  13. teresa says:

    The democrat party along with Donna and obama said they dont need my vote. The democrat party has left me.. It is my vote and you better believe I will darn use it whatever way I want to. BTW, I am not uneducated. I have a Masters in Science and had to pay back student loans and, unlike Michelle O, I am proud to live in America and proud to have struggled to pay off those loans. I love this country. Being a democrat does not mean I love my country any more than a republican does. The democrat party is in for a big surprise November. No! Not all Hillarys supporters will support Obama in Nov. Our party will remain divided. With > 90% blacks voting for Obama, that is the racist part that has divided the party. Dont call me a racist. I love my neighbors who are black. I am looking forward to our first summer cookout. I am sure we wont be discussing politics..IF Obama were white, I would NOT vote for him… I would NEVER hire anyone to work for me with his resume, and now, since learning about his character, I am sure I wouldnt be having him over for a cookout .

  14. JoeSky says:

    I think you miss a very big point. I can’t speak for everyone else. But I will not support a cheater, a liar, or an impostor. Period.

    If Hillary lost out to Edwards, I will vote for Edwards in a heartbeat. No hesitation. I don’t have any doubt that Edwards has the best interest of the country and the American people at heart. The same goes with McCain. Although McCain doesn’t have any policy or ideal that resemble anything of Sen. Clinton, I don’t have any doubt that McCain is an honest man and will have the best interest of the people and the country at heart.

    Why would I vote for Obama although he’s touting policy that was face lift from Sen. Clinton If I am 100% convinced that he has zero intention to carry out those policy. And worse, I am 100% confident that he doesn’t have the interest of the American people at heart.

    This is bigger than the party. This is the country. I will not give away this country to a con-man. Period.

  15. john stone says:

    I wanted John Kerry to run in 2008. Unfortunately he did not. Then I decided to support Hillary Clinton. I have met both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama, and they are both great! If Obama is the nominee I will support him all the way. I don’t want McCain, which would be four more years of Bush- Cheney. We must all keep our eye on the prize, a Democratic President!! Get a Grip!!!

  16. Area504 says:

    Count me among those who say they will not vote for Barack Obama in the general election.

    He has too many anti-American friends and associates; the man just scares me. Yes, he scares me much more than 4 years of John McCain. I’m very much afraid that we would lose much more than Roe v. Wade under an Obama administration.

    I won’t be a loyalist for any political party. I am a loyal American. I don’t think I can say the same for Barack and Michelle Obama. Too many things about them say the exact opposite.

    I’m also amazed that anyone should expect HRC supporters to unite behind whatever the Democratic Party throws at us, no questions asked. I would respond to that with your own words: Get a grip!! After disenfranchising two states, and appearing to anoint Barack Obama over Hillary, they expect us — you expect us — to just forgive and forget? Not me. I’m hoping that Senator Clinton announces that she will make a 3rd party run as an Independent candidate if the DNC and Democratic superdelegates continue to throw her under the bus.

    As to doing what Senator Clinton asks us to do (support the Democratic candidate no matter what), sorry, can’t do it. I respect Hillary Clinton and support her candidacy, but that’s as far as it goes. I couldn’t even vote for Obama if he chose HRC as his VP; and I’m hoping he doesn’t. Ms. Leavey, you just need to understand that’s politics. She will stand by the Democratic candidate no matter what because she is invested in the Democratic Party and she is a loyal foot soldier. I can’t and I won’t promise to be that.

    NObama — not now, not ever.

  17. Jessica says:

    There are things you can’t get back after handing over an election, things like positions on the Supreme Court or the lives of people dying in Iraq.

    Thanks for the great post, Pamela.

  18. Shaun says:

    Looks like you’ve got some moderating to do, Pamela, but bravo just the same.

  19. mamameow

    Exactly. The most important thing here is to win the White House.

  20. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Just viewed a poll indicating that over 50% of Clinton supportors would not vote for Obama. Still not ready to make that decision in a tied race to the finish. When push comes to shove,not going for more of the same and McCain. Really think the news pushing a Clinton exit needs to get a grip in a tied race with a win today in West Va. for Clinton. If she doesn’t win,we will all have to team up for the democratic party and get over it ! What kinda math is the news doing ? Magical math for Obama ? We’re tied and going into over time ! Fl. and MI. needs to be resolved as well. “Ain’t giving up until the sun comes up!”Can you imagine the political debates that will be going on if we all team up Obama and she doesn’t win ? We’ll go in raising “T” total hecks,bells and cocktail shells but the point is,be there and we can’t afford another elephant !

  21. J. Diamond says:

    as a strong Hillary supporter, i have decided to decide later how i will vote in November. i have some serious problems with the democratic congress right now. they were elected in 2006 to end the iraq war, but they refused to de-fund it because it might hurt their chances to take the white house in 2008. maybe if the democrat loses the presidency in 2008 and mccain becomes president, then the democrats in congress will have learned a lesson about doing the right thing (at least when it comes to the life-and-death decisions about our troops)? maybe they will develop some “testicular fortitude” and do what they were supposed to do after the ’06 midterms? i am very angry right now with all of the insider plays to deny Hillary and to elect the weaker candidate as it better serves their political desires. if the far left wants to throw hillary and bill overboard, and the “loser” party bosses of dean, daschle, kerry, kennedy, and carter want a puppet in the white house, then count me out. the democrats in congress need to grow up and do the job that they were elected to do! let the people choose the next president, not some committee hiding in the shadows of the DNC… all this said, i expect the damned republicans to piss me off sufficiently to vote for obama in november (but, as i stated above, i’ve decided to decide in november… unless, of course, hillary can fight back one last time!)

  22. Shaun

    Most of it is far less offensive than I expected. And thank you. Rahter amusing I think that I was told I needed to understand politics.

  23. Area504

    “Ms. Leavey, you just need to understand that’s politics. She will stand by the Democratic candidate no matter what because she is invested in the Democratic Party and she is a loyal foot soldier.”

    Yes, Hillary is a loyal foot soldier in the party and so quite frankly am I. I worked for the Kerry campaign from August ’03 through the general election. I never once imagined I would not vote for the nominee in ’04, if Kerry had not won the nomination.

    Oh and FYI, if you are worried about losing Roe v Wade under Obama, I’d worry more about losing it under McCain.

    I’m sorry for you that seem to have bought into to many right wing talking points about Obama. I have no doubt that he’s as loyal to America as you.

  24. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Area 504,I feel you and read that and it deeply bothers me as well but without you, we have more of the same.Better to be there and make a difference,than to walk away. He hasn’t won yet ! The ball is still in play ! Either way it goes ,new ideas on both sides will have to find a place to agree to disagree. A team united for a party !

  25. Ramjal says:

    I have taken hold of my senses and I’m firmly convinced that I won’t be voting for Obama as he is the biggest political fraud poisted and forced upon us by a vast-right wing/corporate/radical extremist conspiracy for their own selfish agendas. Those democratic voters, superdelegates, and DNC apparatchiks pushing for his nomination are throwing this election to the Repugs just to make a stupid statement about racism that is just going to make it worst. Be damned! His coronation will be a suicidal pact for a disastrous journey to a political Jonestown this November.


  26. Cooney says:

    I know exactly what is at stake, more corruption. I will not vote for Obama who I believe is part of the Chicago Combine, corrupt to the core. He has surrounded himself with all these Illinois corrupt politicians and financiers. We have already had a corrupt President, why would we elect another one.

  27. candymarl

    I hear you. The bottomline is we may not like voting for Obama, but he’ll be a far better president than McCain.

  28. Mike says:

    As a life long registered democrat I beleive the up coming general election is of such crucial importance for our country that to not vote, to stand on the side-lines, or stay home this fall would be disastrous.

    We all must vote, and vote for the best qualified candidate available in the fall, wether the best choice is democrat or republican.

    The choice for voters should have nothing to do with race, gender, and should have everything to do with qualifications.

    Of the three potential candidates for President of the United States only two are qualified, Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, there are no others.

    In the fall if the choices are McCain vs. Obama, then McCain gets my vote. If it’s Clinton vs. Mcain, then Clinton gets my vote. In either scenario my vote will go to the best qualified.

    At this point in our history we cannot afford to elect the least qualified candidate regardless of party lines.

    As far as “Change” goes, well it seems to me that first we need to start repairing the damage done by the present adminstration before any real change can occur.

  29. Note to Area 504, JoeSky, et al from

    I’m sorry to see that you all have deemed this post to be solely directed at Clinton supporters who claim they will vote for McCain, because in fact, Part 2 of this post is clearly directed at Obama supporters who have been commenting here against Clinton and her supporters and linking to The Dem Daily making false claims.

    I’ve made it crystal clear here that I am still supporting HRC and will until she indicates otherwise. However, I do not now and will not ever support voting for John McCain. This is a Democratic Blog, not an Independent Blog and I am personally a Democratic Party loyalist who feels that putting a Democrat in the White House is the number 1 goal.

  30. Mike

    “As far as “Change” goes, well it seems to me that first we need to start repairing the damage done by the present adminstration before any real change can occur.”

    Keep dreaming if you think that change will come from McCain. It will be more of the same — 4 – 8 more years of a Bush-like administration.

  31. Susan says:

    You have to understand that many of us are uncomfortable with Obama’s questionable past. There are too many unknowns about this man for us to simply say “He’s a democrat, so I’ll vote for him.”
    I feel strongly that Hillary is the best candidate, and the most electable. She will do the most for our country.
    Under no circumstances will I vote for Obama.

  32. Susan

    There is no perfect politician or candidate. Although I certainly do not agree with the assertions from Obama supporters who oppose Clinton, there are many in that camp that question her past. At this point both candidates have been vetted and both will be fine presidents.

  33. Area504 says:

    Ms. Leavey,

    Oh and FYI, if you are worried about losing Roe v Wade under Obama, I’d worry more about losing it under McCain.

    You misunderstood me. I didn’t say I was worried about losing Roe v. Wade under Obama. I said I was worried about losing OTHER things much more than that.

    I’m sorry for you that seem to have bought into to many right wing talking points about Obama. I have no doubt that he’s as loyal to America as you.

    Please do some research on Obama. If you do, I think you will see that his actions say otherwise.

  34. Area 504

    I’ve done all the research, I’ve read all the info on Obama. You think I’ve been blogging for nearly 5 years and worked for the last presidential nominee and I don’t know how to research?

    I believe Clinton is the best choice, however, I will vote for Obama in November if he is the nominee because I believe we must take back the White House — and so too does Hillary Clinton.

    Maybe you think it is okay to support her in the primary and then walk away if she’s not the nominee, but I do not. She will support the nominee — so will I.

    And you can make all the claims you want that will lose “other things” under Obama, but with out saying what those “other things” are you are just talking trash.

  35. Andy Witmyer says:

    “BLAME THE DNC and Obama, for alienating, disrespecting, and disenfranchising, Senator Clinton’s supporters! Don’t blame the voters! GET A GRIP!!!”

    You can, to a degree, blame the DNC. That said, there has been alienation and disrespect dished out to supporters of both camps. As an Obama supporter, I’ve had my fair share of “alienation” both on in the ‘real world’ and in cyberspace. In a more general sense, an older fellow from work won’t even sit in the same break room with me anymore because I support Obama, who is deems the Anti-Christ (and of course has Biblical proof to back it up).

    As for the MI and FL debacle, the governors were overzealous in their desire to move their primary dates up – as a result, the DNC unfairly punished the voters for the misjudgment of their elected officials. I think the DNC ought to be ashamed of themselves. But, it’s petty to lay the blame on Obama or Hillary for what happened. Both candidates obeyed the DNC law and that is that.

    But yes, anyway – Pamela’s post here is terrific and its exactly what I’ve been hoping to read for a long time now. I’m a long time reader and, very occasionally, a contributor to this blog and I gotta admit that it’s been really tough to come here as often as I used to because of the attitudes of certain people who comment here.

    It is understandable to become emotionally attached to a particular candidate over the course of such a long primary, but to outright reject another one based almost entirely on emotion is nonsense. Use your brains. McCain is another four years of Bush – at least with Obama or Clinton, we’ll get the chance for something different. The Republican grip on this great nation has brought only pain and misfortune upon us. To those who think Obama would somehow be worse that McCain, I say to you – fine – but at least give the guy a chance instead of throwing him away before he’s fully made his case.

  36. john stone

    I wanted John Kerry to run in 2008. Unfortunately he did not.

    That makes two of us — which you already know. And then let’s add the other long time readers here at the Dem Daily, including Shaun who commented on this thread, Andy Witmeyer, who just chimed in above and countless others here lurking who are longtime Kerry supporters.

    Some of us chose Hillary, like John Stone and I, and some longtime readers here chose Obama, but the bottomline for all of us, who have stuck together here since this blog started as a haven for Kerry supporters, we’ll all support the nominee. And I know for a fact that if Hillary were to be come the nominee, the long time members here, former Kerry supporters that now support Obama, would vote for Hillary. Likewise, I know that Senator Kerry and Senator Kennedy, both of whom have endorsed Obama, would support Hillary were she to, by some miracle become the nominee.

  37. john stone says:


    I agree with you 100%. We must unite to put a Democrat in the White House and begin to undo the nightmare of Bush- Cheney. Also our gas prices in Iowa hit $3.64 yesterday for ethanol, the cheapest gas. Everytime it goes up now it is a new record.

  38. Andy

    “It is understandable to become emotionally attached to a particular candidate over the course of such a long primary, but to outright reject another one based almost entirely on emotion is nonsense.”

    If I were to let my emotions rule in ’08, I would not have chosen either candidate, since my first choice bowed out early. However, I see the importance of winning back the White House with whoever the nominee is.

  39. JMS825

    I am not big on Sen McCain but if I must vote for the lesser of two evils then my vote will go for Sen McCain. You can say I am out to destroy Roe v Wade, voting rights, civil liberties and civil rights but you would be greatly wrong, I am out to save America.

    LOL. Saving America by destroying America. Thanks, but we don’t need that kind of “saving”, My Friend.

    Pamela, I have hard time believing some of these self-professed Clinton supporters are really Clinton supporters. The vitriol re Obama is just too right wing wacko to be believed.

  40. Todd Mitchell

    I have a hard time with that myself. I was actually just reflecting back to the Kerry blog in ’04 and the whiners there that claimed they would vote for Bush rather than Kerry. And then months or more after the ’04 election the voter’s remorse started to trickle on through. People need to wake up. We don’t need more of the same with McCain.

    P.S. your front page post are missed around here.

  41. John P says:

    Pamela–i loved your rant. Count me as one of the few (?) Obama supporters who reads and comments–hopefully respectfully–on your blog. there is just no question that we have to support our Democratic nominee. if you want the war brought to a close, if you want to see our federal dollars invested here at home on health care, education, and transportation, if you care about the make-up of the supreme court (i should rewrite that one–everyone go back and read that one again), if you want to see real attempts to combat global warming…i could go on, but… Regardless of whether you are for Obama or Clinton, one group is going to have to hold its nose and vote for the other, or we’ll be stuck with the worst of all possible solutions, 4 more years of this crap. Me..i’d settle for my #2 choice for president, because #3 isn’t even in the same ballpark.

  42. ec kostrubala says:

    Most of the responses do not surprise me, as they are similar to what I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances. As I said here on May 7 about why Hillary Clinton should remain in the race, a number of voters who support her are not sheep cowtowing to the Democratic machine, willing to support for President anyone any Democrat the Party tells us to support.

    Rather, we want Hillary as our President. Beause for many, this is not just about getting the Republicans out of office. This is about electing the right leader for our nation. And that leader is Hillary Clinton because of her talents, stamina, strength of character and willingness to get things done for Americans at home, and to repair the damage Bush has done to the reputation of America abroad. As well as the fact that we want a strong, intelligent, knowledgable woman in the White House.

    Though I won’t vote for a Republican on any level, this time, and certainly not for John McCain if Hillary is not the Democratic Party’s nominee – the reason I won’t vote for McCain is because I truly think that if McCain wins the White House, we will be at war with Iran within three years.

    But I do not rant at and insult those who disagree with me and say they will vote for McCain if they can not vote for Hillary Clinton (and a number of friends and acquaintances have told me that’s what they will do, and I believe them.) I decided awhile back that I will write Hillary’s name in on the ballot, if I can. Those who choose McCain over Hillary might choose “None of the Above” if the ballot box had that.

    I do understand, and agree with a lot of the reasons for why people won’t vote for President of the United States Barack Obama, after knowing about so much of his baggage. The Democratic Party machine should ensure Hillary Clinton is the nominee. She is the only one running as a Democrat who can and will withstand the Republican slaughterhouse in the general election.

    As for McCain as President, my fellow Hillary supporters who are thinking you’ll vote for McCain if Hillary isn’t on the ballot, please consider that the Iraq war will not end with McCain in the White House, and the war WILL expand to Iran next in the next three years with any Republican in the White House.

    Meanwhile, how about write those uncomitted Superdelegates in your respective States, encouraging them to stand for Hillary Clinton? Just a one page letter, short and to the point, staying positive, no negative attacks. I sent several letters out already after somebody telephoned me last week asking me if I’d be willing to do this. Clearly, they think positively phrased letters to the Superdelegates might help Hillary. This race is not over yet. Let’s channel our energy for Hillary into supportive letters for her to the Superdelegates.

  43. ec kostrubala

    As for McCain as President, my fellow Hillary supporters who are thinking you’ll vote for McCain if Hillary isn’t on the ballot, please consider that the Iraq war will not end with McCain in the White House, and the war WILL expand to Iran next in the next three years with any Republican in the White House.

    Chalk up somethign else these folks are not thinking about. Thank you for the reminder. And truly as mention in your last paragraph, Hillary Clinton supporters should be channeling their energy into positive actions to help her, not negative actions against Obama or claims of supporting McCain, which really doesn’t help her make a case to win the nomination at all. Infact it gives aid to both the McCain camp and the Obama camp.

  44. John P

    Thanks. I agree with all your reasons why we need a Dem in the White House. My first choice for this election isn’t running making Hillary my 2nd, Obama my 3rd. I’ll be happy just to have a Dem at the helm.

  45. Wyoming Dem usedtobe says:

    I am 57, life long Dem. I have already resigned from Democratic party. I will NEVER vote for a candidate that the DNC has shoved down our throats. I lived through 8 years of Bush/Cheney. 4 years of McCain I can do standing on my head. I will ACTIVELY campaign for McCain and raise money for him as well. DNC has NO ONE to blame but themselves. Neither in this lifetime or in any other would I EVER vote for a lieing, criminally consorting, egotistical charlatan like Barack Obama. And no one is going to “Scold” me because they don’t like my actions. The DNC is going down and the money train has already left the station.

  46. Wyoming Dem…

    I heard the same line about the candidate being shoved down throats by the DNC four years ago. Who echoed those lines – people who passionately supported candidates other than Kerry.

    Thank you for sharing.

  47. What an amazing thread of comments all across the board. Pamela’s article said it for me. I bleed Blue. And I have on a few occasions back in the day.

    While we may occasionally nominate a poodle instead of good campaigner I have always bite my tongue, slammed my forehead into the voting booth wall and voted to keep the WH in Democratic hands.

    I’ve been doing the political thing for a long time so I’ve seen a couple poodles. And none got elected.

    I worry about Obama. I continue to hold out hope for the one person I think could attract the best talent to be Veep and serve in her cabinet.

    I hope….and continue to donate as possible. She’s even been outspent in WV with Obama having more staff, offices and volunteers on the ground that Clinton. [I feel I know her so well now I have the instinct to call her Hillary. I’ve avoided that familiarity out of respect.]
    Obama is now calling for voluteers from outside Oregon to flood the state. Amazing.

    I hope.

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