Oregon Is Close

If you read the latest SUSA Oregon poll, you’ll note that Obama is leading Hillary 54-43 overall. But, if you read a little more fully you’ll find this:

4 in 10 of likely voters have already returned a ballot. Among the actual voters, Clinton and Obama tie. Obama’s advantage comes entirely from the 6 in 10 likely voters who tell SurveyUSA they will return their ballot before 8 pm on Primary Day, but have not yet done so.

If you are considering calling for Hillary, you should do so. It’s tied among those who have already voted. A big win in WV will help build momentum, but calls now to Oregon can help change some minds. Make some calls, Obama is not the nominee yet.

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8 Responses to Oregon Is Close

  1. Gary says:

    This is horse pucky.
    Hillary has no chance at the nomination and should have already dropped out ! She is a liar and has no moral qualms
    about twisting the truth, and thinks that she is entitled
    to the nomination.
    I am a combat veteran of the Vietnam War and I would never
    vote for her, especially after she “misspoke”(read_lied)about
    being under enemy sniper fire in Bosnia. This is an absolute
    slap in the face to those of us who have been under enemy fire.
    In my mind, she is just as bad as George Bush, who started this
    war by lying and did told the troops that is must be rather romantic to serve your country in this way. Hillary voted to support this effort. I don’t see her sending Chelsea over there.

    By the way, my wife and I have already mailed our Oregon ballots and both of us were so turned off by the Clinton negative
    campaign that we changed our minds and voted for Obama.

    Oregon natives

  2. smorganevans says:

    Gary first states that “…I would never vote for her…” but then says “…we changed our minds and then voted for Obama…” These two statments seem at odds to me. Obviously, Gary was always a Hillary hater. Well, I have always been a Hillary Clinton supporter and I will always believe she is the better candidate.

  3. casey says:

    I would like to reiterate the “call” to call for Hillary in Oregon. The reasons for calling are many: 1) A personal connection can make the difference to an undecided voter; 2) Connecting with a Hillary supporter will get them to vote early, and for some, to remember to vote at all; 3) Some voters did not receive their ballots, and by finding that out, you can guide them to take action to get them.

    The system is easy. The campaign sets you up with a script that you can tweak to your own comfort. It’s a guide, not a mandate. Once the call is over, you are guided to report the results.

    The calls elicit varied responses, from immediate hang-ups to enthusiastic thank-you’s. Every call gives important information to the campaign, whether for or against Hillary. For example, if a voter is adamantly supporting Obama or Clinton, your report of this tells the campaign not to waste time knocking on their doors during the ground campaign. If a voter is undecided and can’t be swayed, this tells the campaign to go knocking. This saves oodles of time, money, energy and labor for the staff and volunteers.

    So start calling and you’ll feel the agony and the ecstasy of political involvement. And remember, the agony is nothing compared to what Hillary has to overcome right now. Her strength and conviction has given me strength and courage to keep on keepin’ on for her.

  4. hummingbirdv says:

    Hillary’s negative campaign?? I’m not sure what campaign that might be. She has been down right polite by any POLITICAL metric, whereas Mr. O finds it cute and appropriate to give a former First Lady of the United States the “finger”…. repeadedly.

    He must think this is a frat party. Perfect.

    No Matter how much Barack screams he is tired and is now the winner, it ain’t so. And the super delegates are watching many sign-posts…. pledged delegates, popular vote, as well as electability in the fall via electoral votes. IT IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE THAT SENATOR CLINTON AFTER ALL PRIMARIES ARE DONE, WILL BE AHEAD IN POPULAR VOTE. It is already clear she has the base needed to obtain the electoral votes to best McCain in the fall. She is the better candidate by far.

    Yes, calls to Oregon are great! I drove to Portland for 2 days last week and worked on the phones as well as doing visibility. Oregonians love Hillary, the campaign is focused and positive, many people I talked with are very interested in knowing more about the differences of each candidate. Some have not decided yet so calls definately help.

    Let’s take our lead from Hill and stay focused on the goal, talk with as many folks as you can, keep our hearts in a good place, and remind everyone we ALL get a chance to vote. As a Hill supporter in West VA said to Hill… it’s not over till the pantsuit lady sings!

    Go Hill Go!

  5. Andy Witmyer says:

    Honestly, and no offense to anyone still supporting Hillary, but this is just starting to look like a whole lot of wishful thinking. At this point in time, Hillary Clinton is behind in the popular vote, the delegate count, and now the super-delegate count. Even if she wins ALL of the remaining states, it would STILL be impossible for her to take the lead in any of the three aforementioned areas that she’s presently deficient in.

    I’m proud of Hillary for really fighting tooth and nail, but as the race drags on, I can’t really see how her continued fight is helping the party – and its certainly not helping the Obama, who will – barring a successful assassination – be the party’s nominee.

    If Hillary DOES win by super-delegates, I predict great misfortune for the party in November. I can’t see how it would be wise to disenfranchise the millions of voters who have, in nomination winning numbers, voted for and voiced their support for Sen. Obama. Hillary would do well to take a page from Mike Huckabee and support Obama in any way that she can. And relentlessly playing the race card serves only to embitter more thoroughly an already poisoned well.

  6. kcowley says:

    I knew about only one slight of hand that was all over youtube, but you said repeatedly. How many more times and do you have links? Thanks

  7. spaceman says:

    CNN reports that Republicans are voting
    in our WV primary to give Obama a boost.

    We need to start calling to get
    WV Clinton supporters to the polls!

  8. spaceman says:

    I started out as an Obama supporter.
    But when I was thrown out of Daily Kos
    for questioning his pro nuclear power
    stance, started looking at other candidates.

    It bothered me how Obama operatives
    hijacked all high profile democratic blogs,
    and kicked out or threatened the Clinton
    supporters out.

    Once I started looking closely at all candidates,
    Clinton stood out as the hardest worker
    and most capable.
    If you look past the spin, you see that she
    is the obvious candidate.