Kinda Tacky: Obama Speaks in MO, Before WVa Polls Close

Big Tent Democrat notes on Talk Left that Obama gave a speech in MO, before the polls closed in WVa. A little tacky? Kinda… But we already know Obama is looking beyond W Va although the results there could matter.

BTD also notes early exit polls from WVa:

Exit poll – Clinton wins 69% of the white vote, 71% of women. This is a biiiiig won.

Exit poll. Experience voters – Clinton 93-3. Changers voters – Obama 53-45.

Jerome Armstrong makes a great point:

Since it looks like Clinton is being predicted to gain over 60 percent of the votes in WV, I thought I’d list which other state primaries have given such high margins:

* Arkansas (70%) Clinton

* Georgia (67%) Obama

* Illinois (65%) Obama

* Virginia (64%) Obama

* Maryland (62%) Obama

* Mississippi (61%) Obama

This makes the likely result of the West Virginia result a bad one for Obama. It can not be explained away, even by the Obama News Network.

Jeralyn on TalkLeft adds that the media is focusing on McCain and Obama today, downplaying WVa. I’ll have more on WVa later…   

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5 Responses to Kinda Tacky: Obama Speaks in MO, Before WVa Polls Close

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    CNN reported that Obama did call to say congradulations and got the answer machine. Howard Wolfson was on CNN and we did straighten out the magical math,a laugh ! He wasn’t laughing ! Good job ! Keep your eye on May 31st and the meeting ! 57 to 35, Clinton and Fl. and MI. to be counted !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    62 to 35 Clinton ! Thank-you West Virginia ! May 31st we have a meeting on the rules ? WIll Clinton be there ? We need to make sure these rules are fair and square !

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The math on CNN just got smarter at the chalk board ! Keep sitting there Mr. Wolfson ! The delegate math ? “Like the song says, it’s almost heaven !” Faith moves mountians ! Home stretch ! Go to Hillary Clinton. com and send in your support ! Seat Fl. and MI. ! 62 to 31 and last night they called her toast ? Oh really ? We will not quit !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    2025 and neither Obama or Clinton is there yet ! That’s the math !

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    2209 and we aren’t leaving FL. and MI. !