Excuse Me? Sweetie?

It is “generally frowned upon: Calling reporters “sweetie.”” But, Barack Obama says he has a bad habit of “using the word ‘sweetie.’” And he says “I do it sometimes with all kinds of people.” Yeh… Right… No doubt those “all kinds of people” are all women, because men generally don’t call me “sweetie.”


Of course this isn’t the first time Obama has dropped the ‘sweetie’ bomb on some unsuspecting woman. As Robert Farley notes on Lawyers, Guns & Money: ““Sweetie” is belittling in a way that “buddy” really isn’t, and it really shouldn’t be used in any kind of professional setting, except perhaps between those who are exceptionally familiar.”

Apparently there are some Obama supporters who are not impressed and not willing to laugh it off as faux pas. Good for them. It came off as condescending in that don’t interupt me sort of way, telling the reporter to “hold on one second there sweetie” when she asked, “How are you going to help the American auto workers?”

Way to woo the women voters there BarackAnd make an impression on the working class.

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9 Responses to Excuse Me? Sweetie?

  1. casey says:

    Little by little, his true attitudes are popping up and out. Bad habit? Unconcerned habit, and lots of women, is more accurate. Condescending, to say the least. If Hillary’s camp does not jump on this one now, and she loses the nomination, the Republicans are going to use this right along with Wright, Rezko and Ayers.

    When are the rest of the Superdelegates going to get it and give Hillary the nomination? This is our country in the midst of two wars. Obama? I don’t think so, “sweetie”!

  2. J. Diamond says:

    so much for being “enlightened.” referring to a woman in a professional environment as “sweetie” shows a total lack of respect. i’m sure that chris matthews would approve…

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Trying to stay in a good mood today and not watch the news! Maybe instead of objectively reportingin media they need to be in sales and marketing for the Obama campaign ! Honestly,it’s made me angry,grumpy and kinda sad ! I’m not ready for this and the more I think about it,the more I’m not ready to accept anything but Hillary Clinton is in the White House ! Have a nice day sweetie ! Your educational agenda needs serious work and your missing details across the board ! Thunderous speeches, but look out for the lightening as Clinton strikes back ! Fire it up and let’s go Aretha !” Respect !” Where do we go door to door and I’m ready to fly in ! Ding,dong ! “We need to talk and sit down with the facts and both their agenda’s to compare and contrast !” Are you clear on her plan to stop gas prices from soaring or confused ? Now, what was he saying he’d do ? Has he even said ? Excuse me sweetie ! John is on his magical numbers math board and sat in for Larry King last night selling Obama. What’s up with that ? What’s his E-mail ? For months,I’ve stuck with CNN and sometimes until the sun came up ! Send some money folks,we need to get air time and Hillary is out of her pocket getting out spent ! Time Magizine ? I’m not buying that ! See ya sweetie ! Thank-you Democratic Daily ! It’s an emotional fight to the end, to still believe in !” Remember good things,will happiness bring….” Aretha ! Go America ! Go Hillary Clinton !

  4. Peace Out For Unity

    “Trying to stay in a good mood today and not watch the news!”

    Sometimes it’s really helpful to just not watch or read and clear your head. 🙂

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Calling all doctors of Education across the nation to compare and contrast Obama’s educational agenda to Clinton’s for debate on CNN ! Re-authorization now in process ? Ha ! Where’s Lou Dobbs ?

  6. Andy Witmyer says:

    There are females where I work who call me and other males “sweetie”. It’s a general term of endearment. What’s the big deal? Nothing to see here.

  7. Andy

    It may be a term of endearment, but it is not a term to be used in a professional setting.

  8. Andy Witmyer says:

    I think it’s colloquial. Obama sometimes gets criticized for sounding elite – does he always have to sound ‘professional’?? Just a thought, ha ha.

  9. Andy

    If you check the links above you see a few Obama supporters who actually called on him to refrain from using the term in the future.

    The tone he used when responding to the reporter who asked the question was not endearing.

    Yes, a presidential candidate or president should be professional. How often have we all complained about Bush’s unprofessional behavior? Yet you think we should ignore this? Or simply laugh it off?