Clinton Defends Obama from Bush

As I expected she would… Today in Rapid City, SD, Hillary Clinton went to bat for Barack Obama in the wake of Bush’s comparison of him to Neville Chamberlain, Ken Vogel reports (via Politico).

She told reporters:

President Bush’s comparison of any Democrat to Nazi appeasers is both offensive and outrageous on the face of it, especially in light of his failures in foreign policy. This is the kind of statement that has no place in any presidential address and certainly to use an important moment like the 60th anniversary celebration of Israel to make a political point seems terribly misplaced. Unfortunately, this is what we’ve come to expect from President Bush.

“There is a very clear difference between Democrats and Republicans on foreign policy and that difference will be evident once we take back the White House.

Blue Girl, Red State notes: “This is what “Class” looks like.” Hillary didn’t waste much time in coming out swinging in Obama’s defense. Of course, as Blue Girl notes, “Not that the haters will ever give her any due whatsoever – they are likely looking for her fingerprints on Bush’s speech.” She’s right. Scout Finch and Taylor Marsh also weigh in.

And speaking of Bush’s remarks today, I find it ironic that Obama endorsed this guy not so long ago. Think Progress also reports that in an interview on MSNBC today, John Kerry “noted that if Bush is saying that he is against talks with Iran, then he should “come home and call for the resignation of his own cabinet, because the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense have both favored negotiations with Iran.”” Kerry’s earlier statement on Bush’s remarks can be found here.

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