If You Count FL & MI, Hillary Leads in the Popular Vote

Why won’t Barack Obama and the DNC let the votes count in Michigan and Florida? Because if they let the votes count, then Hillary Clinton leads in the popular vote. Per ABC News:

Clinton: 16,691,283
Obama: 16,647,926

No small wonder why so many women in a America are mad as hell and are threatening to boycott Obama. OuchFrom ABC’s Rick Klein:

I’ve posted a few times  in the last two days about female supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton who are angry — at the Democratic Party, at the Obama campaign, or at the general situation that sees their candidate facing tough times, in their view, in part because of sexism.

Just talked to a 55-year-old Columbus, Ohio resident named Cynthia Ruccia, a spokesperson and organizer for a group calling itself “Clinton Supporters Count Too.” She said the group — numbering in the hundreds, and organized in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Michigan — stands ready to boycott the Democratic Party if Clinton doesn’t win the nomination, and will work against superdelegates who support Obama over Clinton as a means of registering their displeasure with the party.

“We have a plan to campaign against the Democratic nominee,” the group said in a press release Thursday. “We have the (wo)manpower and the money to make our threat real. And there are millions of supporters who will back us up in the swing states. If you don’t listen to our voice now, you will hear from us later.”

Ruccia tells ABC News that she believes “millions” of women share her group’s views, though they have only begun to make contact with like-minded women. They’re disgusted, she said, that Democratic Party leaders haven’t more aggressively denounced sexist media comments and coverage in the campaign, and are angry at the drumbeat for Clinton to get out of the race.

“We’re just at the boiling point,” Ruccia said. “Women will sit back and be quiet about things for a while, but we’ve had enough. Unless Hillary Clinton is our nominee, we are not going to support the nominee.”

As I noted here yesterday, Hillary Clinton is urging her supporters to vote for the nominee and not vote for John McCain. I didn’t have a chance yesterday to post about NARAL’s endorsement of Obama, but that has gone over like a lead ballon. Sam Stein reports on the HuffPo that NARAL’s endorsement is “causing major fissures and backlash within the women’s rights community.” This woman was not thrilled.

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6 Responses to If You Count FL & MI, Hillary Leads in the Popular Vote

  1. GeekLove08 says:

    I helped create the Mad is Hell” video (re. media bias against HIllary Clinton) along with IndyRobin.

    I created a NEW VIDEO: “We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!”

    It’s about Obama’s silence on sexism against Hillary Clinton and his own sexist remarks.

    If you approve of the video, I’d appreciate your help in spreading the video by creating a post on the video and ask that you and your readers go to youtube to RATE, COMMENT & mark FAVORITE the video.


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  3. Bick says:

    That’s true. A vote is a vote.Remember 2000?

  4. axt113 says:

    No they don’t if you count FL and MI and ignore NV, IA and others then Hillary leads

    Here is the true pop vote counts

    Popular Vote Total 16,104,613 49.3% 15,511,003 47.5% Obama +593,610 +1.8%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 16,438,697 49.3% 15,734,865 47.2% Obama +703,832 +2.1%

    Popular Vote (w/FL) 16,680,827 48.4% 16,381,989 47.6% Obama +298,838 +0.8%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 17,014,911 48.5% 16,605,851 47.3% Obama +409,060 +1.2%

    Popular Vote (w/FL & MI)** 16,680,827 47.6% 16,710,298 47.7% Clinton +29,471 +0.08%

    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA* 17,014,911 47.7% 16,934,160 47.5% Obama +80,751 +0.22%


    Only if you ignore four states and count FL and MI is Hillary leading, but if you count all of them, Obama is still leading

  5. Andy Witmyer says:

    Also, the rules of nomination system rely on delegates, not popular votes. I still believe that in the end, Obama would still lead in popular votes, even if MI and FL were counted. He’d certainly still be leading in popular votes.

  6. KC says:

    Wow, clutching at straws folks, and BTW it’s not like ABC aren’t pro Hillary anyway…

    So, I’m in FL, and I’m white, and male and didn’t vote in the FL primary because I was told by the DNC it wouldn’t count. I also don’t own a home, so didn’t feel it necessary to vote that same day for the amendment re: home insurance.

    So instead of counting the votes of those who voted anyway that day, which is what you’re doing with those “numbers” above, how about having a revote, with campaigning from both parties so that voters can vote in the knowledge it will count this time?

    Oh, of course you wouldn’t approve that idea because then Hillary wouldn’t “win” the popular vote, or the nomination because I’m sure more than 43,000 people would vote for Obama in Michigan, if he was actually ON the ballot this time!

    And you wonder why