Andrei Cherny Talks with Stephen Colbert About His New Book: The Candy Bombers

Andrei Cherny was on The Colbert Report last night discussing his new book, The Candy Bombers, with Stephen Colbert.

Andrei is co-founder and co-editor of Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, a former White House speechwriter and Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

Cherny served as a senior advisor for John Kerry’s Presidential campaign from February 2003 through the spring of 2004 and he was “a key member of the small team that crafted the message, policy, and communications strategies which led to Senator Kerry’s upset victory in the presidential primaries.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrei in New Hampshire during the ’04 primary, while working for the Kerry ’04 campaign blog.

Andrei’s new book is on my must read list and in fact I’ll be delving into it this weekend. It looks like a great read for history lovers.

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