Blogger Call With Hillary Clinton

I’m on a blogger call with Hillary Clinton right now. I’ll do my best to live blog as much as possible.

Peter Daou just thanked all the bloggers supporting Hillary and introduced her. She’s speaking now, thanking us all for working so hard in the blogosphere to make her case on the issues that matter. Hillary said she will doing a live broadcast townhall tonight and that Obama was offered to do the townhall as well but he declined.

Hillary’s talking about her lead in the popular vote which is a lead that includes Florida and Michigan. She says it’s the map not the mass when looking at the electoral vote map for November. It’s important, she says, that people start looking at this because it’s what the Superdelegates should be focusing on.

Hillary says she believes as the nominee she will win, and she thinks Obama as the nominee “might” win.

Hillary notes the “vitriol” thrown around at herself, Clinton bloggers and her supporters. She calls it a perverse form of flattery. 

Taking questions now… Armando (Big Tent Democrat) on Talk Left, is saying Hillary’s campaign is important to bring working class voters to the floor and the importance of making sure FL and MI count. He asks “Are you concerned there is not enough concern or attention from the Obama camp in uniting the party?”

Hillary replies: “It is imperative” that the Democratic Party unites…

(paraphrasing Hillary now)…  I’m very hopefully that when we finally have the a nominee we will both be making the case that if you have voted for Barack or me, you have more in common with our nominee than John McCain. Hillary says the most insistent the media is in pushing her out, the more upset her suppporters get. They have a right to have a voice.

Allegre: I’m sure I am speaking for millions of voters when I say “We’re behind you 100%.” Allegre says she’s taking her small children to the rules committee meeting in DC at the end of the month to make sure that her vote in Michigan counts.

Lance Manion: I’ve been ordered to tell you, that my twelve year old son is a big supporter.  He even donated $5 of his allowance.

Hillary says kids are really watching and listening. She thinks it’s very important for kids to be involved.

Katy Bird from The Confluence tells Hillary how inspiring she is. She goes on to mention a great video with Chelsea responding to a question on feminism. She says we (the bloggers) get so caught in the latest fire, that we don’t have as much time to blog about things like the video. Hillary agrees that putting out the latest fire takes precendent.

Lambert from Corrente: We need more tools to help you.

Call over… Peter Daou thanks everyone for joining the call. I know I missed some of what was said… I’ll be gathering links to the blogs and bloggers on the call who also blogged about the call.

I didn’t get a chance to get on and ask a question, however if I had I would have simply thanked Hillary Clinton for continuing to fight for us and inspire us.

UPDATE: From the Bloggers on the call:

Jeralyn has a post up now on the Blogger Call: “A Blogger Call With Hillary Clinton: It’s the Math Not the Map.”

Taylor writes: A Conversation of Heart and she has a Podcast of the call: Senator Clinton Chats with Pro Hillary Bloggers.

UPDATE 2: Apparently Martin Longman aka Booman, thinks Hillary and her supporters should all go away. I’m wondering what part of Democracy Martin doesn’t understand.

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12 Responses to Blogger Call With Hillary Clinton

  1. Hillary1000 says:

    Do you know how we can get on these blogger calls in the future?

  2. Frenchdoc says:

    What do you think was the main purpose of this call?

    Did Lambert get an answer to the “tools” question?

  3. FrenchDoc

    I’d say the purpose of the call was blogger outreach — an opportunity for Hillary to personally thank the bloggers who have been supporting her.

    If I am not mistaken Peter Daou told Lambert to contact him if he needed anything in the way of tools.

  4. Hillary 1000

    I just emailed Peter Daou with your contact info. 🙂

  5. Frenchdoc says:

    Pam, would you say the campaign has done enough in terms of blog outreach?

  6. French Doc

    I think they have done quite a bit actually. I worked with Peter Daou on the Kerry campaign. He’s very good at what he does.

    I have never had any reach out from Obama’s campaign, even long before I decided to endorse Hillary, the Obama camp never contacted me with press releases or anything. At one point I contacted them about attending an event as a blogger and got no response, although I let them know that I knew Marvin Nicholson, Obama’s national trip director, very well from the Kerry campaign.

    Reach out of course only works if people are open to it and open to atleast hearing what the candidate has to say. A lot of bloggers are inundated with press releases and what not from candidates, politicians and org’s and we can all only write about so much.

  7. Frenchdoc says:

    So, what more do you think we could do, beyond fighting the troll infestation we have gotten these days?

  8. cali says:

    Wish I could join the blogger team but I’m crazy busy right now.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Pamela. I had a good impression of Peter Daou from the Kerry campaign. It’s good to know you’re working with him and all the other great Hillary bloggers.

    Back to work…

  9. FrenchDoc

    I think it’s really important to talk about Hillary’s stance on the issues and the goals she has set for when she’s in the Oval. Keeping things positive is important – rising above the petty bickering with the trolls and staying on her message. This is all stuff that I pushed on the Kerry blog during his campaign. It was very helpful.

    Also getting more positive voices blogging about her.

  10. Cali

    Peter’s a great guy. One of my favorite people from the old Kerry crew. He’s totally dedicated. Glad to hear you are busy!

  11. Buzz says:

    Think twice before supporting Hillary. Hold her accountable on her policy position on
    1. The Military Commissions Act and
    2. The Patriot Act.

    If these are not repealed then Hillary (f elected) could throw any one of us into jail just becuase she said so. The Military Commissions Act suspends habeus corpus.

    If you don’t know what The Military Commissions Act or what it does then watch this 16 minute trailer to a movie called “Washington You’re Fired”

  12. Buzz

    You are grossly mis-informed about your claims about Hillary Clinton and the Military Commissions Act.

    Hillary Clinton opposed and voted NO on the Military Commissions Act please see the following:

    Senator Clinton Underscores Opposition to Military Commissions Act

    Clinton Opposed The Military Commissions Act!

    Clinton spoke against and voted no on the Military Commissions Act,[101][102] which changed pre-existing law to explicitly forbid the invocation of the Geneva Conventions when executing the writ of habeas corpus or in other civil actions.

    Clinton has signed on as a co-sponsor of the Habeas Corpus Restoration Act in 2007.[103]

    On The Patriot Act, please see the following:

    Statement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on the USA Patriot Act Reauthorization Conference Report

    Clinton has made it very clear there are aspects of the Patriot Act which violate civil rights.