Why aren’t we outraged?

The media is telling her to get out of the race . . . yet she is running a great campaign and one of the closest races in history. The party bosses are telling her to get out of the race . . . that she, single handedly, is destroying the unity of the Democratic Party, a party that is supposed to stand for democracy.

Since when was the Democratic Party unified? Certainly not in my lifetime. The media has called the election and the pundits have too, with Barack Obama’s face on the cover of Time Magazine, proclaiming him the winner . . . with four states and Puerto Rico yet to vote and a virtual tie in the popular vote. 

Where is the outrage? Where indeed? 

Where is the outrage about Michigan? With one candidate deciding that he didn’t want a revote, the idea was scrapped. Since when did the candidate have the power to decide whether a revote is necessary?  Last time I checked, every person over the age of 18, regardless of race, creed, or gender, is supposed to have a vote. 

And Florida . . . where the Republican controlled senate slapped the early election date into a measure on election reform that Democrats had been working on for a very long time. Why should the Florida voters be penalized for trying to clean up a mess with their outdated voting machines. . . a mess that has caused untold damage during past elections? And why doesn’t the public even know about the origin of this fiasco? Why has no reporter brought it to the attention of the public? 

Where is the outrage? And where is the outrage against the caucus system, which favors well-educated people with a gift for gab and the flexibility of time to attend a time-specific event?

There are no absentee ballots available for those that are home-bound or who can’t attend a caucus.

At this very moment, Hillary Clinton is in a virtual tie in the popular vote (with Michigan and Florida of course). Yet she is discounted at every turn. With the results in West Virginia . . . results that should embarrass her opponent, the racial issue comes up. Surely, the people must have been voting against the black candidate. Surely the results must be racially motivated. Yet, the gender issue, the elephant in the room, never gets mentioned.

The historic nature of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy goes deliberately unnoticed by the media. Hillary has begun to mention it herself. She doesn’t have to worry about being called a whiner any more.  Now she’s the lady that eats babies for breakfast. 

I visited friends and family in Michigan last week for Mother’s day. These topics never came up. In fact, the topic of the election barely came up . . . and only when I mentioned it. It was like it wasn’t even happening. Was I in a time warp or something? Why are the people of Michigan taking this sitting down? Why are they not marching in the streets? Whatever happened to no taxation without representation? 

I also visited friends in Canada last week and found little interest. My sampling was very small, and the purpose of the event was a Mother’s day celebration, so there may have been a purposeful exclusion of politics. Mom’s not very interested. And she only has access to mainstream media. Yet, the fate of Canada is so intrinsically tied to that of the United States, you would think there would be some interest. 

I met friends for dinner this week . . . well-educated, feminist friends. Hillary supporters. Again, the topic didn’t come up . . . except once when one of my friends asked me what I have been doing lately. “Workin for Hillary” was my response. The conversation didn’t go there. I would not force it. And we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. So maybe that was the reason. We had lots to talk about. But our topics didn’t include the election. 

And here’s another one. Why do people believe the rhetoric that the media throws at them? People believe that Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected and Barack Obama is the savior in the wings waiting to bring unity to the Democratic Party, to the deeply divided country . . . to the world for that matter. Never mind that he gets Iraq and Afghanistan mixed up and that he hasn’t had much experience at anything except running for office every three or so years. With good advisors, he can learn on the job. Huh? Are you kidding?

Hillary Clinton is the time-tested politician who cares deeply about this country and it’s people. She’s not in it for the glory. I know the media just can’t believe that she’s still in because she believes there’s a chance she can win and she’s not a quitter, and, besides, she’d be the best president. They want to find a zillion other reasons.

Why are we not outraged?    

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4 Responses to Why aren’t we outraged?

  1. gqmartinez says:

    Yeah, but the thing is, the voters haven’t declared Obama the winner and don’t want the media to do so either. The latest Pew Poll shows 72% don’t want the media to declare the winner.

    I actually think that Edwards could end up starting a backlash. Every time the media and Democratic “leaders” want to dance on Hillary’s political grave, the people reject them.

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    We are outraged by the media and it’s as if Clinton, no longer is in this tight race and they’ve handed it to Obama.We need to send more money to help Clinton and if not, get out there door to door ! Magical CNN math John sat in for Larry King and was selling Obama, trying to get a delegate to sign up for Obama.How much more bias can it get ?People work all day and come home to hear this and it’s totally bias and has been. Time Magizine? I’m not buying it ! The young people need to sit down to compare and contrast Clinton’s agenda to Obama’s. Speeches vs solutions ! Now the dust is flying over what George Bush said and Obama gets more CNN air time to clarify his being called down on his communications once again of which is a direct reflection on his experience level on a national scale. Foreign policy is serious and when the lights go down and someone has to answer that phone in DC on security and America being safe,God speed Clinton ! I’m not ready to get behind Obama as a Clinton supportor and don’t push your bias media on me as an American and it’s insulting ! They have Obama president and we’re almost tied ! Count the people’s votes in Fl. and MI. ! We’ll strike back like lightening and win with states still out there and votes to be counted ! May 31st and we’ll be watching ! John McCain is going tear Obama up on foreign policy and he won’t with Clinton ! Obama has not won a debate with Clinton yet and did well on one and fairly gave him that one but most of the time he’s been on damage control trying to recover after the debates with her ! God bless him, if Clinton isn’t in this race and we all have to unite for the unity of the democratic party ! We’re use to the facts,an agenda detailed,substance and direct communications that are clear on issues and intelligent solutions ! Especially in foreign policy and national security ! Clinton leaves very little room to guess if you’ve studied her agenda details to Obama’s ! Compare his economic plan to Clinton’s and it looks like he’s just starting ! It’s rookie vs a pro in comparison ! Her education agenda blows his out of the water and I mean it ! Go compare that between the two of them and tell me to jump ship because the media has decided Obama is our next president ! When donkey’s fly ! He did not answer McCain’s question of which was,”what do you want to talk to them about Obama?” Obama says,” that’s a debate with McCain and Bush he wants to have? “Clinton can’t even get him to debate her and he’s lost all but one ! Unite the party and Obama has won per the media ? Do the math John on CNN as you sell Obama ! They got us locked out on the media,the Clinton donkey’s will kick the barn door open fighting to the end for a president that is ready day one, you can trust to be in charge of the nation ! I’m not ready to hire a rookie to run the country and that’s how Obama adds up in comparison when you evaluate his agenda and stands to Clinton’s and right now,see improvement with Obama’s agenda and you can tell they are working on it but Clinton walked in ready and prepared to be president with the experience to get the job done ! Outraged,you bet and don’t insult the integrity of the American public selecting a president and I’m not going to be a bad sport if we don’t win and will support Obama and the democratic party ! Obama needs to get to work on his detail,specific’s and he does not compare to Clinton concerning ! That’s real !

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    How do you stay in a church all those years and not have something listening to the radical projections of Rev Wright and not think to yourself at some point,this is off the top and I’m out here ! Help us know you to understand that !

  4. JoAnne:

    Simply brilliant article that I hoped gets picked up elsewhere. I haven’t given up hope and won’t until she congratulates Obama on winning.

    Good work.