With Hillary Til The End

Hillary’s dominating in the non-African American working class votes. There is no question about that. People can call it racism, but I think the hook in Shakira’s song above is a more accurate reason why. (Yeah, you’re going to have to do some translation.)

Here’s the deal: Hillary’s road map to the nomination hasn’t changed since late February. Her strategy then was to win the big important swing states, keep the pledged delegate count close and win the popular vote. She’s done all that if we respect the will of FL and MI voters. In fact, since the beginning of March, Hillary has netted a few hundred thousand votes over Obama. She will probably increase that number when all the states have a chance to vote. The super delegates are going to have to decide if the winner of the most votes will be deliberately denied the nomination. Rules may be rules, but when Obama can net 5 delegates in Alaska with participation of less than 9,000 voters and Hillary only nets four in TX despite a margin of 100,000 votes it becomes difficult to justify the rules being fair. Also, when three out of three states that have had both primaries and caucuses show that the caucuses are not representative, a delegate lead based on caucuses becomes highly dubious.

Bottom line: I’m still sticking with Hillary. She will win the popular vote and she’s in a strong position to win the nomination. The effort to declare Obama the winner by the media and some in the Democratic “leadership” looks like an effort to suppress voter turnout–why vote if the race is over? We can’t let them do that. Make calls and/or pitch in a few bucks.

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25 Responses to With Hillary Til The End

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    “She’s done all that if we respect the will of FL and MI voters. In fact, since the beginning of March, Hillary has netted a few hundred thousand votes over Obama.”

    Fuzzy math

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    CNN has the vote totals collected since March that you can check for yourself. Or you can go to the various secretary of state websites to verify for yourself. Absolutely nothing fuzzy about the math. Unless, of course, by “fuzzy math” you mean “crystal clear and blatantly obvious”. In that case, yeah, it is “fuzzy math”.

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Hooray ! Count me in until Clinton’s in the that big White House !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Shoot low boy’s, the media’s riding shetland ponies, paid for by Obama ? Ha ! Might be a tight squeeze but she’s going in for America ! Pay attention when you hear the thunder cause that o’l Clinton lightening will strike ! Lights are on in the White House but nobody is home and we need to make real sure she’s the one that answers the phone ! Need a little help to pull this off God but it can be done ! Team up,let’s dust our pants off and ride ! Stay in the saddle ! Watch the news and pass out ?We’ve got smelling salts or did we use them up after Rev Wright ?Way to go Gilbert and thanks !

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    BTW, if you can’t figure out the words I’m referring to in the song, here they are, in spanish:

    Solo tu sabes bien quien soy
    Y por eso es tuyo mi corazon
    Solo tu doblas mi razon
    Y por eso a donde tu quieras voy

    The folks calling Hillary and her supporters racists should think about those lyrics. They may get an understanding of our motivations.

    Oh, and this is from my favorite Shakira album, but Piez is a close second.

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Just curious but what is Bill Clinton saying about all the dust flying on the foreign policy with Obama and what president Bush along with what McCain said ? Bill’s like thunder,she’s the lightening ! Before you take on McCain and Bush in a debate over it,don’t ya think ya need to win a debate with Clinton ?Peace Out ! He won’t debate Clinton but he’ll debate them ? Has the media reported that ? Sail across the sun and fall from a shooting star but hold on to your dreams and believe we can !

  7. LadyBoomerNYC says:

    Great post, Gilbert, especially the end about the caucus system. I’ve quoted/linked your para in a post I’m writing at http://LadyBoomerNYC.wordpress.com.
    Thank you for your reasoned clarity.

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    It’s John on the math and selling Obama sitting in for Larry King that made me question the math and it was not cool or objective reporting because he is running the numbers !

  9. Gilbert Martinez says:

    POFU, have you listened to the podcast of the Hillary conference call? It’ll get you even more excited. Pamela’s live blog gets the gist, but it’s another thing altogether to hear the passion in everyone’s voice.

  10. Frenchdoc says:

    And also, like Hillary said,

    It’s the map, not the math

    It’s even better when it’s both!

  11. Sheryl Jones says:

    I too am with Hillary to the end. I believe in her policy, her fight and her love for this country. I CALL ON HILLARY TO DO ONE THING SOON. DENOUNCE WHAT HUCKABEE SAID AT THE NRA CONVENTION, THAT WAS CONSIDERED A “JOKE” AGAINST OBAMA. It is an outrage that this man has not been called on this totally inappropriate statement that the noise in the back ground was Obama falling off his chair because a gun was pointed at him. IT IS NOT FUNNY. IT IS IN FACT, EXTREMELY SCARY. This kind of statement needs to be slapped down as soon as possible. We have had political leaders shot at and even assassinated before. Nothing Huckelberry had to say was funny. And I BELIEVE CLINTON SHOULD COME OUT STRONGLY AGAINST IT.


  12. Mark says:

    Hi Gilbert and All:

    I have a piece posted at MenforHillary.org that asks readers to nominate the “Most Democratic Superdelegate” and “Biggest Hypocrite.” I had started the process by nominating Rick Larson, D-Washington State, for “Biggest Hypocrite.” who had promised to let the voters decide, but reneged…. then along came Edwards….

    So, now Edwards is nominated is No. 1 “Biggest Hypocrite.” The piece is entitled “Why aren’t we complaining about superdelegate voter abuse?”

    Please feel free to submit your nominations. I have nominated Ed Cote, a party official in Washington State, for “Most Democratic,” who said “I am still firmly uncommitted and I am going to stay uncommitted. I do not have to vote until the week of Aug. 25. This is only Feb. 11.” He has actually stuck to his word, so far.

    You may not remember but Constance Howard was the first to start the superdelegate abuse of voters clear back on December 17, 2007. No one followed suit until a month later when a whole bunch of superdelegates declared.

    This is democracy? Not my idea of democracy….

    You bet, I am fighting for “equal rules of engagment” and a democratic process… and Hillary for President!

  13. Like it or not many of the Superdelegates have along standing tradition of backing the candidates of their choice. It’s been a very long time since we’ve had such a drawn out primary season with so close a vote from the voters. That unfortunately puts many of the Super’s in a tough sopt to make a tough call.

  14. Mark

    I think I got an email from you, that I might have deleted by accident. In response: Post whatever – whenever! 🙂

  15. soona says:

    I remember all those BO mouth peices used to say a while back the party shouldn’t over turn the will of the people. And that super delegate should go with what their voters deciede. Now look at the big backer of BO are from states Hillary won by a land slide. Did they try to explain any of that, of course not. Now she is winning the popuar vote, this is the will of the people so try to spin that.

  16. JP says:

    “The super delegates are going to have to decide if the winner of the most votes will be deliberately denied the nomination.”

    not really accurate there Gilbert. actually it should read:

    ” The super delegates are going to have to decide if the winner of the most delegates will be deliberately denied the nomination.”

    there, that’s better! can’t change the rules this late in the game!

  17. gqmartinez says:

    You do realize, JP, that neither Hillary or Obama will have enough pledged delegates to win, right? Just checking.

  18. JP says:

    gqmartinez–no, i had no idea of that! thanks for clarifying.

    you do realize your comment has nothing to do with what i stated: ” The super delegates are going to have to decide if the winner of the most delegates will be deliberately denied the nomination.”

    no need to twist, change, or otherwise alter the rules at this point in the contest is my point. you do realize the problem with that, ”gqmartinez, right?

  19. gqmartinez says:


  20. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Huckabee sent in his apology per CNN and should have ! His humorus remarks didn’t go over well and he should not have said that !

  21. Peace Out For Unity says:

    What does she mean, the map and not the math ? Who’s keeping up with the numbers ? CNN John is running the numbers and selling Obama sitting in for Larry King and that’s not okay ! CNN is giving him heck about it and they had him on fast foward and did a clip called,”Close encounters of the third kind.” Yeah,keeping it honest ! You don’t run election numbers and sit in for Larry King selling Obama and he should know better ! “Shame on you John !” Now straighten up before the aliens carry you off ! We are watching your map and your math like hawks on a mouse ! Go Clinton !

  22. I go with the popular vote. Anyone seen good poll numbers for Oregon and Kentucky Tuesday?

  23. Peace Out For Unity says:

    What does Hillary Clinton say about the E-85 ,gas pumps ? We may get a gas holiday and she’s working on that ! The oil companies eat the tax cost and her plan is in our best interests !

  24. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Foreign policy ? Obama did well on a strong come back to some degree and as CNN flashed, Tough on ForeignPolicy,he clarified his position. Then he said, “I just had to get that off my chest “and spent the majority of the time moving foward with Health Care issues. Clear in a plan on foreign policy ? CNN, Lou Dobbs tonight had on political analyst that were objectively reporting pretty straight up on the table.They said,no one running for president has of yet convienced them on foreign policy and the war in Iraq with a plan specifically clear. Obama apologized for saying,”Excuse me sweetie.” Are we getting to nit pickie and silly, blowing up things that are not as important to discuss and understand as the real issues our nation faces and our leaders position and solution? Eggs,bacon,bread,butter,6 Lean Cuisine’s,two boxes of tea,box of crackers,tiny hamburger and it’s was $77.00. My mom was a democrat,she cut coupons and so will I ! $35.oo to fill up a Miata? That’s not a big gas tank ! “We were warned” (Saddle up folks,we may run out of gas and watch that on CNN for a reality economic,global warming,new innnovations and solutions conversation.Put Hillary on to disuss it and tell us more! She takes complex issues and breaks it down with explanation,gives you the how and why of her plan. She’s not into the classic strawman and inventing falsehoods.”It’s the map,not the numbers?” Math students study election numbers ! Make sure they circle the right states on the map too ! Are the voting booths working and the technology is okay ? Will Clinton be at the May 31st meeting to resolve FL. and MI. ? Will Obama ? Will CNN cover that meeting live ? The delegate speaker on CNN said they could and Anderson Cooper asked.

  25. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Read Clinton’s Innovational Agenda and her plan to reduce gas prices ! While Obama and McCain are in a fuss,Clinton’s on gas prices and they viewed on CNN today her speaking on that ! Smart politics ? They said on Lou Dobbs tonight that Edwards would not make much difference but the news made it front page and that took away from Clinton’s win ! Slam dunk win ! Clinton’s on gas prices to high and solutions ! May have stole the thunder but the Clinton lightening may strike, and we get a gas holiday ! Now that’s what I’m talking about ! Go for that one Hillary Clinton ! Slam dunk it !