Senator John Kerry on Senator Ted Kennedy

Senator John Kerry is reported to currently be at Massachusetts General Hospital with Senator Kennedy and members of the Kennedy family. Via my contact in Senator Kerry’s office, his press office has released the following statement in regards to Senator Edward Kennedy:

“Ted Kennedy is beloved and respected on both sides of the aisle in the Senate in which he’s been a giant for close to half a century, a legend in Massachusetts, and a dear friend to me and Teresa. He’s also been a fighter who has overcome adversity again and again with courage, grit, and determination. Teresa and I are praying for Teddy, Vicki and all of his family and we know that everyone in Massachusetts and people throughout the nation pray for a full and speedy recovery for a man whose life’s work has touched millions upon millions of lives.”

I was actually stunned to see the headlines about Ted Kennedy this morning, because I had been discussing the ’04 election with friends last night and talking about Ted Kennedy’s role in supporting John Kerry. One of my fondest memories of working on Kerry’s campaign is attending an event in Nashua, NH, in the last days before the NH primary, where Ted Kennedy spoke and introduced Kerry, as though he was introducing a prize fighter. I’ll never forget the moment when he roared, “And I bring you the next president of the United States, John Kerry.”

Again… God Speed Senator Kennedy — We need you back in the Senate.

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5 Responses to Senator John Kerry on Senator Ted Kennedy

  1. john stone says:


    Thank you so much for bringing us the words of John Kerry.
    These are two great men!! I remember Ted Kennedy introducing John Kerry on confrence call in Iowa before the 2004 Iowa Caucus. It was inspirational!
    A friend of mine once said that Ted Kennedy has done more good for this country than even his two great brothers John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy because he has lived longer. My prayers are with Senator Kennedy and his family.

  2. John Stone

    They are two great men. It’s so strange to have been talking about him last night. I was saying to my friends that I felt he put more heart and soul into JK’s campaign than Obama’s.

  3. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Hope you keep us (or me) updated. I’m in full-on writing mode and only take a break every couple hours to browse the blogs. You’re my eyes and ears.

  4. Gilbert

    Stay on task! Peace Out For Unity noted in the thread below that Ted is talking and joking with family. Let’s hope we continue to get more good news. I’ll update later.

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