What’s Right

Hillary’s latest ad in Oregon hits the media for talking about about “who’s up and who’s down” rather than caring about “what’s right and what’s wrong.” Watch:

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7 Responses to What’s Right

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    That’s a realty check on real ,upon which to enlighten your focus in all the numbers and predictions. What’s right is count the votes in FL. and MI.

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    That’s the map ! Found the map ! “It’s not the numbers,it’s the map.” What’s right ! That’s the map ! Thanks !

  3. A small piece on national news tonight said that the two campaigns are now in discussion aimed a creating a joint campaign fund (meaning Obama to pay off Clintons debts). One aspect of this supposed arrangement is that both now start taking shots at McCain, and not at each other.

    The strength of the “information” was impossible to assess.

  4. Darrell

    Everyone will have to start working for the common goal. Staff members will eventually move to the remaining camp as well. Typical and common.

  5. HigherMinds says:



    Hillary supporters, get this word out so that people can see what Obama is doing to the DNC!

  6. Kendall Johnson says:


    F**k Obama!!! He will never get my vote!!!!

  7. Kendall

    Absolutely not amused. Darrell made a comment about a news story. It didn’t warrent that tacky — yes tacky reaction.