A Pro-Obama Media Slant

The Page notes that the media (citing a piece in the NY Times) is slanting towards Obama in his claim to be ready to claim the nomination:

Sunday’s NY Times: “If things continue to go as well for Mr. Obama this week as they have so far this month, with a romp in North Carolina, a strong showing in Indiana and daily growth in his support among party superdelegates, he could actually end up with enough pledged delegates to proclaim, without fear of contradiction, that he is now the Democratic nominee for president.”


Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson responds: “There is no standard under which Senator Obama will have secured the nomination on Tuesday night.”

Read full Wolfson statement here.

Jeralyn notes in the response to the NY Times piece:

Just wanted to add that the Democratic nomination is not Obama’s to claim until one of two things happens: Either Hillary withdraws from the race or all the delegate votes, pledged, unpledged and superdelegate, are counted at the convention.

Seems as though Barack Obama is jumping ahead of the process… Doesn’t it.

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14 Responses to A Pro-Obama Media Slant

  1. J. Diamond says:

    this primary season has been an eye-opener in so many ways… first, we have the DNC re-writing the fundamental principles of democracy by telling 2 big swing states that we won’t be counting their votes (who knew that party rules trumped principles?)…

    next, we see democratic party insiders throw their weight against the clintons before the outcome was assured and by going so far as to call them racist (sorry, but no thinking democrat can possibly think that the clintons are racist… so, where was the defense of the clintons? not only by the party, but by obama who raced to joe biden’s defense after the “clean, articulate” comment. apparently, democrats think it’s o.k. to sling the mud of racial politics and to divide the party upon racial lines… don’t think this is lost on the republicans who are laughing their proverbial asses off!)

    finally, we find out that journalism is dead in america. apparently, freedom of speech has infected their minds to a point where so-called “journalists” feel free to declare all sorts of shit that they have no business declaring. formerly respected journalists have gone so ga-ga for obama and/or despise clinton so much that they do not worry that they are forever throwing away whatever credibility they had earned during their careers to date. their lack of objectivity, heck, their lack of decorum (!) has forever stained them so that no one can pretend ever again (with a straight face anyway) that these so-called “journalists” are unbiased or even attempting to report the facts or truth, but only a version thereof that is laden with spin.

    perhaps, i’m a slow learner, and all of the above has been evident for oh-so-long, but i’m catching on now. i’ve got it. here’s what i’ve learned, democrats don’t play fair either (it’s not just the republicans); democrats, too, will use race to divide voters and to smear opponents; fundamental democratic principles take a backseat to politics; there is no respectable news media left in america. check.

    i feel much less connected to the democratic party now and i judge NBC and CNN similarly to Fox News. Time, Newsweek, NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, et al, are rags and are due the same respect as the NY Post and other unpretentiously low-brow (“gutter”?) publications.

  2. Annie says:

    I am not an obama fan, I think he would be very bad for OUR country. I’m not a racist and it dont really have anything to do with the color of his skin, except for the fact that I think he is a racist in disguise. There are a great number of great people in this country of ALL races, and I would vote for any of them based on their beliefs and ability. I have tried to listen to the things that he and the people around him, ie his wife, his preacher ( yes he does play a major role in who obama is) and others say, without thinking so to say. His wife once said that she was never proud to be an American, until resently. We have all heard what his preacher of + 20 yrs. has to say. Then theres obama himself, first embrassing his preacher as one of his family,but yes a bit radical. He continued on by saying that even though he does not share the same beliefs of his own preacher of 20 + yrs., he could not distance himself from this imortant man in his life. Until Mr. White started what obama thought was to personally attack him , that was. Now he has nothing nice to say about this all important role model. Obama has the ability to use others to his advantage to bring others on board. His platform of change was first successful in a movie (Evan Almighty), thats where most of his successful ideas come from is other people that are doing it or saying it already.
    Obama would be devistating to America, and if this party continues the way it’s going, we will all feel the wrath of it .

  3. Annie

    Barack Obama will be far better for America than John McCain and that is a point that Hillary Clinton herself has made repeatedly.

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Annie,today we are all the colors of a rainbow and tomorrow we elect the one that is qualified to get the job done ! Hooray for the gas holiday and Clinton ! Thank-God we’re ending NCLB !

  5. Slave Revolt says:

    Annie, I don’t think that Obama is racist–and I think that the rightwing media and the myths that disguise what the rest of the world sees as blatant, illegal imperialism detract from the force of what Wright has said.

    We are used to being spoon-fed all types of talking points about our place in the world.

    At this moment we need to join forces and make sure that the opposition to Bush wins the presidency.

    It can happen if we defeat the forces that would divide us with lies.

    It can happen.

  6. Slave Revolt

    “the rightwing media and the myths” about Hillary Clinton, which you have attempted to push here in the past, also disguises what the world sees.

    Oh and incase you missed it, Bush is not running, McCain is.

    We have two really great candidates in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The world would be sent a phenomenal message if they manage to pull off a Unity ticket and run together.

    It is time to join forces and that means that supporters of both candidates must come together and stop the spread of dissing both candidates.

  7. Annie says:

    Pam and Peace out;

    I agree that America is all colors of the rainbow, thats one of the greatest things about our nation. Just because I’m against Obama doe’s not mean I am against skin color or race. And of course Hillary said Obama would make a better president than McCain, she’s a democrate. And it was McCain who came up with the gas holiday, which Obama opposes.

  8. Annie

    There are many things that casn be done to ease the gas prices – a gas tax holiday is just one. John McCain is not good for the future of our country. Hillary or Obama are.

  9. Annie says:

    Oh, I must be in the wrong place. I didn’t know I had to be a democrate ,or be assumed one, to post here

  10. Annie

    You don’t have to be a Democrat to post here, if you are an Independent (or a Republican) for Hillary, you are more than welcome here, but this blog does not in any way shape or form support John McCain nor advocate voting for him instead of Obama. Furthermore we do support Democratic Party Primciples and Democratic candidates and leaders.

  11. Slave Revolt says:

    Pamela, I did not disrespect Hillary with my comments–but you know that I am a staunch anti-imperialist in the same vain as is Revered Wright.

    If Hillary had won I honestly don’t know that I would have voted for her. I am a Green, not a Dem, though I voted for Bill C. twice I would like to take it back. But given the situation that Bush has helped create at this point, I would likely have voted for Hillary because I live in a swing state.

    So, again, we should join forces.

    I put out the hand of peace to you sister, and I respect the fact that you don’t support the meme of McCain over Obama.

  12. Slave Revolt

    You have posted some falsities here about Hillary Clinton in the past, which is in effect disrespectful. That said, I respect the fact that you are Green Party member. To join forces we all have to respect the supporters of both candidates.

    I’ve never voted for a Republican ever, FYI – I only vote Democratic. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Obama, my personal preference is simply that Clinton would be a better choice this time out. However, like Hillary, I will support the nominee.

    Your gesture is much appreciated.

  13. Annie says:

    Sorry Pam,
    I guess if I would have went along with the lie that Hillary came up with the gas holiday I would be a hero now. Instead, I’m me.

  14. Annie

    I believe there is some differences between McCain and Clinton’s gas tax holiday plan. I may be wrong, but regardless, it’s not about being a hero, Annie.

    The Dem Daily is on record as supporting Democrats, Democratic candidates, etc. My hope is that Hillary’s supporters will support the eventual nominee regardless of whether it is her or Obama.