Cost of Gas Rose 17 Cents in the Last Two Weeks

I filled my gas tank two days ago. $3.91 a gallon for regular. How much are you paying at the pumps? AP News reports tonight that “a national survey says the average price for regular gasoline rose about 17 cents in the last two weeks.”

The average price of self-serve regular gasoline on Friday was $3.79 a gallon. Mid-grade was at $3.91, and premium was $4.02. That’s according to the Lundberg Survey of 7,000 stations nationwide released Sunday.

For the first time, the survey found average prices for regular gas surged above $4 a gallon in two metropolitan areas: Chicago and on Long Island in New York.

Of all the cities surveyed, “the cheapest price was in Tucson, Ariz., where a gallon of regular cost $3.48 on average” and the “highest average price was in Chicago, at $4.07.”

It’s no small wonder why the mood of consumers has turned “more grim in May.” In fact it’s at the “lowest level in 28 years this month.” I’d love to say that in my little corner of the business world, I haven’t noticed… but I have. It’s hard out there for small business owners.

We all need some relief… Let’s put a Democrat in the White House. That’ll be a great start.


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8 Responses to Cost of Gas Rose 17 Cents in the Last Two Weeks

  1. Gilbert Martinez says:

    I put gas (not filled up) at $3.99. A few days before that it was $4.05. I’m glad I bike.

  2. Gilbert

    I noticed that the price here was higher on Monday than it was on Saturday when I filled the tank.

    Must be the heat – I just realized in typing this response to you that I wrote 2 days ago in the post.

    Thankfully I don’t drive much, so a tank will last a while.

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    CNN played,”YOU WERE WARNED” all week-end and we need to get busy on growing sugar cane and batteries that work for the Flex cars and new innovation on the way ! We’re running out and it’s a reality check for us all to come to terms with and help find solutions. Car industry says they can be ready but we need to talk to the oil companies and our gov. Gee,think that’s just what Clinton was speaking about and working on ! National security and energy is key ! We don’t need to depend on anyone for energy and the US can do it ! Write your state legislators that are blocking new innovational investments for the re-placement of oil. Launch the investigation on the oil companies and go Clinton ! A gas holiday is nice but we need to get moving on some sweet smelling sugar cane ! Right now you can get 40 miles on a battery and they’re working on it ! Supply and demand ! 600 billion dollars a year on oil ? ? Corn ? Not enough and where is the sugar cane growing ? Wind power is on the way ! Clean and stable ! Go Texas ! Look at Germany and Spain ! We are 20% and they are ahead of the US and don’t have the wind blowing like we do ! We can’t keep paying out 600 billion on oil !

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    What country is already there and not using oil to fuel cars ? Why can’t we do that in the US and why aren’t we ready ? Go Clinton !

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    We have 1 % of gas stations in the US set up ready for new energy innovation that replaces oil. Obama is outside with lots of people ! Excellent campaign marketing ! We can double the number that showed up to that speech and the Clinton campaign needs to do that ! Speeches vs solutions !

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Will CNN also be playing an entire speech from Hillary Clinton ? Send in your support to Hillary !

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Gas prices,supply and demand,lack of oil sources,energy independence and national security. All somewhat tie in together and we complain about prices that keep going up. Obama speaks out on McCain concerning foreign policy and says he wants to engage in tough diplomacy and open lines of communications with Iraq and others we may be at differences with. Obama says that’s what strong presidents do.He speaks out on the fact we are in Iraq to begin with and it was a war that never should have taken place.Obama compares Regan and Kennedy to the foreign policies he’ll follow. That was a long time ago and our times have changed on national security. Now they fly planes into buildings and Kennedy nor Regan ever faced that in their day or have we in the United States.”The reason Iraq is where they are now is because of the McCain and Bush policies and their lack of direct talks and diplomacy. How will Obama discuss with them ? What is his plan ? Can we get a few details on how and better understand his reason of judgement and explanation. We aren’t living in the Kennedy and Regan days anymore and if they were president now,what would they say ?These guys are flying planes into buildings and how do we talk to that or anyone who would do such a thing. Why do we want to ? What will Obama do in foreign policy to bring about peace and unity ? Hearing a lot of back and forth but don’t hear the specifics and detail of plan in his speeches for solution. Oil and the lack of is a direct reflection and connection to the United States and our security. Energy !

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Placing the blame does not lead to solutions and that’s all I’m hearing Obama do on foreign policy back and forth with MCCain. Clinton tells you her plan and explains what she’s going to do ! Go after the oil spectulators ! Just tell us straight up on the table and she does with clarification in plan and direction of action ! She includes detais in her explanations and doesn’t dance around the issues !