Late Night: It’s A Man’s World

This great song by James Brown (sung by Christina Aguilera at the 2007 Grammy’s) has been running through my head all day today. You know… “It’s A Man’s World… But It Don’t Mean Nothing Without A Woman”:

Which leads me and many other women in America to wonder… “If not now, when can a woman be president?

For us, getting a woman elected is major,” said Laurine Glynn, 72, of New York City. “We’ve waited, fought a lot for this. I do worry that my generation won’t see a female president.”

Here’s a message for the media… the “Public Says Press Should Not Declare Obama the Winner (h/t D Cupples at BuckNakedPolitics).

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10 Responses to Late Night: It’s A Man’s World

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Open the car door please,seat and rise ! Most confident men that are sure of themselves appreciate intelligent,strong woman.Oh and in a profesional text, don’t call me sweetie?It’s an equal field of dreams and thinking about Barbara Walter’s book and what they put her through as the first woman reporting on a network.Thank-you senator Clinton ! Weve waited 144 years for you !Lead ,follow or get out of the way,let’s go for it ! Reins tighten on big oil companies ! Gas holiday and this is great ! It’s exciting and Pamela,we need you to explain this convention that may happen and the political aspects involved concerning. The numbers vs the map ? John on CNN was selling Obama and he’s running election numbers and now I’m worried about what he’s up to ! As millions engage for the first time ever following this historical election, those of you in it and more studied please explain and thank-you for sharing. We’re all taking a crash course in politics and up all night researching and trying to figure out what’s going on ! Super delegates ? When did the democratic party come up with that idea ? We are trying to get past May 31st, FL. and MI. ! Some are saying,we are headed to a convention? Explain the political process,the map and numbers that inter convention possibilities. Where do you research it ? Go to the Democratic Daily? Convention ? Okay ! As long as Clinton wins in the end !

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Clinton won the popular vote and she’s expected to stay in until June. Are both sides getting creative on the math and path ? CNN analyst just said,nether one may see the ending number needed to win and that’s when we head to a convention? Just count the people’s votes and the one that wins is in !

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Big Brown and Clinton ! The race to finish ! Mint tulips and hats off to Clinton !

  4. green bean says:

    Long or short, we live only once. None of us can get out of life alive. Can’t take it with me, so I am teling it straight as it is.

    Democrats unite for the unity of the party.

    People unite for the unity of the country.

    Who are doing the unifying? You are.

    Whose voice gets heard? Theirs.

    What is leadership? Policy.

    What is rhetoric? Politics.

    What is divisive? Principle.

    Ignore the facts is a just. How?

    Conceal the truth is a must. Why?

    What is ‘Change’? Hope.

    What is ‘Hope’? Change.

    Nominee is their pick.

    Media are their surrogates.

    Voters are democracy.

    Delegates are hypocrisy.

    Establishments are bureaucracy.

    Who gets screwed? The suckers.

    5cents in a nickel
    10cents in a dime
    25cent in a quarter
    together make 43cents ……… sweet.

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Not to mention, there is a map !” What’s right !” Keep it simple,find the map and hold on to what you believe in reflecting with mind and heart for the best interests of the nation fairly and the people’s interest. End the mandates on NCLB ! What’s working and what isn’t ? A president that has the wisdom from experience and the fight to make it happen ! Policy changes, suckers are at the bank when you make a deposit if you’ve got one, with the price of gas,democracy is to believe in,hope is Clinton’s innovational agenda and intelligent direction to lead,surrogates lately,tick me off, the people will unite and that’s true of good hearts,fair minds of rational thought ! People are in the streets like the 60’s and count their votes establishment, delogates are hypocrisy? So how do we change that ? Find the map and it’s not on Indiana Jones new movie! Clinton’s got it ! Democrats always team up in the end !Ha ! Call edit !

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Three cents to consider !

  7. Well, the post’s title is, “Late Night, It’s a Man’s World.” The idea itself is both sexist and biased. This might sound corny but I think that what we require now, and needed in the past, is the BEST candidate–irregardless of race, creed, sex, and dare I add sexual orientation. It annoys me when I hear people say I am voting for or against Hillary because she is a woman OR for or against Obama because he is black. I personally happen to prefer Senator Obama over Senator Clinton. However, it was NOT either race or gender which influenced my decision.
    Historically we have, most likely, had some viable candidates that were women or black. However, just as we are now seeing with the opposition of gay marriage, small minds think in small ways. The very fact that we stubbornly cling to such superficial identifying factors, bodes that we have’nt come a very long way in realizing Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream. He desperately wanted us to be a country were a person is “recgonized by the content of their character” and not the shade of their skin.
    You ask, “If not now, when can we have a woman president.” Far be it for me to answer that question. Due to decades of ill conceived steriotypes, many have likely been passed over. At least females had a potential vice presidential cndidate by the name of Geraldine Ferraro. A black has never come close.
    So instead of asking, ” if not now, when can a woman become president”?, we should be asking when will the dumbing down of America stop, thus facillating a greater resource base to draw from? I am a gay person BUT I would NOT support an openly gay presidential candidate (this won’t happen any time soon) solely on the basis of his or her sexual orientation. This marathon democratic campaign has been gratifying in that we have two fine candidates, each of which would make a great President. Bur it also has been dissappointing watching the constant fear based playing of both the gender and race cards.

  8. William A. Stoddart

    I think you’re missing the point on the post title and the song related to the title and assuming too much — ie — that Clinton supporters who are women only support her because she’s a woman.

  9. mojave_wolf says:

    William Stoddard–I don’t think *anyone* is supporting Hillary only because she’s a woman–how many of her supporters would be voting for Elizabeth Dole ?–or that this was the point of the post.

    There is no “dumbing down” involved in pointing out the misogynistic hatred directed at Hillary in this campaign or the complete silence with which nearly *everyone* in the democratic party has met such openly bigoted rhetoric. The whole “it’s just her, so it’s not sexism” excuse is the same sort of thing people have used to excuse all sorts of bigotry my entire life. I don’t like Obama but I wouldn’t use racist rhetoric to attack him, and if the media was doing it I would be outraged along with everyone else. But when the media aims sexist crap at Hillary, not only does the supposedly progressive, non-sexist democratic party officials not say a word, but the supposedly progressive blogosphere and even people who (clearly falsely, I’d say) claim to be feminist say stuff like “it wouldnt’ be happening if she weren’t a Clinton” or “well, she deserves it” or “I haven’t seen any sexism”.

    And Hillary is, to many of our minds, clearly the most intelligent, knowledgable, capable, strongest person to run for president in our lifetimes, and she has vastly more specific policy proposals than her opponent, that she can discuss at length off the top of her head, and they are more progressive than those of her remaining opponent(solar power vs. nuclear/coal, universal health care vs. not, etc) , and she has a better track record of sticking up for things like reproductive freedom. So I think “If not now, when?” is a fair question about where we are as a country with relationship to sexism, and not some sort of effort to distract from the real issues of this campaign.

    Heaven knows Hillary and her supporters have tried to put the policy discussions out there, but the media and most of the blogs would rather talk about psychos in bathtubs, and such brilliant substance as “hope” and “change”.

  10. OK, Hillary supporters, I see your valid point. Sorry I stirred up a hornet’s nest. I certainly did not mean to imply that Hillary fans are supporting her just because she is a woman. They obviously have decided based on her experiece etc. that she would make the best president.
    What I was talking about was the dumbing down of America (aka Jerry Springer Show mentality). Specifically those out there who would never vote for a woman, black, or a gay. Sometimes it doesn’t seem we have come a very long way in the pursuit of Dr.Martin Luther King’s dream. They say that small minds think in small way. As long as we have a large block of American’s who vote based on their phobia’s (weather they be race, creed, gender, or sexual orientation) we will be robbing our candidate base of some excellent people. If Hillary becomes our candidate I would vote for her in a heart beat and do all in my limited power to assure her election!!!!! Buzz